you win some you lose some

morning all
so yesterday's auction wasn't so hot. i should have known. it was held at an actual auction house.not the hap hazard free for all estate auctions i had been going to in the rain for the last few days. there was tons of nice glass & pottery but a little too fancy for my taste. there were a few pieces that i was interested in but i think i would have been there till 7pm before they even got to one of them. and things were going for pretty cheap...$5 but no lower and if it didn't sell for $5 they would just pull that item & hold it over to sell at another time.
in contrast to the estate auctions that i had been attending ,if an item wasn't going for a dollar they would snatch up another item on the table & add it to the first and then you have "2 item 1 money" and then another item again if the first 2 weren't going.they will keep adding till they add on an item that someone really wants & will buy for that one great item and with purchase treasures...i have gotten a few of these things.
some new pets.i think i will eventually grow fond of them or hopefully someone will. but until then timmy (my turtle aka my baby) will have to get used to his new friends.
so as scarlette says...and my mother reminded me "tomorrow is another day"
and in my case it sure is.
there are 2 auctions tomorrow.i am not quite sure which one to go to.but the most exciting news is that my hubby AKA christopher will be coming with me!!! YAY!!! i can't wait for him to witness the insanity. he keeps telling me that he is really curious to go to one.
this makes me see it don't you? want to know what it is??? just wait for it...
i picked this up at a tag sale that i attended a few week ago. i went to the tag sale on the 1st day by myself...and then they told me that they would be discounting items on day 2. i got hubby to go back with me the next day. not really sure if he loved it as much as i did but he is so sweet and comes along with me on saturdays/sundays to my various functions.not much need for a GPS when he is there...
if you don't know what a tag sale is here is a quick run down
usually it's entire contents of someones home and every last piece in the house has a price instead of auctioning there is a set price. (but usually there are markdowns on day 2)
it's kinda weird to be wondering around someone else's things & home buying up all the stuff that they accumulated over the years. i wonder what they will do with my stuff someday...

ok so here is your answer to above question...
my new brief case
it really is. it's the perfect size for my folder & binders. not quite sure how my father -in felt about it when we sat down to run through some paperwork and i pulled the paperwork out of this.he was probably thinking"...damn that girl is crazy cool, and quite innovative using that as a storage solution" he never really said that in so many words but it was a vibe i picked up.
I also purchased these at the same tag sale...but i waited till day 2 for them. i wanted to see what the hubby thought of them...i was strangely drawn to them (but what am i not drawn to?) and wanted to make sure they weren't totally whack a doo.he agreed there was something neat about them & even convinced me to buy both and not just the one. they are quite charming and i think they were made in the 50's or 60's ?? in japan...
you cannot get the full effect from these photos but there are done using mixed media...cork, bark,moss and they have also painted i would say these were very green pieces of artwork but something tells me that the paint that was used back when these were created might contain something you wouldn't want to ingest...
tip: while at a tag sale/garage sale/auction do not lick the merchandise. you never know what was in the paint they were using back in the day.
all for now. have to go clean the toilets!
so glamorous

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