girls night out

well i made it to the auction on sunday afternoon...i was running a bit late.there were some boys in my house that were having some trouble waking up...

my bff dawn & i had a girls night out and my hubby & his friend from college went to a ball game.

it was all very lovely

dawn & i had a pedicure.mine shade of pink has a bit more blue in it...see i can still make use of my fashion skills

and then we sampled some wine

we followed this wine flight with dinner at her condo. she has done a really great job decorating her space!! she had just finished redecorating her powder room.she had informed me a few weeks back that she had bought some wall paper to put in there and i have to admit...i had my doubts.
when we moved into our home my husband spent many painful hours scraping away layers of horrible wall paper and i think i am still scarred.

but...just a few days before visiting the finished product..i happened to come across this page

in a special summer 2009 edition of Better Homes & Gardens

i loved how it looked. (something my hubby would never go for)

and then a day or so later i was peeking around one of the homes that i was attending an auction in and spotted this pattern on the wall. original to the looked so right now!

sorry for the crazy angle. i was trying to take a secret photo with my phone...
i stick out enough at these things the last thing i need to do start snapping photos all around these homes.
but i loved how it looked. i wish i had been able to get the chair that was in the room in the photo. it was turquoise and looked amazing with this wall paper.

so after seeing all of this i was really excited to see how dawn's bathroom would turn out...

soooo cute!!! she is right on the money with this powder room!

i have to admit...i have wall paper on the brain right now but i think my hubby would kick my butt.

so girls night was pretty awesome...we had some delish dinner a quite a few more drinks and then the boys met up with us and took us out for a bit of dancing...

home at last i passed out on a chair down stairs while the boys stayed up till 4:30 am having a few more beverages and laughs.

now i don't know if you remember from my previous blog...but i mentioned that the hubster would attend sunday's auction with me. i was pretty excited for him to come with me but when push came to shove on sunday...he was a bit too H.O. i was happy that he decided to come with me another time...i don't think he could have stood around all day in the sun & crammed into tiny rooms competing for lovely treasures like the entire contents on top & underneath the bed. (he is pretty miserable when he is hung over and it reminded me of this hankie dawn gave me for my birthday back in september...

she had bought it for me a brimfield. I HAVE TO GO!!

this is too funny!! i just framed it today...
it fits him to a t
oh well christopher will come another day. there aren't any auctions scheduled for this week but there are a few garage sales i have in my appointment book...can't wait to share

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