Thursday's Unique Picks - What Are You Made Of?

Valentine's Day is looming...
Adorable assorted selection of vintage valentines from Treasures of Vintage Memories shop on etsy.
What do girls want? My Husband would say, "what don't they want". 
What do boys want...gross get your head out of the gutter. 
Surely there are loads of lovely gift ideas from etsy sellers...but where to start the search. 
I thought maybe this little Mother Goose rhyme, that my Grandma used to recite to me, might give us some direction. Yeah...let's see what you are made of!

What are little boys made of?
"What are little boys made of..." illustrated poster from leesaralou's etsy shop.
Manly grunts all instant collection of vintage tin snips from It's Verily Vintage on etsy.
When the room heats up on Valentine's Day, prop open the door with this hand painted vintage iron snail door stop from Portuguese Vintage's etsy shop 
and Puppy Dog Tails.
Uncork the magic with the tail of this little pup. This great vintage wooden dog has a corkscrew for a tail and can be found at Nickadizzy on etsy.
What are little girls made of?
Oh so nice...eye chart inspired illustrated poster from CJ Prints on etsy.
Sugary sweet without the calories...custom order this handmade crochet "frosted sugar cookies" scarf from Kellyz Kreationz etsy shop.
Slip out of those pajama jeans and into something to spice Valentine's Day these beautiful 1950's satin tap shorts from  Concetta's Closet on etsy.
and All Things Nice.
Mama always says...boys like nice girls. This little handmade pillow from Your Homebased Mom on etsy, is a nice
Now that we are clear on what boys and girls are made of...hopefully, it will make choosing something special for your Valentine from great etsy sellers a snap...or should I say smooch!

This Week In History - Define Timeline...

February 1st, 1884
Adorable handmade dictionary rings from Out Of The Blue's etsy shop
On February 1st, 1884 the first portion of the Oxford English Dictionary is published. Sure there were other dictionaries in publication at that time, but members of London's Philological Society wanted to step it up. What does Philological mean? Why don't you look it up in the dictionary? Plans to produce an error free, up to date dictionary started brewing in 1857. The concept was to cover all of the vocabulary from 1150 A.D. to present (present as in 1850's ish) into four volumes. They estimated it would take about ten years to complete. Over forty years later, after the 125th and final fascicle, the dictionary was published, complete with 400,000 words and phrases in ten volumes. Yes, I see a hand back there...What is a fascicle? You are going to have to look that up in the dictionary. 

For more information on the Oxford English Dictionary or this date in history check out this article on The History Channel website.