Thursday's Unique Picks - Spoiled Rotten

I'm Baaaack...Hi everyone! How have you been? Golly, it has been a long time. I hope I haven't forgotten how to blog. Here goes nothin'. Are you ready for some unique picks from great etsy sellers? 
Today's secret word is...Spoil. 
Crap, I just spoiled it. I guess it isn't a "secret" word anymore.
It is not a secret that this handmade embroidery from The Great Northern's shop on etsy, is mighty fine.
I have been thinking that spoiled can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing...

Spoiler Alert: this weeks girly saga happens to be inspired by the bad kind of spoiled.
But let's start out on a good note...the good spoiled.
This sweet little pendant is a reminder, from Kayla Jane's etsy shop, Spoil Yourself!
to pamper, to indulge.. it is o.k. to occasionally feel a bit spoiled.
This spoiled society pup print, is from an original illustration by Not-Wolf -Productions on etsy.
Massages, manicures, pedicures...these are all fantastic ways to spoil yourself.
This mighty fine pair of pedicured feet, will shake up your dining experience. These vintage salt and pepper shakers can be found in vintagedame's etsy shop.
Don't forget the know, the benefits reaped by the winner (another good kind of spoil).
Good spoils. Upcycled 1939 diving medal necklace from  Jecca 's etsy shop.
And of course...since the holidays are just around the corner, sometimes it is o.k. to spoil your appetite.
Go ahead, eat some more pie.
Handmade "eat more pie" plates from Panopoly's shop on etsy.
Not to be a spoil sport...but sometimes spoiling can go rotten. 
Antique photograph from Photo Graphica on etsy. This spoiled little lady may be draped in the best furs, but she certainly is a sour puss!
So what do you get for someone that is spoiled rotten...this card.
"Say what you are thinking", with this great greeting card from Blunt Bitch's shop on etsy.
Finally, there is spoiled rotten, in the most literal sense of the phrase. This is also not the good kind of spoiled. I am talking about food...when it is past its prime. At the ripe old age of thirty-something, I decided that I really should try and embrace eating yogurt. It is not my favorite, but I have found a few flavors that don't completely revolt me. I still don't often "taste" the yogurt though, because I just take a spoonful and swallow it down as fast as I can. (I know, charming image) 
Rare and fantastic c.1980's scratch and sniff sticker from Vintage Sticker Love on etsy. 
Back in the spring, I nearly spoiled my day of yard sailing along the National Road because I grabbed one of my yogurt cups out of the refrigerator to gobble down for a fast breakfast. I opened the container and thought it smelled funny (but in my opinion, yogurt always does). I shoveled a spoonful into my mouth and swallowed it down, but did notice that it seemed a bit sour and maybe even a little grainy. Another spoonful into the mouth...and glanced at the sell by yes, it was about a month and a half past its prime. I spent the first hour and a half of the yard sailing adventure trying not to be nauseous. O.k. lesson learned. Before swallowing a cup of yogurt whole, check the sell by date on the package. But history is bound to repeat itself...last weekend, the morning before my last big craft show of the year...I found myself grabbing for a cup of yogurt. I ripped off the lid in a hurry, got the spoonful of the stuff in my mouth and then decided...maybe I should just check the date. I did it again. Luckily, I hadn't swallowed. Whew! Crisis averted...barely. Please learn from my mistakes, either regularly clean out your refrigerator, check your sell by dates before eating, or just avoid yogurt all together.

Well, Hope you enjoyed my madcap mix of etsy finds today as I explored the sometimes good and sometimes bad sides of spoiled.