paying the bills

so i guess you could say i have been given a new home responsibility...
i used to live in crazy town all day and only came back to throw down some frozen burritos and sleep.

but now that i am working gal from home/really great non dusting house wife the hubby seems to have passed along the duty of writing out the checks & posting the bills to this lucky girl. as i was writing out the checks today practicing spelling out numbers i started thinking about how sad & empty the outside of the envelopes were. i really wanted to seal the envelopes with a sticker just to give it that extra touch of personality and maybe bring a little smile to the face of the person sitting opening envelope in the in a big dark mail room some where. in the past hubby said no way...why on earth would you want to send a sticker to the person you are paying money to??

but if it is my new job...i think i should override the no stickers rule.

i have accumulated quite a collection. i don't discriminate either...if it makes me smile i am all over a sticker on an envelope.

so my little sticker problem is probably why i was so attracted to these lil beauties.

they are tiny little clock die cuts from germany in the victorian era. i really love how it turned out when i framed them.

or maybe my sticker situation is my need to add a bit of personality to a rather drab thing
kinda like these ceiling panels at one of my family's fave bars

i love it at the phone booth lounge. grody ceiling panels became art. (and i can walk to my parents house from there in case you had a few too many pitchers)
go on and make your mark...

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