just another day at the office

hi all thought i would fill you in about my day at the office
today was auction day!! i love going to them even thought this was only the second one i have ever been to
I attended my first auction a few months back with my best friend dawn down in cincinnati. we went down to a discovery sale at cowan's auction house. my little sis works there and gave me scoop. they usually deal with very posh high end antiques and collectible but every few months the have a warehouse clear out & sell all kinds of stuff and they call it their discovery sale!!! it is still all very nice and some things very collectible & desirable but the item tend to sell at much more affordable prices (i love that) especially since i tend to buy things because i like how they look and not b/c the will greatly appreciate in value. it was in a nice show room and the auction went down just like you see on tv. there was a podium and an auctioneer & every holds up their numbers to bid...very dreamy.so much more exciting than a 2 hour meeting about the color navy...
i was on such a high after my first purchase

a beautiful crazy quilt from the 20's(?) so many amazing fabrics & patterns. it totally fits my personality and taste (crazy & random)
so today i attended my 2nd auction. the was an estate auction...let's just say it was a little different...the concept was still the same but i guess i was spoiled with my first experience. it was held all outside and of course it rained for the first hour & a half. there we were standing in the rain competing for amazing treasures. the auctioneer was really great the rain didn't even phase him...just made him go faster.

just a few shots from the big day. yes there were some really great thing...but there were also a lot of not great (for me) things. but hey, they were selling chili dogs & sloppy joes and i think that is awesome.
the thing about auctions is that you CAN NOT be in a hurry. you might have to wade through a ton of crap to get what you want. there was this one annoying guy that was stand behind me that kept groaning about how he wished the auctioneer would hurry up an get to the stuff he wanted. i almost tried to out bid him just to tick him off.
but anyway check out these great enamel trays i won

yes once again i was on a high!!! they were so beautiful and wet.
and then i won a really great ink illustration by an artist named Bill Arter. i guess years ago he did illustrations for the columbus dispatch as well some other sketches.this i happened to be dry. b/c it was on a table under the only tent...

it looked so mysterious
and in fact i did a little research & the building in this illustration is located in german village and is called schwartz's castle and it probably haunted by the ghost of mr.schwartz. the story goes like this... he built this castle for his future bride who was still living in germany. when he finished the castle she told him that she had fallen in love with another man and this drove mr.schwarz off the deep end. i guess he would go up to the roof and sun bathe nude and would run around the city barefoot all year round (ps. this was all going on in the mid 1800's)

i love a great back story...

all for now..yet another auction tomorrow morning!! wish me luck

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