Thursday's Unique Picks - As Seen On TV

Don't you hate it when people say, "I've been busy...".
I mean who isn't?
Hey Girly what have you been up to?
Ummmm, I've been busy. Oh well, I am back today with a little Unique Picks blog post!
Soooo...I have been doing a little shopping around for vintage goodness lately and have spotted some pretty sweet finds.  
What kind of vintage are you talking about, you may inquire?
What is not to love about this fantastic 1960's portable TV radio from Mae and Jean Vintage on etsy? It is so sweet, petite and retro fabulous.
Let's just say when I picked up these vintage pieces, I had no idea that they were "as seen on T.V." spectacular.
Last week my thrifty adventure began in Dayton, Ohio. My mother and I went to a Goodwill Thrift Store Outlet...yes, I said outlet. Have you ever been to a thrift store where you pay for your purchases by the pound? Well, I haven't...until last week. Picture it, large bins brimming with bits and pieces to sift through. It was sort of like panning for vintage gold. 
My mom spotted this fantastic Mid Century Chip and dip set for me.
"Vintage gold" that will eventually be listed in my etsy shop.
As seen at Sterling Cooper...
Have you ever heard of a show called Mad Men? Stop that laughing...I know...who hasn't. I have to admit I just started watching it a few weeks ago and the hubby and I are now hooked. (we are just in the middle of season two, so don't spoil anything for me)! Part of the fun of the show (for me) is seeing all of the vintage. Imagine my delight when I spotted the matching ice bucket to the above chip and dip set, in one of the offices at Sterling Cooper, in one of the first few episodes of season two. I sure do wish I had a screen shot just to prove the provenance of this vintage gold.

At our second thrift store stop, I was united with these pretty wall hangings. My Mother said, "I think my Grandmother had those". Who knew my Great Grandmother had such fantastic taste.
Brilliant Botanical 1960's Syroco Wood Wall Hangings. Just added to my etsy shop, The Unique Bird, today!
As seen in the Draper residence...
...Don and Betty's master bedroom to be exact. My Husband's eagle eye, spotted some wall hangings pretty similar to these, in one of the episodes we watched a few days after I picked these up.
Photo from casasugar blog post and AMC.
Photo from an article on Woman's Day.
The article on the Woman's Day magazine website is about Mad Men inspired home decor. They tell you where you can score a headboard, lamps and bedding just like the Drapers have, but they don't tell you where to pick up those fabulous wall hangings...hmmm...I know exactly where you can find some.
I can't wait to watch more episodes of Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Men to see if I have any more vintage items "in stock" that are like ones on T.V.

A few days after my thrift store adventures with my Mom in Dayton, the Hubby and I headed over to Re Store in Columbus. If you have never been to a Re Store, it is like a home improvement thrift store run by Habitat for Humanity. Folks will donate items for the home; cabinets, wood, appliances, sinks, etc. You name it...they might have it. It isn't all vintage, but sometimes there are a few old gems in there that can be refurbished for a retro renovation.

Bewitched by an oven...
I didn't exactly snatch up this 1960's Frigidaire beauty (much to the chagrin of my husband)...but I did snap a few photos. 
Oh, it needed some...well, a lot of love to get back into tip top shape. I can't say that I am in the market for a new oven right now and my husband doesn't currently have the know how to overhaul a vintage appliance...(not that you couldn't honey).
The Frigidaire Flair we spotted at Re Store in Columbus, Ohio 1/21/12.
True retro flair for only $150.

Now where have I seen an oven like this before?
As Seen on Morning Glory Circle...
Of Course, Mrs. Stevens has a slightly more deluxe model in her kitchen.
Bewitched, happens to be one of my Favorite classic television shows!

Image from Kitchen and Residential Design blog post of Samantha Stevens' kitchen in Bewitched.
Image from Certain Ladies blog post of the Flair and Samantha in action.
Image from Kitchen and Residential Design blog post about The Frigidaire Flair.
I am pretty impressed with my "As Seen On TV" sighting and scores over the last week. It is like going to Hollywood and spotting the T.V. stars walking down the street. (kinda)
 As if the hunt for fantastic vintage treasures wasn't already there is a reason to shop and catch up on my T.V. viewing...
Geeze, I don't know how I am going to squeeze blogging into that tight schedule.
Let me know if you have any sweet as seen on T.V vintage beauties in your shop or home!

This Week In History - Man, That Is One Ugly Mermaid

January 9th, 1493

Hubba, hubba...this pretty little vintage mermaid paperweight was spotted in The Colonies shop on etsy.

On January 9th, 1493, While sailing near the Dominican Republic, Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus, spots three mermaids.  According to Mr. Columbus...these sirens of the sea were "...not half as beautiful as they are painted".  Now, I understand that being at sea for months at a time with a bunch of scurvy mates may cause one to long for the sight of a vivacious little mermaid, but you see Mr. Columbus, what you really spotted while at sea was a little less Ariel and a little more sea cow. Sorry Charlie...I mean Christopher, those ugly mermaids were actually manatees. You know, 1,200 pound slow moving, plant eating, aquatic mammals. Mr. Columbus, you might want to stick to discovering "A Whole New World..." (My Bad. I guess those lyrics belong to a song in a different Disney film, but if the shoe fits...sing it).

For more information about Christopher Columbus or this date in history be sure to check out this article on The History Channel Website.