Eclectic Avenue

A few months ago, the hubby and I were invited, thanks to my amazing Uncle Brian, to meet the owners and take a tour of this 1955 brick Cape Cod in Dayton, OH.

We had heard the stories of this home from him over the years. My Uncle has his own construction company and has helped the owners lovingly restore and renovate so many intricate aspects of this home.

Little did the hubby and I know that this charming exterior would house such an array of original and pristine 1955 home features not to mention an extensive collection of antique and vintage furnishings and home decor.

Upon entering the home our tour guides/home owners, Mr. and Mrs. Malone informed us that their decorating style would be considered eclectic. They bought and decorated with items that they loved and they could tell me a story about each piece. (this was going to be right up my alley) I only wish that I had taken notes. There was so much to see and take in....

Get ready for a wild and wonderful ride...
I am going to start your tour with some of the artwork that I loved.
In the foyer was this captivating piece. (my favorite painting in the home)
According to Mrs. Malone this was one of her favorites also and it has always had a prominent location in any of their homes.

Another beautiful painting that got my attention.

Cool vintage string art upstairs.
Everywhere you looked there was something new and exciting to see and learn about.

So this little piece of art pottery cracked me up.
It tool me back to an auction that I went to last summer.
I stayed until the very last lot, to bid on this...I was the only bidder on this item and the auctioneer looked at me like I had two heads.

You may have seen this in one of my previous blogs.
I was so pleased to see that someone else shared my eclectic and slightly eccentric taste.
Mrs. Malone had a really great idea to use her panther planter to hold remotes.

Mid century marvelous lamps and light fixtures for me to drool over.

Furnishings all around the home span many eras and styles. They don't discriminate....
Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye throughout the home.

What a chair!

So may lovingly restored pieces.

Did you notice the bathroom? Be patient, I will get to it. Just a few more things I want to show you first.

Now that is a serious sideboard.

They have even repurposed many items creating functional furnishings as well as unique conversation pieces.
This is an antique radio that has been turned into a nightstand. This is actually the back side of the piece! They loved the look of the makers mark on the back and wanted to show it off instead of putting it against the wall.

Ladies you might be able to guess what this piece was originally used for. Please note the stirrups (the clue that gave it away to me). Oh those Victorians knew how to make a stylish exam table. Mr. Malone chuckled and said he enjoyed serving drinks off of this piece to guests and asking them what they think it is...

This is a great way to put that antique pram to work. Yes, a bar. Great idea!

What to do with that old fire alarm...
make it into a lamp of course.

In the basement...

Mrs. Malone's family once owned a general store and they have retained and carefully restored many of the displays and items that were once in that store.

Doesn't the package for the Buccaneers candy bar look like a Three Musketeers package?

So impressive!

I loved this display for sewing notions. I was just itching to get crafty with those buttons!

This is a working scale that was once in her family's shop.

It is a good thing that I am an adult and can practice some restraint...
although the thought did cross my mind to serve the homeowners a box of wine and have a turkey dinner a la Seinfeld.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

The Malones informed us that this beautiful working vintage sign from a train station will someday be donated to a museum.

I am going to take you back upstairs to see some of the original features from this home.
I know this is just a vent but I found it quite impressive that it is original, in perfect condition and still in working order.

A built in wet bar on the second floor that can be tucked away by some pocket doors.

Dining room built-in china cabinet.

More original built-in cabinets line the wall of their breakfast room.
Also notice the cork tile flooring.

Now try and hold back your excitement upon viewing each one of their five very vintage and colorful bathrooms.
This is the powder room in lovely powder pink.
Each bathroom retains most of its authentic details except the counter tops. Sadly the original vinyl started to crack and curl a few years ago so they had to all be replaced. The bathrooms are so fab original vinyl or not.
This is the grey bathroom.
I think the shower door has some chrome-tastic detailing!

Bathroom built-in shelving. Even the storage is stylish.

Don't you hate watching those shows on HGTV where they completely gut perfectly good vintage bathrooms? It makes my hubby and me cringe. We were overjoyed that the Malones have done all that they could to "keep it real" in their home.

Another peek into a pink paradise.
If you love vintage bathrooms too, you should check out this blog the hubby and I love. It is so appropriately named Save The Pink Bathrooms.

Calgon take me away!

Maybe you can help us out on this one.
If you happen to be a connesieur of vinatge bathrooms you may be able to tell us what this little "thing" screwed into the tile by the bath tub is. Even the home owners are stumped. I would love to know.


The last bathroom on our tour is a color I would compair to chocolate milk.

Love those toilets. There is some serious flushing power in that bad boy.

my favorite room in the house was the kitchen!

Those cabinets are to die for! Believe it or not the previous owner of the home actually took down these original uppers and replaced them with some lovely (sarcastic) 1980's wood ones. He thankfully kept all of these in the basement to use as storage. When the Malones moved into the home they had my Uncle restore them to their rightful location.

If you love retro renovations and restorations as much as we do you may also enjoy this blog: Retro Renovations. (it is written by the same person who writes the "Save the Pink Bathrooms" blog)

I really hope that you have had as much fun taking a peek into this home as we did! The hubby and I couldn't stop talking about it for days after we had visited. We were so lucky that the homeowners were so welcoming and gracious to take us on such an extensive tour. (and let me take pictures everywhere)
You can tell that they are very proud of this home and they should be!
Their personality and humor can be seen in every room.
You definatly can't buy this kind of individuality at Crate and Barrel.