Thursday's Unique Picks - First Class All The Way

While garage sailing around town last weekend the hubby and I stumbled upon some wonderful treasures.
You really never know what you are going to find. Sometimes it's lovely vintage treasures that you can use to decorate your home, but last weekend it was all about the experience, the ambiance and the great people that we met.
Experience the ambiance found in a basement of a tag sale we found...
Sweet mural spotted on the basement wall at the tag sale. I think that cow may be a bit of a flirt.

I have a feeling that this sweet mural was placed there to serve as a strategic distraction from the very energy efficient unit that was "tucked" into the corner.

This unit is not Energy Star rated. I asked my hubby to stand in the picture so you could get a sense of scale.

I am easily distracted by things like a flirty cow, a rooster and a frolicking pig and can't believe I almost missed the elephant. I am serious. The hubby had to bring this to my attention.
Onward to the next yard sale experience.
We came upon a house that had quite a collection on Victorian era steamer trunks lined up in their drive way.
I complimented the owner on his impressive collection and display. He explained that he was a collector that had to downsize a bit to make room for more. I sure do like the way he thinks.
He was eager to show off the impressive features of these beautiful trunks, like the special compartments for ladies to store their hats, trays for trinkets, original hardware and leather straps etc.
I was distracted by the pretty decorations on the interior lids of the trunks, and asked if he cared if I took pictures of them.
Although he seemed a little bit confused by my interest, he was happy to open them all up for me, and even excitedly pointed out the some of his favorites. 
 He kept inquiring if I got a picture of this one...
or that one...
 Did you see the one with the little Christmas picture?
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved them all. Loved the pattern mixing, loved the illustrations, but I especially loved the level of excitement that the captain of this yard sail had for his antique steamer trunks.
After the photos were taken and my thank yous were said, the captain left us with a little piece of steamer trunk trivia.

Image from General Metal and Holloware
Q: Do you know why some trunks have flat tops and some have rounded tops?
A: It's all about class baby. Sure the flat top trunks are for space saving storage, but the rounded top trunks belonged to the first class passengers. The rounded top trunks could only be placed on top of the stacked flat top ones, keeping them safe and sound.
The more you know.

Steamer trunks prove to be both effective for packing as well as lovely to look at. Love the attention to detail on the inside and on the exteriors.
Functional and stylish travel...I feel a Unique Pick theme coming on.

Adorable vintage photo from Aunt Sue's New Old Lovely etsy shop

So that was my little round about way of getting to this week's Unique Picks. Get packing in style for your next trip, with these great finds from etsy sellers.
We can't all fly in a private jet like Ted Danson, but we sure can pack in style like we are first class.

Part of my personal stash of vintage awesome. 1958 American Airlines brochure.

Where are you headed?
These may help you to decide...
Find fantastic destinations in this great collection of 1960's travel brochures and maps from Bountiful Books & Papers etsy shop. 

So what is your suitcase situation?
Is it rugged? Classic? Vintage chic?
These Picks are all of that and more.
 Set of vintage leather luggage from McLovebuddy's shop

How do you make a lovely piece of vintage luggage even lovelier?
Add a beautiful hand painted detail.
 Hand detailed vintage train case from VintageTravelers etsy shop

You may be mistaken for James Bond if you start toting this piece around.

Swanky vintage pick from Lucille's Attic.

Let's be honest folks. Travel has changed slightly over the years. As amazing as these vintage cases look they may prove to be a bit cumbersome and expensive to travel with. Unless of course you don't carry your own bags or give two wits about paying for your heavy bags. If that is the case I am guessing you really are a first class passenger.
I do personally prefer the modern convenience of the wheels on my suitcase, since I am forced to attend to my own luggage.
I don't think this makes me "coach class" or "cheap", but rather um...independent when I travel.
I actually choose to leave my vintage luggage at home where it serves as a jewelry box in my bedroom.
Think of all of the accessories you can stash into a lovely little vintage train case.
You can always deck out your modern rolly suitcase with this gorgeous "first class" looking luggage tag.
Set of copper personalized luggage tags from anandi's laboratory

I know that I can get a little obsessive compulsive when packing. I prefer to use little fabric storage bags when packing my suitcase, to contain all of the little travel needs that I can no longer carry on.
You too can show off your first class obsessive compulsive disorder...I mean organization skills, with these little storage bags in your suitcase.

Vintage fabric toiletry bag from Ivory Gray Designs
Sharp looking travel shaving/cosmetic bag composed of Pendleton wool from Timberline Treasures

I am sure the baggage screener will be impressed with your organization and sense of style.

Dirty clothes can also be confined in style when traveling.
I love this.

Fabric travel laundry bag from SoxyPuppet's etsy shop

My favorite part of this bag has to be this...

Once again, the baggage screener may appreciate the heads up on this.

Lastly, let's talk about a few other travel accessories that may help you to have a first class travel experience.
Wakey, Wakey.
No need for the wake up call when you have your very own travel alarm clock. A vintage fantastic one to boot.
Vintage travel alarm clock from Joie De Cleve
Dressed to im-"pressed".
Pack a travel iron to avoid all of those pesky wrinkles.
Brand spanking new 1940's vintage travel iron from Altered Paradise at Regina's Studio

Avoid bulky camera cases, but still keep your digital camera safe with this adorable handmade felt case.

So cute from Sweet treats by claraiuribe's etsy shop

Here is a first class solution to keep all of your travel documents organized.

It is the In Touch Clutch (tm) from downstairsDesigns

Snack attack en route?
You can avoid those "coach class" peanuts by packing your own designer almonds in this reusable snack pouch.

Reusable organic snack bag from Bebeloosh Mini's etsy shop

Whether you scored a seat in first class, or are smooshed in the back, here's a little something that couldn't hurt to bring along.
It is a vintage St. Christopher medal. He is the patron saint of safe travels. I am not Catholic but I think it is mighty fine that he has your back. This one is  from Blue Grotto' s etsy shop.

Bon Voyage folks!
 Fantastic set of  1940's early aviation postcards from ImagesUnearthed

I hope that you have enjoyed this week's Unique Picks with ideas for making your trip seem First class and stylish all the way.

Veggie Table

New Collection
"Veggie Table"

Inspired by these vintage art pottery planters that I picked up while garage sailing along the National Road...

I loved the way the colors looked together but thought they could use a little pop, so I paired them with this colorfully decorated vintage vase.

 I sprinkled in a few more fantastic vintage treasures...

And of course a handmade touch, with this vintage fabric and vintage trimmed table runner
Sure these little vintage planters are the perfect size for planting a little window sill herb garden but why not use them for something a little different...
A unique summery centerpiece that can double as serving pieces for snack-able fresh veggies.

Now that's fresh!
(Thanks to this little photo shoot, I will be eating broccoli for days)

A little something every good hostess needs, a fab vintage apron.

All ready for Summer entertaining or an entertaining Summer.
It works either way.
Visit my etsy shop, The Unique Bird, to find more great vintage treasures in the "Veggie Table" collection!

Thursday's Unique Picks - Life With Father

It has been said that when you kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland that you get
What the hell-I gave it a go.

What I have discovered over the years though, is that I didn't really need to bend over backwards being held by an old man with extremely pungent B.O. to kiss this sacred stone at all, I just needed to pay a little more attention to a resource that I lived with.
Let your Dad know he is the best with this illustrated greeting card from Gramkin paper studio's etsy shop.
Famous photo of  me and my father at the top of the Grand Canyon. I insisted on wearing a sun dress because when "The Brady Bunch" went to the Grand Canyon it looked hot there. Dad said it would be cold. It snowed.

Unfortunately I was born without a sense of humor.
"Can't you take a joke?" I was often asked.
In a word: No.
I may have heard the term "easy target" used.

"Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?" Lucy Van Pelt

Dad's advice : laugh it off. Vintage Ziggy mug from Cheshire Cat's etsy shop.
Frequently, dramatic, sensitive and quite stubborn I would spend years striving to achieve a bit of wit instead of being such a whiny nit wit.
It has taken many years of listening to my father's sometime corny and cheesy, dry at times, sarcastic but frequently entertaining banter to bring my sense of humor up to speed. 
Yes, years of listening as well as moving out of my parents home allowed me to gain maximum appreciation.

So in honor of my Rad Dad I felt compelled to devote this week's Unique Picks to a bit of humor.
Good humor, bad humor or just goofy, these finds are all in good fun.
Whether it makes you laugh your head off, or just groan and roll your eyes, I think I found some picks from great etsy sellers that would meet my father's quippy criteria.

A little bit corny, and a little bit cheesy: These picks are fully flavored.

This illustrated card is the perfect pick to lead off this section. "Salad Dressing" from She's SO Creative. Please note that the perfume bottle says "Eau De Blue Cheese".

A great etsy seller I have featured before, HawkGerber, Inc., has enticed me again with this great set of letterpress coasters.

Out of this world postcards from TigerFlight.

Have you noticed that I have a fondness for greeting cards? I love to buy them and have quite a collection.
I just never get around to sending them out. Sorry family.

Well? Fantastic pin from With Care's etsy shop.

Anything yet? A snicker? A goofy grin?
Tinted vintage photo from Vintage Buttercup.
I know you are laughing on the inside. You love it.

"And now for something completely different..." - Monty Python
not really, just saying.

A little dry, with hints of sarcasm and unexpected wit:
I love this delicate antique plate that has been "vandalized". From etsy seller Vandalized Vintage.

"I'm not a bum, I'm a Jerk" Navin R. Johnson.

Speaking of jerks...This is a fantastic set of note cards (I am only showing you these two examples. You have to check the listing out to read all of them!) from Wry & Ginger's etsy shop, that is meant to be left on the windshields of those members of society that choose to park get the picture.
I don't know that my father would actually distribute these cards, but I know he would have a laugh over the exceptional poetry and would show them off to many interested parties.

"Poetry. Sheer poetry..." Miss Shields
Lastly I am going to share a few listings from a shop that had me captivated this afternoon.
It is amazing what you can come across when you type "goofy" into the item search.
It's not just the items that they are selling that made me love this shop. It is the exceptional manor in which their vintage pieces are displayed, the pithy and droll commentary embedded in the item descriptions and the appropriately named sections in which these items are placed.

As it states in the item's description
"The ground does not appreciate your farmer blowing.
Please stop."

Quoted from the item description,
"She has a thing for yellow.
It's the color of the sun. 
Makes her happier than
a flea at the Westminster Dog Show."

The item description reads,
"Bonnie makes a killer Velveeta pork feet hot dish.
She makes snorting noises the whole time she prepares it.
She's sort of a pig, so it all makes sense."

I would love to share more but if you liked these you will love visiting their shop too.
Their shop gives me something to strive for.

I have had enough malarkey for the day, and I don't mean wood paneling.

Vintage ad for Malarkey plywood from Paperdealer's etsy shop.
You know I can never get enough of that.
Happy Father's Day Dad.
I hope you approve of all of this week's picks.

P.S- looking for some cantankerous father quotes? Find what you are looking for and more in the blog:
Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpurn.