always be prepared

since i got caught in the rain yesterday i tried to be a bit more prepared today
when you go to an auction you really need to make sure you have all of your equipment ready
1.a few empty boxes in the back of you car-so you don't break what you have just bought paper-see above reasoning
3.snack- so you don't eat the delish chili dogs
4. water - do you don't drink the delish coca cola
5. GPS- b/c i once got lost coming home to dayton from cincinnati...and i ended up in columbus so you can snap random auction pics and can text hubby about weird smells
7.water resistant purse - the leather one didn't fare too well yesterday
8.reusable totes-b/c i am so green and to haul things from the auction site to your car to the boxes
9.clipping from paper with driving directions to auction site-b/c GPS isn't always right
i think that is all but on rainy today you will need an umbrella & rain coat with a hood.
this is a view from inside of my first tent of the day...just a little drizzly at this point

and then the rain cleared...for a few minutes...but long enough for me to get this little lovely

i think it says...i am refined enough to have vintage accessories but i still have a rather amusing sense of humor...what is your take on this piece
but once again my first purchase was one of the best

these are little celluloid cat & dog heads...i guess one might hang them on the wall...or...well ...i haven't figured it out yet but i promise they will look great!! and i didn't even notice they were made in dayton OH. who knew. hubby notices stuff like that but might not notice for 3 months that i have rearranged pictures on the bedroom wall.bless him

and then there is the hat
i don't think i can part with this...
if the hat fits then wear it while you fold laundry
night kids
i have another auction tomorrow...can't wait to share my new treasures

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