Crafty in Columbus

Steps away from downtown Columbus OH, the hubby & I visited an event called Urban Scrawl
in Franklinton.
It was a great way to spend a beautiful end of summer day by checking out artists practicing their craft, local vendors featuring their handmade goods and local live bands.

here are a few pics I snapped of the artists in action, creating large murals that may someday be hung on buildings around Franklinton.

There was even a spot set up where visitors could get in on the painting action

though there weren't a tremendous amount of local vendors on site, I was reminded by yet another fortune I got on Friday night...

There definitely wasn't any shortage of quality hand made local goods.
One of the vendors happened to be one of my former work colleagues that is starting up a her own business.
her business called Objet Adapte features a selection of recycled & vintage fabrics that have been adapted into amazing handbags & accessories. This bag is one of my favorites.
Hint, birthday is rapidly approaching.

If you are interested in checking out some more of her bags and accessories you can see them at

merchandised along side of these great bags from Objet Adapte was lingerie and lounge wear from almightyquinn. They sell handmade clothing & lounge wear made from new, recycled & vintage fabrics. I love the ruffle front tunic pictured above. To see more from the almightyquinn you can visit
more news about local columbus crafters in the September issue of Lucky magazine

here is the article

it is located in the Shopping Report section on page 112.
Non Fiction Design Collective has an absolutely inspiring selection of housewares & porcelain.
Take a peek at their collections at
From current artist and crafters to ones from the past,here are a few pieces I picked up this week at various auctions from local artisans

I bought this painting titled "Bronze lady" dated 1969.
I still can't decide if she is creepy or cool...or maybe a little bit both but I think that is why I was drawn to it.
At another auction this week, where one of the featured items was this gas lamp that was once located at the Ohio State Fair grounds at the turn of the century, I found some really great hand made pieces from another Columbus resident.

This little pink tray was so delicate & feminine and so 1960's. Despite some damage to some of the leaves I decided to get it.

all of Maybelle Wyman's pieces are signed & most of them are dated...and according to this piece she didn't always live in Columbus.

Some more of her handmade pottery.
So perfect for a retro tiki party.

this is one of my favorites.

maybelle also seemed to have quite a collection of scrap fabrics.
I am now the proud owner of what appears to be a complete history of polyester fabric.
Watch out Marsha Brady!
I can't wait to get to work and find some great ways to use these pieces in an arts & crafty way.
last note:
If you read my last blog and are curious about how much the 1960's gilded matador & bull won at the Price Is Right sold for...
only $17.50. What a deal!
As the auctioneer kept saying to the crowd, it was worth buying just for the story behind it.

The bird is the word

sorry for the break in the action folks
I have been working hard to get all everything ready for my website launch.
I have also been preparing for a BBQ that we had last weekend.
for great tips on throwing a great vintage BBQ you might want to check out this blog post from
Atomic Radar

The hubby & I have been wanting to host a summer BBQ for a long time. This time we had two really good excuses to throw a party.
We wanted to show off the catering skills of my best friend & her father and also give friends and family the inside scoop on what I have been working on for the last few months...

It is official, my new company is called The Unique Bird. My web page will be launched very soon. Thanks to the amazing logo design and web page design by Ms. Dana Ross at The Bee Hive Studio we are looking great! Check out some of her work at

I will be selling my product on etsy. I can't wait to have you come & browse my terrific selection of vintage & repurposed vintage home decor.

I wanted to show off some of the repurposed wall art that I will be selling.

I came up with this way to display the product so my guests would be able to check out the merchandise and get acquainted with The Unique Bird.
I mean I did just ask them to come over & eat some ribs, not hit them over the head with a sales pitch.
I have to say that I could chat for hours about my treasure hunts to find these pieces.

the great thing about all of these pieces is that they are created using vintage fabrics, magazine & book illustrations and more. You can get a unique piece of art at a great price for your home that you can't pick up at any mall store,department store or discount retailer!

some bird's eye views of the party peeps...

some of my great guests!!

our awesome catering team, David, Dawn & Kylie Erne

over all the party was a splash!!
Isn't this an amazing print?
It is a Japanese wood block print that I picked up at an auction in Cincinnati.
I attended an auction last night and take a look at what I picked up...
of course I would find these chairs AFTER we had the BBQ.
at any rate I am very excited to get them cleaned up & repainted so that we can use them at our next BBQ!

I am attending another auction tonight and one of the items that I am very keen on getting a good look at is a 1960's gilded matador and bull that was won on The Price is Right
how about that for provenance!