one lil birdie perched by my doorstep

so guess what i found on monday when i was going to the mail box to post some bills sans stickers (practicing restraint)

a little friend hiding in one of my plants

he just kept sitting there and of course i had to snap some photos to show my hubby. i wasn't quite sure why he was sitting there so calmly letting me take photos but ok...
so i went back inside for a bit and kept thinking about the birdie and decided that maybe i should go check on him again

i opened the front door and he was standing right there on my door step...

so what do i do?slam the door and grab my camera.i think i scared him a little bit because when i came back he was making his way back to the spot under the plant
ok so he wasn't the prettiest bird but i really do think he was a baby...or a really old grandpa bird. but i will go with a baby that had fallen out of his nest (since i did see him being fed by another much larger more developed bird) i don't know if you can see he has fluffy baby feathers on his head. and he was having trouble walking...(kept falling down like babies do when they are learning to walk)and he totally had no clue how to use his wings.
so when hubby got home from work i was so excited to show him my pics!! since i had been following hoppy (that is what i named him) around like some crazed paparazzi i had a bit of a bond with the little hubby on the other hand didn't seem as excited as i was about our new friend...but then we noticed hoppy had made his way back to the doorstep. we peered at him through the window trying to walk/hop. he kept catching his feet in the little cracks in the wood & taking little spills. ha! now hubby was hooked on hoppy too!! we followed him around our front yard for a bit because christopher was going to mow the lawn and we wanted to know where he was and make sure he didn't get all chopped up
yeah i don't think he liked the lawn mower b/c he ditched our yard & went over to the neighbours house (maybe b/c the have much nicer grass)
so i haven't see hoppy since but i did enjoy having his company.

i was having some fun with photo shop yesterday and made this little number
i know a little scary...a la alfred hitchcock as my sister put it.

i guess i have had a birds on the brain a lot my best friend dawn pointed out
i think this was my first bird spotting...purchase
this is some really cool vintage fabric with a great abstract print...can you spot the birdie?
and then i followed it up with a purchase for myself on

i loved the cute little illustration & how it was layered over the text
the packaging it came in was even cute!!
and i seem to keep adding to this bird bonanza...
they are all so tweet don't you think !
here is a page from
they still seem to have birds on their brain too!! these are pretty cute but i think mine were a bit more affordable...


  1. What a sweet little birdie! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for signing up to follow my blog, rhubarb reign. Let me know if you ever have any questions. Enjoy your weekend! Sandy/rhubarb reign

  2. I've got a "thing" for birds, too. I rememember smirking at my mom's obsessions with birds and owls when I was a teenager, and now here I am obsessed with birds and owls!