Thursday's Unique Picks- Need A Handyman?

I don't care how new your house may be,
the day will come that it will need some sort of repair.

Illustrated book cover, "Your Dream Home, How To Build It For Less" By Hubbard Cobb, Sigman - Ward Illustrators, 1950.

Now my home is no spring chicken, but it really isn't an antique gem either. Let's put it this way, if I were to list it on etsy it could be found in the vintage section. Like many vintage items, from time to time it has condition issues that require a handy man. As luck would have it I happened to marry a pretty good one!

Part of my personal vintage collection, Cover to Better Homes & Gardens, Handyman's Book, published 1957

Not my tool box, but another fantastic vintage tool box found in Turtles Creek Originals etsy shop.

Fact: The hubby's nick name in college was "Toolbox".
Why?...Why not?

This is too funny. Vintage "Tool" belt buckle from Shabylull Island on etsy. It would be a great gift for someone with a hearty sense of humor, or for someone who may take pride in this title.

Just because he has a lot of tools, it doesn't mean that he is one. He is a very good boy.

See he's laughing. Image from Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book.

I am always in awe of the types of things he is able to fix and update around the house. On the flip side, I am also in awe of the amount of time it tends to take to complete said projects. We are not talking months folks, we are talking years...but when the projects are complete, wow are they awesome!
(I really shouldn't complain though, I can't do this kind of stuff. It would be a disaster.)

Even kids can do it...why can't I use the tools. This awesome vintage child's tool set and box was found in Flat Tire Vintage's etsy shop. You need to read the seller's description of this listing. This set has a great back story.

Now I am not writing this post to publicly shame the hubby into completing some of things on his "honey do" list. He actually suggested that I do some picks based on the subject of home repair, because he likes that kind of stuff. Done. Finding unique pieces on this subject from great etsy sellers is more my department.

So are you ready...?

This ultra awesome printed canvas patch was found in Barton Artel!'s etsy shop.

Do you have the right tools to get the job done?

A lot of little fun from 3MontanaGirls etsy shop. This is a set of miniature plastic handyman tools. Just the right size for crafty creations.

These picks may not be the first ones you grab for when attempting a home repair, but what they lack in functionality they make up for in character and would be unique pieces of decor in your home!

Vintage hand drill from suesuegonzalas's etsy shop.

I love the color and look of this but can only imagine trying to get the hubby to complete a project using something like this. Electricity is awesome.

Lovely vintage screwdriver from AlicesLookingGlass on etsy.

Can a screwdriver be pretty? This one is.
I am picturing the hubby's eyes rolling out of his head as he reads this.

Vintage wood handle saw in  from lost to found's shop.

I saw this and thought it was too cool. And I just saw your eyes rolling...

Set of vintage wood levels from Richard and Ruthie's etsy shop

If I am being on the level with you guys, I usually just eyeball most of my projects so these levels would definitely be just decorative in my home.

Vintage porcelain hammer shaped bottle from Nostalgic Treasures' etsy shop.

What a tricky find. A bottle shaped like a hammer. Fill it with your favorite liquor and it could be "Get Hammered Time".

 So here is a little something I came across while leafing through our September 2010 issue of This Old House magazine. (Yes we are subscribers and we may be a bit a lot nerdy) In the "Ask This Old House" section I was a little shocked by this person's inquiry...

Please see photo below... do you know what they are? I am a girl and have the tiniest bit of tool knowledge and I found it hard to believe that I instantly knew what these were...
This Old House magazine, September 2010. page 113

 Sorry sir, I hope I haven't embarrassed you, but haven't you seen old cartoons. You know when they get whacked in the head with a mallet! SO maybe I don't know all of the specifics on what mallets are supposed to be used for but geez...

What's this? Get your own mystery tool and stump your pals.
This great looking vintage wood mallet from Moxi Thrift on etsy.

Currently on our home's repair list...

After years of begging and maybe a few threats, the slate tiles were laid and grouted by the Hubby.
What is missing?

1.Base boards.

Hope this helps. Page 318 from one of my recent vintage purchases, Your Dream Home - How to Build It for Less.

Kudos to hubby though, for trying to convince me a few weeks ago that the "no baseboard" trend will catch on in the design world.

Antique tape measure found in Unfinished Business' etsy shop.

Measure twice, cut I have heard. Hope that helps.
Don't worry Mr. Toolbox, I will help with the painting.
I love this illustration titled, "Do-over" from The D.A.D (Drawing A Day) Project on etsy. Not only do they have fantastic drawings in their shop, but they are donating a portion of each sale to cancer research.

2. Replace Light Fixture in entry way...
because we recently discovered the one that is currently there may be a bit of a fire hazard.
(so maybe this one will move up to item number one on the list)

One of our home's original 1970's vintage details. I am kind of bummed because I actually liked it.

The good news is that in our Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book  from 1957, there is a chapter on Plumbing and wiring.

Before you start thinking I am a big mean wife...I did not buy this book. This was one of the Hubby's vintage finds. So there.

I did find a few really awesome light fixtures to include in this week's Unique Picks.
(well more than a few but I had to narrow them down to my favorites)

I love this vintage 1970's metal floral light from Tialey Vintage on etsy.
I am a girl. I like girly things. The hubby may not be too keen on this for the entryway though.

Upcycled awesomeness from Boots N Guts on etsy.
Not only is it a great looking light fixture but it may also be used to keep your left overs fresh!

This set may be easier for him to swallow on a daily basis...
I personally think it is playful, stylish and innovative.

Mid century modern magic from Sugarlily's etsy shop.

This is only a hunch, but I think that this would be hubby's pick.

Afraid to tackle lighting? You can get your own copy of Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book from red truCK treasures on etsy, to ease you into this fix.

If you don't have time to turn pages in a book, this vintage pick might be the right choice for you. The Wheel of Home Repair from Vintage Home Recycled on etsy.

Illustration from Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book.

I don't know if I have really inspired you to dive right into those home improvement projects, but maybe I have tempted you with some rustic and handy looking decor!
If anyone asks why the home projects aren't complete, point to those vintage tools and say,
"I can't be expected to work with that".

Perk Up

Perk Up...
your mornings with color and patterns.
New Collection listed at The Unique Bird on etsy.

I am not an expert on interior design styles, but I think with this collection, I ended up somewhere in the "Mad for Mod" era. Please don't quote me on this. That is just me trying to put a label on my recently listed Kitschy Kitchen collection.

Mod Kitchen. Pattern, color and wood paneling. Image from Matters of Style blog.

Late 60's early 70's . Image from Retro Renovation.

I didn't really have a specific design era or style in mind when pulling all of these great vintage pieces. I just loved the way the colors, patterns and textures all came together! Bring Pattern into your Kitchen without applying hard to remove wall paper.

Mix it up! 1960's and 1970's patterned vintage mugs give your morning coffee an extra burst of energy and style. Of course, sprinkle in a conversation piece with this cobalt colored Cool Cat toothpick/
coffee stirrer holder.

Just Swimmingly. Pair of 1970's Hornsea mugs.

Moovin and Groovin. Pair of vintage Saffordshire Pottery mugs.

Enjoying the "Finer Things" when you use real linen napkins at your next brunch. Vintage embroidered napkins add Autumn Elegance to the mod pattern palooza.

Haute Beverages get hotter with a punch of paisley. Vintage patterned metal and porcelain percolator and tea kettle.

Do you take cream or sugar in your coffee? Doesn't really matter how you take your coffee, as long as you are using a dispenser as cool as this one.
Pour Some Syrup on Me is a 1940's glass dispenser with a vibrant red plastic lid.

Shabby chic elements hung on the wall create unexpected artwork and create dimension and texture.

Sunny Side Up and Red Delicious vintage metal bundt pans.
Functional Decor. These vintage trays Fresh Start and Peacock A Doodle Doo are great decorating elements and add excitement to entertaining.

Distressed to impress storage for any room in this metal and faux bois Kitchen Carousel.

Though no longer appropriate for food storage, this set would be a great place to stash cooking utensils, in the kitchen or craft supplies, scissors or markers in your workspace.

Who doesn't feel a little sarcastic in the mornings?
There is truth in vintage humor. Wisecracking printed vintage signs.

This message has to be my personal favorite.

Vintage tea kettle appliqued pocket apron.

Coffee service with a smile. Just call me Rachel, the Cafe Queen.
(Sorry for that 90's pop culture reference in this mad for mod kitchen collection)

Perk Up your your day with pops of color and pattern mixing using vintage home decor from The Unique Bird.
 No caffeine required to excite me about these great vintage finds!

Thursday's Unique Picks - Picnic Pandemonium

Maybe next week I will examine something fall-ish or back-to-school related, but since it's going to be another ninety degree day here in Ohio...I am just going to keep clinging to hot Summer fun.

A few weeks ago, The Hubby's Uncle Joe asked if he could come down to visit us for the day. While excited that he wanted to pop down to visit us, we were a bit puzzled as to what sparked this impromptu day trip.

Fantastic antique ephemera from OldPaperAndPages etsy shop. The picnicking piggy print.

We thought he must REALLY want to get some City Barbecue. I am not lying when I say that it is worth driving two and a half hours to eat lunch there...I digress...back on track...

Uncle Joe wanted to give my Hubby a little surprise...
He presented us with our very own vintage picnic set.
Now this isn't just any picnic table and benches, it was the one that belonged to my Hubby's Grandpa John, that our Uncle Joe lovingly restored to give to us. Talk about great provenance. Talk about a great Uncle!

This picture is from the Hubby's personal family photo archives. Actual photo of Uncle Joe, Lil Cousin Jackie, and Auntie Adeline, enjoying a picnic c.1980's, not on the actual picnic set given to us. I felt the photo was still relevant though...
because it is what inspired my Unique Picking this week, Picnic Pandemonium!
Great finds from amazing etsy sellers with more Summer fun and eating in the hot sun, at a picnic in mind.

From "pique nique" to "picnic"

Oh la is an awesome Tromp l'oeil "pique nique" inspired, checkered table cloth from Art Belongs Everywhere! on etsy.

So when did the alfresco dining adventures start? Well, some say it was in France in the 14th century but similarly in England, around the 14th century, there were elaborate hunting feasts being held outdoors.

Pique Nique: "the French piquer means to pick at food; nique means something small of no value. The word was accepted by the Academie Francaise in 1740 and thereafter became a universally accepted word in many languages," Food Timeline website.


Picnic: " pleasure party including an excursion to some spot in the country where all partake of a repast out of doors: the participants may bring with them individually the viands and means of entertainment, or the whole may be provided by someone who 'gives the picnic' " ---Oxford English Dictionary [Clarendon Press:Oxford], 2nd edition, Volume XI (p. 779) "the oldest print evidence of the word picnic in the English language was in 1748" according to The Food Timeline website.
Original printed illustration of a picnic adventure from 1872 book of poems from Elizabeth100's etsy shop.

So what the heck were they calling it before they named it in the 1740's?
Guess it doesn't matter as long as you were taking part in the fun. Picnic pandemonium didn't really take off until the Queen Victoria era (1819 -1901). It was considered one of the most fashionable Summer pastimes.
Eventually, here in the U.S., the open air eating fun caught on in the late 1800's and we have been enjoying them ever since!

1966 Reader, Outdoors and In, by O'Donnell found in Callooh Callay's etsy shop.

Grab yourself a basket and let's get outside...

Pretty and plastic! Vintage picnic basket from Cozy Studio on etsy.

Fill 'er up...
Cups and Plates.
Perfect for picnics! Set of vintage pastel plastic divided trays and matching mugs from Vintage American Collectibles.

As always, let's be civilized. Cutlery is a must!
Pumped up pastel plastic vintage cutlery from Dirty Birdies Vintage.

This mod design of a picnic basket may be all inclusive but you may have to find somewhere else to stash the food.
Twenty five piece mod picnic set from FOUND/VINTAGE on etsy.

What's on the menu, you may inquire?

This vintage cookbook, It's a Picnic!, could inspire your fare. This great, 1969 cookbook can be found in REdesignkc's etsy shop.

If it were up to me, it would be sandwiches all the way. That is how I got the name "Sandwich Sarah", at my last job. (Someday I will elaborate)
Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time! Yummy original acrylic painting from The Food Horror Show on etsy.

Calorie free ham and cheese sandwich and potato chips! Play picnic with this set of felt food from Royal Rugrats etsy shop.

According to my extensive picnic research today, I found that sandwiches were traditionally wrapped in wax paper, but this pick may kick off a new picnic sandwich packing trend.

From Revel Designs on etsy, it is a reusable fabric wrap for your sandwich.
Not only does it have a fabric chalkboard message patch, but open it up to create a little placemat!
Double fantastic find.

"Set a spell and enjoy your lunch on me..."
says the picnic table.
(I am glad that you are reading my blog but did you really think I would be making you lunch?)

Beautiful vintage linen postcard of a Picnic at the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee found in The Vintage Plum Shop on etsy.

Custom sized for those little ones. This great looking striped children's picnic table can be found in Super Savvy's etsy shop.

For even littler your dolly. This collapsible doll sized picnic table was found in Things Sew Little's etsy shop. Yes, I like dollies and sandwiches. It is amazing that I left pre-school.

Lovely, vintage inspired artwork on a postcard from nice by Catlin Holcomb.

If all else fails and there is no table in sight, simply bust out the blanket and spread out on the grass.

Super soft, light weight, quirky, patchwork feedsack quilt from The Unique Bird, would be great for ground level grazin' in the grass...but on a blanket. It's a gas.

A Fashionable pastime...

I heart, "Picnic with a Flair", Original mixed media collage from Pretty Fun Things by Jillian West.
Make the picnic the fashionable happening that it used to be, by dressing yourself appropriately.
This vintage maxi skirt will maximize your picnic style and possibly reduce the need for a picnic blanket to sit on. (Especially if you are 5' 1" like me) Found in zwzzy's etsy shop.

Petite sized picnic styling for your little one too, from Prissy Peacock Designs etsy shop.

Beware of unwanted guests...

Growly bears like pic-a-nic baskets. So I have heard. This is a great metallic print from an original photograph by Deer Sweet Images by kristimcmurry. It is super creative and ultra amusing.

My arch enemy, the squirrel. Since this one is a nut cracker, I find it slightly less threatening. This vintage squirrel nutcracker can be found in mostazaseed's etsy shop. If you see the real thing near your picnic site, I would advise you to run.

Try not to let it bug you, but there may be ants. Ants are kind of gross, but this set of magnets from Hobo Moon's shop are pretty cool.

So I think I have pretty much covered all of my picnic picks and I hope I haven't kept you inside too long, but I will leave you with one last piece of advice for choosing the location of your picnic...

This vintage pin from Hutch Vintage on etsy, cracked me up.

I am sure Alaska is a fine place to have a picnic, right Chrissy?