Thursday's Unique Picks - The Blushing Bachelorette

Don't've been to one.
Bachelorette Parties.
This post may contain mature content that my not be suitable for my father to see.
Antique 1910 postcard from The Postcard Depot's etsy shop
The Bachelorette Parties I have attended have ranged from manicure parties, to sophisticated dinners out, to downing drinks, to wild dancing and of all male review.
(That was a one time bachelorette party adventure that I openly admit to attending. I am glad that I experienced it once in my life but don't think I would jump at the chance to do it again. Truthfully the experience left me with too many questions. i.e. Where the heck do they put that thing when wearing jeans? Yes, that was what I was thinking while at the Powerhouse Pub.)

See what I mean about tasteful? This is a great example of an appropriate bachelorette party invite from The Original Pear on etsy.

Good old fashion girly fun can easily be transformed into risque, bawdy behavior.
 Then there are the gifts given to the bride-to-be...I have seen some pretty racy stuff given to the bachelorette that has left this party girly wide eyed and blushing. Does this make me prudish?
Nah! I just think that there are some pretty great gifts for bachelorettes that have a sweet facade with saucy or slightly scandalous undertones.
Another fantastic invite option from The Original Pear.

Since the Blushing Bachelorette Bash for my Little Sis is rapidly approaching, I would like to reassure my Father that it will be nothing but classy on our girls night out.
Here is an example of my idea of "Nice" with a "Saucy" twist:
This vintage glass tumbler part of my personal stash of vintage goodness.
Oh what a beautiful bride. She appears so sweet and demure on the front of the glass. All it takes is a little spin around the tumbler and...
WOAH! Isn't this a sneaky little peep show.
See Dad...I am being a lady.

This Week's Unique Picks are nice and maybe a little bit naughty gift ideas to give the blushing bachelorette all from great etsy sellers.

You can ease the bride into her wedding night with these very informational books...
This 1982 book from tamallama Refind Vintage will have you kissing with confidence. I am extremely curious about the chapter on "Loving Sounds and Phrases".
This book title is pretty self explanatory. Such an awesome cover illustration, but I can only imagine what is "under the covers" of this 1936 informational booklet from Vera Viola's shop.

What a lovely little hand embroidered lingerie bag from Sew...That's It. This is such a pretty gift to give so the bride can pack away those scandalous skives in her suitcase for the honeymoon.

These are a fun little find from Bambina's etsy shop. Stylish small leather panty pouch that is the perfect place to discretely stash some party favors for the bride & balloons.
Image from Uncyclopedia.
Did I just cross the line?
O.K. time to get my mind out of the gutter.
Let's talk about lingerie picks
Another great postcard from The Postcard Depot on etsy.

Who said undies had to be crotchless to be sexy?
Here are some absolutely gorgeous undies that are feminine and still rather seductive.
This pair of chiffon tap pants/sleep boxers is from Naomilingerie. If you like these you have to check out this shop. There are so many other beautiful pieces of lingerie there too.
Linen handkerchief bralette from Sandmaiden Sleepwear.

Corresponding linen handkerchief tap pants/ sleep boxers from Sandmaiden Sleepwear.
I love how this set is both sweet and saucy at the same time and of course, a great color to give to a bride-to- be.
Vintage postcard from Value Vintage.
Even Dotty Dimwit knows you can still look pin up sexy without wearing a g-string.

Give your bachelorette a little bit of old Hollywood glamour.
Picture of Grace Kelly in the film "Rear Window".

I found some gorgeous vintage negligees on etsy.
This gets my vote for "Oh La La" lovely. Vintage nightgown from Feisty Broad Designs

This one is a little more flirty and playful but still has a great vintage elegant vibe. It is from eHappy Vintage.
1950's vintage pajama set found in Deoma's Vintage etsy shop.
Because every night of your marriage is not always like the honeymoon, you could give the batchlorette a little more coverage but still a lot of vintage sex appeal.

and then there is what I would wear...
1970's vintage Pajama set from aesthetikara.
I think it has a very "Girl next door" charm to it. But then again I am not a bachelorette...

Don't get your panties in a bunch...just a few more picks to come.
Isn't this an awesome retro styled original photo from Jane Heller's etsy shop?

I had this idea.
Apparently I wasn't the first one to come up with this though.
Victoria's Secret did a promotion with these last November...Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, maybe at a garage sale.
I thought I was being so creative...finding a fun way to wrap up some undies to give to the bachelorette.
Oh well, here are some pictures (I guess a mini tutorial) on how to make your own panty cupcakes.
All you need:
1.Some undies
2. Some muffin cups
(I suggest using the the aluminum ones because the paper ones kind of get stretched out of shape unless you layer a bunch of them together)
Vintage muffin tin from The Invisible Circus.

All you have to do is roll the undies...
place them in the cups...and voila panty cupcakes.
So sweet yet no sugar required.
(why do my blogs always come back to food or food like objects)
 It's a fun and easy way to wrap up some undies for the bachelorette. It would also make nice favors for the other gals at the party.

Above all you need to assure the batchelorette that she is a...
Such a lovely sentiment for the bride-to-be, disguised in a sweet cross stitch picture.
Found this pick in Rachel McKay's etsy shop. She proclaims that "Vulgarity is her specialty". I proclaim her shop awesome.
Hope my sweet yet saucy picks, for gifts to give to bachelorettes weren't too terribly shocking.
Especially for you Dad.
Your Sweet Little Girl that always sits with her legs crossed.
P.S. I will make sure my Little Sis does the same.


  1. Great blog, love the cock... Please don't tell my dad!

  2. hah, yeah wishing i had seen that card earlier (for my husband of course, not my dad)

  3. What a fun blog! You are hysterical! Thanks so much for adding my vintage Olga negligee...I'm honored. Peace, C.Marie