Thursday's Unique Pick - Getting Crafty

It is no secret that crafting has become big business.
It's not just for elementary school craft shows and flea markets anymore. One of a kind handmade creations are popping up in trendy boutiques and can be found on websites like etsy, which provides crafters with an online marketplace to sell their creative compositions all over the world!
I strongly believe that crafting is in my genes!
Lil me, My Mom, Lil Sis c.1986 (please note the crocheted blanket made by my Mom, next to Lil sis)

My amazingly talented Mom can do it all, especially craft! I like to think that is where I got my start. I remember going to craft shows with her and finding unique pieces and hearing her say, " I can do that". We would often buy the piece and take it home to properly inspect or dissect and use as pattern for my Mom to make her own version!

As an homage to my Mom's crafting abilities, this week's Unique Picks are all about fantastic handmade creations found on etsy that remind me of some of the various craft projects that my mom has tackled over the years.
I have never really been able to master this...sure my Mom tried to teach me but I never was able to make it past the single chain. (turning the corner is always where I would screw it up). She would often crochet little baby hats and scarves made of pastel space dyed yarn, as gifts for friends and family's new editions.
I love this scarf found in CBurbach etsy shop. What can I say I am a sucker for space dyed yarn and love the color combination in this scarf in particular.

Crochet with a new twist. These are seriously sweet. How about a beautiful bouquet of crocheted flowers from suili's craft shop.

Rag Baskets:
I think my mom picked up on this craft in the early 1990's and I was really excited to see these fantastic updated versions on etsy.
I love the vibrant colors used in these nesting bowls from sosorosey's etsy shop.

I also love this one from Raggedy Ann's shop that is upcycled from a vintage pillow case.

The Sassy Lady Beaded Bandanna:
This trend in crafting did not escape our house.
I would plan entire outfits based around this amazing accessory made by my Mom.
picture found in the guidespot's blog post "Why on EARTH did I ever wear THAT?!"

I was not surprised that that I was unable to find these on etsy but what I did find was a new twist on creating accessories using bandannas.

This necklace is from gpearson55 on etsy.

Needle Point:
This technique looks seriously time consuming and highly detailed and I don't know if I would have the patience or ability to complete something like this so I will just enjoy this piece of my Mom's handy work. 
direct from 1980 this is a Priscilla (my Mom) original.
Vintage needle point is still hot!
 (at least in my opinion)

I love this pick, not just because it's my first initial or that it is vintage, but because it really is cool! I would totally wear this! This listing is from Heist Sale Rack's etsy shop, and you are in luck if you are looking for a needle point pendant and you have the initials "S" or "a".

Cross Stitch:
Yup she was on top of that one too.
I do admit that I did try my hand at cross stitching when I was younger but would often find myself getting lost in the cross stitch patterns (I am not very good at reading directions). My favorite part about this craft was choosing the colors of the floss.
I do love that cross stitching has made a new an exciting come back.
(Maybe it never went away and I am now just appreciating it again.)

Not just your typical "Home Sweet Home" messages anymore.
This cross stitch pattern from The Voracious Brain is the type of message I can really wrap my head around.
And I find this cross stitch creation from Needles & Pins: Vulgar Cross Stitching's not only charming but the message is delightfully true.

Ribbon Barrettes:
One of my all time favorite crafts that my mom made! I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw these listed on etsy.
Direct from the 80's and delightfully girly, these braided ribbon barrettes can still be found in Retroeighties's shop. No need to improve or update this crafty accessory in my opinion. What is not to love, pretty colors, hair accessory, long flowy ribbon tails...

I hope you have enjoyed my Unique Picks this week as I walked down craft memory lane.
I seriously loved finding new and exciting versions of some of the crafts that my Mom has mastered through the years!

Thursday's Unique Pick - How Does Your Garden Grow

In the case of this Garage Sale Girly I should say, "How your garden doesn't grow."
What is the "opposite of having a green thumb"?
Vintage ephemera found in The Vintage Mode's etsy shop.
I Googled that phrase so I could have a name for my affliction. As it turns out there is not a specific phrase that is associated with someone that has the inability of keeping plants alive indoors or outside.
I salute my neighbors for their beautiful flowers, gardens, lawns and lack of weeds.
I grew this.
I see how hard they work everyday to achieve this living exterior decor. I understand that if I applied myself (and watered regularly) I may be able to achieve a similar effect in my yard. Unfortunately my track record with making my outdoor plants thrive has left me feeling like I should leave the fancy plantings to my neighbors and I can enjoy looking at their plants from my shabby chic deck.

Stick to what you know. Right?
I was able to achieve this lovely plant by using vintage curtain tie backs and vintage woven trim. My kind of garden.

In honor of Earth day, Arbor Day and my neighbors very green thumbs, I am devoting This week's Unique Picks to gardens and gardening and garden related gifts. These are fab finds that may even entice this self proclaimed plant killer to give her garden another go.

I know that Earth Day gets a lot of press but I saw a commercial on TV the other day about Arbor Day, (I hadn't heard much about Arbor Day since my pre-school days) and I decided to do a little bit of research about the differences between the two besides one being devoted to trees.
So before I get to my picks here is my PSA about Earth Day and Arbor Day.
Illustration by Fridolf Johnson from the 1944 book "New Mother Goose Book"- Part of my personal stash of vintage goodness.
Did you know Arbor Day was first celebrated in 1872?
Did you know that Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970?
Did you know that Earth Day was created to raise awareness about environmental issues and how to protect the environment?
Did you know Arbor Day was a day set aside for planting trees and recognizing the importance of trees?
Earth Day is on April 22nd and Arbor Day is on April 24th. (The official date of Arbor Day is flexible though. It is left up to each state to determine the best day to plant trees based on climate)
The more you know...
Read more about the difference between Arbor Day and Earth Day.

Lettuce get started with today's Unique Picks...
This fantastic greeting card is available from Pup and Pony Press on etsy.
The logical place to start is with the seeds, right?
If you don't shop on etsy very often you may be surprised to learn that you can even buy an amazing array of heirloom seeds to help you create your own designer garden.
 Azure Dandelion sells seeds to grow these unique (and I bet delish) Heirloom Parisienne
Carrots on etsy.

If growing veggies isn't your thing you can also buy seeds to bring some color into your yard with these gorgeous flowers.

The seeds to plant these Canterbury Bells are sold in The Bear Foot Shaman's etsy shop.
Not sure what kinds of seeds to buy to create your glorious garden?
You can find beautiful full color illustrations in this 1940's reference book on flowers to make it easier for you to pick your poison.
This book can be found in Grandmother's Attic's etsy shop.
I wonder if that book would help me to identify this species of flora growing on my side yard.

After you have the seeds and get them planted you just need to add water, right?

Maybe if I had a really cool vintage watering can like this one, sold at piratesb00ty's shop, I would be a better gardener.

If you are all about watering efficiency with a hose and a vintage chic touch you could pick up this metal hose reel.
Buy this unique pick at Bird-in-Hand's etsy shop.

Another great way to express your personality in your garden is by using really great vintage planters.
I found this "Swimmingly Divine" planter in Pearl's Vintage shop.
you could use something like these vintage fishing bait buckets to pot your plants if you are going or more of an industrial look.
This set of galvanized metal buckets can be found at Lackluster Co. on etsy.

What can I say about these next picks other than...
Check out these personality packed illustrated greeting card from Glen Hibline Illustration.

Inspired by this charming little scene the hubby and I spotted while wondering around Monaco, I have developed a fond fascination, if you will, with garden gnomes and the folks that have them in their yards.
photo courtesy of my talented hubby
I get the feeling that people that have these little friends in their garden may have a pretty good sense of humor or even border on the edge of eccentric, either way it works for me.

You can bring home this little vintage garden gnome from Summer Ground's etsy shop.

I know that I have had a lot of picks this week but I had a difficult time weeding through my favorites to get to the cream of the crop!
Garden boot vintage collage by Luna clay design's  Shop
There were way too many great etsy finds to choose from.
Just because I really love all of these great garden picks doesn't make me want to go outside and pull weeds.
This dress sold in jessjamesjake's etsy shop.
A dress like that would totally bring a little color to our yard...and I won't even have to water to achieve results.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank You! Thank You!
Thank You to Megan at Running Stitch, for giving me the Beautiful Blogger Award! She has a beautiful blog herself loaded with tons of fantastic original photos and inspiration! Best of luck to her and her hubby on their big move to Iowa! I can't wait to read all about her new adventures.

And now it is time for 7
Facts about Garage Sale Girly:

My turtle is named Timmy and he is always in our Christmas card picture.

I am a horrible speller. You may have picked up on this fact if you have ever read my blog before my hubby has proofed it. I am trying to improve though!

I love giving gifts, especially when I can find something really unique, that is perfect for that special person.

I really enjoy cleaning the bathroom and strongly dislike cleaning and dusting every other room!

I can't get enough vintage fabric.

My favorite city that I have ever visited is Hong Kong.

I wish I could eat pizza everyday!

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Yours Truly,
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Thursday's Unique Picks - April Showers

It is a fact that I am in the middle of wedding mania right now.
Not my own, but my little sis's wedding.
So you will have to bear with me when I start to talk about nuptial notions.

Chances are that you may also know someone getting married in the next few months.
So you know what that means...bridal showers!

Sure most brides -to -be have gift registries and I know from experience that the items on those registries are useful pieces to help the newlyweds upgrade the items in the cabinets from the plastic cups collected from various sporting events to real glass drink wear!

As my mom told me, "ask for nice stuff that you like, because chances are you won't be given gifts like this ever again...".
She is so right! For some reason people don't tend to buy you new flatware for your birthday.

The KitchenAid stand mixer is a staple item I see when searching most couple's registries.
It's not that I don't understand the need for the happy couple to have counter top appliances like this, I just like to get a little more creative when giving a shower gift when I can.

For today's Unique Picks I have put together some great finds, perfect for bridal shower gifts that are definitely not standard issue.

A really great gift for the Newlyweds...Restaurant gift cards.
Who wants to get all of that lovely new cookware dirty? Plus it is always fun to have a date night even after you are married.
Here is the part that makes this gift stand out. Use a vintage apron with a pocket as a unique way to present the gift.

Nice! It is a gift within a gift.
Simply fold the apron so that only the pocket is showing on top, wrap the apron strings around the folded apron so you can tie a bow, stick the gift cards in the pocket and the gift is pretty and ready to go!
I also think it is pretty funny to give the bride an apron... and restaurant gift cards.
Is that considered ironic?

There are loads of lovely vintage aprons available for purchase on etsy but this one happens to be one of my favorites. It is from Pendragonfarm 's shop.

Does the bride have a sense of humor? This 1962 book will give her "Pointers on practically everything" including spot removal, sewing and dusting. This kitschy pick is available for purchase at The Unique Bird.
I am going to reiterate, this book should be given to a bride with a good sense of humor. You wouldn't want to cause a meltdown at the bridal shower.

I heart this set of heart shaped nesting bowls from Christine Teneholtz at Red Hot Pottery. They are as useful as they are lovely. I bet potato chips taste even better when served with love out of these heart shaped bowls. I am willing to bet this unique gift isn't something you are going to find at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Most brides and grooms have a specific china pattern on their registry but I think that this would be a gorgeous set to give as a shower gift. This listing from etsy seller Midwest Finds, is a vintage place setting for four, of turquoise Fire King glass plates and cups. It would be perfect to use for after -dinner coffee and desserts!

P.S. This set has a simple, sophisticated and elegant asthetic. Even the color might be perfect for the bride and groom using a Tiffany blue color scheme.
(I have been told that is a pretty hot color for weddings right now.)

Wow! This Fire King set even comes with a beautifully decorated gift box!
No wrapping required, I love it even more!

Dish towels are a must have item. Most couples will be practical and register for some basic solid colored dish towels to sop up the everyday spills on the kitchen counter. Why not give them a few of the basics from the registry and add a few unique towels like these from sweetnature designs. I think the message on this towel is really sweet.

These hand screened kitchen towels from sweetnature designs add a personal touch to a usually basic kitchen need.

What about a beautiful hand made photo album/ scrap book? There are loads of photos from the wedding and what better way to display your special photos than in an equally special book.
This photo album is from etsy seller Campbell Raw Press.

Just for fun! Give a personalized luggage tag to the bride-to-be.
This would be a unique way to enhance a piece of luggage that you may have bought off of the wedding registry.

Seriously too cute! You can find this tag in C'est Superbe's shop on etsy.
Fancy that, pretty and practical from Pink Dawn Designs's shop.
It is a really great idea to keep a little dish by the sink to hold your wedding bands while you do dishes.

I also love this little vintage ring dish from etsy seller Riff Raff Review.
I think these beautiful ring dishes are a fantastic shower gift. I know that I never registered for anything like that...but I was given one for my bridal shower and I use it everyday!
I misplace a lot of stuff, so it helps me to keep track of my little band of gold.

Pick up a gorgeous pair of hand engraved champagne flutes. These can be purchased from Daydreem Designs.
The bride and groom can use these dreamy glasses for the champagne toast at their wedding reception.
This gift may seem like a one time use item, but you may be surprised.
Even though the ones I used at my reception were not nearly as cool as these are, the hubby and I still bust ours out to use, not on our anniversary, but every New Year's Eve. I guess I am just a sentimental fool.

Weather buying the gift straight from the registry or not, you can still add a personal touch to your purchase by using great vintage wedding wrapping paper! This patterned paper can be found in Pumkin Truck's etsy shop.
I hope that this week's unique picks helps you to think outside of the registry to find unique gifts for April (or any other month) wedding showers.