The Bird is the Word

Hot Dog! Yes, Girly is FINALLY updating her blog!
Oh, where do I start?
A lot has been going on at the headquarters of The Unique Bird (a.k.a. my nest). As I slowly try and get back to some sort of a blogging schedule, hopefully you will enjoy a brief rundown of my adventures over the last few weeks.

Wake up and smell the coffee!
Vintage Flavo Matic percolator found in my etsy shop. A few days after my coffee maker was kaput, a customer inquired if I could test the working condition of this percolator. I did, and it perked right up! Why didn't I think to do that myself?
Or not...
A few weeks back, I awoke...not to the smell of freshly brewed coffee...but an empty coffee pot and my coffee maker blinking "error" at me. Shock. Horror. Not really a great way to start the day...or a story (I promise it gets better). So feeling under caffeinated, I trudged down stairs to check my email.
How to brighten my mood sans coffee? Insert an amazing opportunity. Imagine my now shock and awe when I was asked to go to my hometown and appear on live television to talk about my vintage treasures and my handmade vintage fabric goodies! Suddenly my day was perking up.
Yes, I was walking on clouds with excitement over my upcoming television appearance, but that was a few weeks away...back to work girly! You have to get sewing. Someone had to make a fresh selection of vintage fabric wine accessories for our favorite local wine shop for Spring, and that someone was me! Suddenly I felt like wonder woman...(because I was a kick butt sewing machine...not because I was wearing a cape while sewing).

A stitch in time saves nine
My Vintage Kenmore Ultra Stitch 12.
Rolling along on my good old 1982 Kenmore Ultra Stitch 12.  Ca chunk, ca chunk, ca...whaaat?!?! Shock. Horror. My poor sewing machine finally had enough of my empty promises to give it a little rest...and had a bit of a break down. Suddenly a broken coffee maker seemed like small potatoes...this was serious.
Much like Demi Moore, my sewing machine needed to be treated for "exhaustion". Thankfully I had a back up sewing machine.
We got off to a rocky start...but pretty soon my back up sewing machine and I became good pals.
Last summer, I became the proud owner of my Mother-in-law's c.1970's Kenmore sewing machine. I have to admit...we got off to a rocky start (me and the sewing machine...not me and my Mother-in-law) but I kept at it, and we soon became close friends. I was able to deliver a new selection of my bloomin' wine bottle stoppers to Meza Wine Shop.
Bloomin' Wine Bottle Stoppers from The Unique Bird exclusively sold at Meza Wine Shop in Westerville, Ohio.
 I was also able to get started on some pretty new handmade goodies to debut on my TV appearance and oh yes...a big selection of Spring-tastic goods for our first Trunk Show at Meza's Girls Night Out Wine Tasting.
Filling up my trunk (well suitcase) with handmade vintage fabric goodies for Meza's Girls Night Out Wine Tasting and Trunk show featuring The Unique Bird and Objet Adapte! 
Welcome Home!
After a week of rehab and a few new parts, I welcomed my good old Kenmore home..and I departed to my hometown for my television debut in Dayton!
It was all very exciting to appear on Living Dayton! Living Dayton is a new lifestyle program on WDTN - TV (the ABC affiliate in Dayton, Ohio). I felt so glamorous...I felt so excited...I felt like I was 5'6" tall!

 A behind the scenes snap shot from my segment on Living Dayton courtesy of the fantastic Mr. Schmelick. No, I was not working out, but I did need a step up so I wasn't a floating head behind my suitcase filled with pillows.
Objects on the screen may not be to actual scale. Through the magic of television I actually was taller! So without further ado...yours truly's television debut.

Um. So there you have it. Um. not too shabby for my first time on live TV. In my attempt to not say "like" 750 times, I ended up saying "um" 950 times. Oh well, c'est la vie. Hopefully what I had to say was so impactful that it distracted the viewers from counting As my sister said, it was "Um - believable". All jokes aside, I cannot thank the folks at Living Dayton enough for such a terrific opportunity to spread the word about The Unique Bird's vintage and handmade treasures!

Sew on and Sew Forth...
After appearing on Living Dayton...I whisked myself away to my favorite Kettering thrift store...just to see if there was anything I couldn't live without...
So we meet again Frigidaire Flare. In January, the hubby and I stumbled upon one of these c.1960's stoves at the Re- Store in Columbus, Ohio...and then I spotted this one in Kettering. Much to my hubby's dismay once again...I lived without it. 
Then back to Columbus to wrap up my sewing projects for Meza's Girls Night Out Wine Tasting and Trunk Show featuring handmade vintage fabric goods from The Unique Bird and Objet Adapte.

Photos courtesy of Meza. March Girls Night Out Wine Tasting 3/21/12. We had an awesome selection of  new Bloomin' Wine Bottle Stoppers displayed on the front table!
Beautiful handmade vintage feedsack handbags and accessories from Objet Adapte at the wine tasting!
It was a fantastic turnout for the wine tasting! Thanks so much to our talented friends from Objet Adapte for partnering up with The Unique Bird for this event, to Meza for featuring us, and of course, thank you to everyone that came out to support us!

In a nut shell...that is what I have been up to. It has been a crazy town at my nest over the last few weeks but it was crazy in a good way! Just think, it all started with a broken coffee maker... What's next? No more glamorous television appearance and wine tastings lined up in the near future, but I did go to my first Garage Sale of the year this it is back to normal-ish business here. I am hoping to get some new vintage pieces added to my etsy shop soon, so stay tuned!
P.S. Do you remember at the beginning of this post when I said I was going to give you a brief rundown of my adventures? For me, this is brief.