Thursday's Unique Picks - All Broken Up

Common questions you may be asked while at the post office:
How are you today? Fine.
Do you need stamps? Not today.
Is there anything fragile, perishable, liquid or hazardous in this package? No.
Do you need tracking or insurance on this? No thank you.
Did you used to be a ballerina? Silence.
Oh so sweet vintage ballerina candle holders from Before He Find Out's etsy shop.
Other than this question being extremely random and slightly couldn't be further from the truth.
The post man said I had that "look". O.k I better stop wearing that tutu to the post office. hahahaha. 
Is he joking?
As much as I wanted to hang around the post office and explain to him why this was a ridiculous assumption do to my chronic clumsiness, I decided to just leave it, say "Thank You" and sashay myself out of the post office.
Do you like red bull? I don't need extra caffeine to do stupid stuff faster. I prefer this vintage ceramic orange bull  masterpiece found in Vintage Eye's etsy shop.
In reality, this is a more accurate visual of this girly. A bull in a china shop.
I have a long history of slips, spills, trips, falls, concussions...I am an overall klutz. 
So this week I am celebrating the clumsy through these great finds from etsy sellers.
Just tell it like it is to the klutz in your life, with this great letterpress greeting card from Creativity Cards on etsy.
While around your favorite klutz it is important to have a disaster kit on hand.
1960's first aid disaster kit complete with original contents from Small 'n Simple Things on etsy.
Don't forget the protective gear.
An adorable protective handmade snuggly skin for the phone of the accident prone from  Case Phile on etsy.
Outfit your klutz with a helmet. So this isn't really a is actually a great antique colander from  French Melody's etsy shop, but it would get the job done and could also drain pasta.
Bring towels, because there are bound to be spills around your favorite klutz...
Freshly over dyed vintage embroidered dish towel from Vintage Dyetopia's etsy shop.
To prevent the inevitable spills though, you could try...
A goblet for the clumsy girl. Now this fantastic goblet from Kiefer Clayworks is designed especially with a shorter stem to help prevent spills (for those of us who tend to kick over a glass of wine every now and again). 
Now this leads me into my personal klutzy triumph from last Saturday evening. 
Your ballerina in action, if you will.
Handmade post earrings by foundling's etsy shop.
I was quietly making dinner...the lasagna was baking...I decided to have a nice glass of wine. Mmmm, that was tasty. I think I would like a refill. Grab the bottle from the refrigerator add a bit more to my glass...
Can you picture what is about to happen next?
Crash. Amazing original photograph captured by Matthew Hurst Photography on etsy.
If only I had just broken the glass...
Somehow between walking from the counter to the refrigerator with the bottle of wine in my hands, I dropped the bottle. The bottle basically shattered when it hit the floor. Wine shot out of the bottle that was located in the kitchen and onto the carpet in the next room. There was glass and wine everywhere in the kitchen. 
The Hubby rushed upstairs to see what had happened. With disbelief at the disaster area that I had created, he helped me clean up the mess. 
I should really just carry a sign like this wherever I go. This ornately framed silk doily can be found  in crumbs on the sheets etsy shop.
Was I worried about the glass everywhere? No. 
Was I upset that I was going to have to scrub the floor and carpet in the next room? No. 
I was angry that I waisted an almost full bottle of wine. I was all broken up.
My hubby inquired if I was o.k. I said "Yes, I am just mad at myself for wasting all of that wine," and he replied, "you should be". He can be such a gem.
Wine not show some love to box wine with this original acrylic painting by Carla's Funky Art on etsy.
I am now thinking that this butter finger ballerina should stick to box wine to avoid future disasters.
You know what they say, It takes one to know I guess it takes a clumsy gal to track down some great etsy finds that would be perfect for your favorite klutz.

Thursday's Unique Picks - The Burning Question

What's The Burning Question this Thursday?
Original art collage greeting card from vantiani on etsy.
Hot enough for you?
Cue the music...
"OH, We are having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising she certainly can can-can."
Cliched enough for you? Keep reading, it is only going to get more cliched...because in the words of Paris, "That's Hot".
Keep track of the record breaking temperatures this Summer with this great vintage indoor outdoor thermometer from This, That & Other Things on etsy.
If you haven't guessed, this week's picks from etsy sellers are inspired by some buzz words being thrown around during this heat wave. 

It doesn't get any hotter than this 1980's vintage red hot metallic suit from Vintage Twists on etsy.
 What is all this business about the "heat index" lately? The humidity will make it feel like it is 115 degrees. I guess it sounds way more dramatic than saying 97 degrees and 276% humidity. To me, 97 or 115, it is just plain hot. 

Adorable original screen printed artwork from Argyle Whale on etsy
An added bonus to the hot weather that we are having here in Ohio, and in the southeastern half of the United States, is the high humidity levels. It gives every day a swamp like feel.

 This steamy fine art print was created from an original watercolor painting by Karen Faulkner Art on etsy .
Folks around these parts acknowledge that temperatures normally soar into the hundreds out West...but they always say, "It's a dry heat". Those folks out west may beg to differ...dry heat, wet's all hot.
Cue song number two:
"I've got sssssssssssss-steam heat. I've got sssssssssssss-steam heat..."

"The Hard Boiled Virgin" a 1947 novel from Vintage Pot Pie's etsy shop. This is sure to be a steamy or should I say hard boiled classic Summer read.
Fantastic vintage handmade set of eggs and bacon from vintagedchic on etsy.
Have you ever heard the expression "It is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk"?
According to the Library of Congress the answer is "Yes, theoretically. But it doesn't actually get hot enough" works better on the hood of a car. Wanna try...We can use your car.
Today in Columbus with the current humidity levels we might have better luck poaching the egg outside than frying it.

Even the gnomes are feeling the heat, as seen in this great original photograph using a  "heat mapping" process from  The 3 Maries on etsy.
No matter how you want to describe the heatwave, the bottom line is, it is..."Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot" out there kids.
To paraphrase a lady that I saw interviewed on the local news...
"In the winter you can just pile on more clothes to get warm...but in the summer you just can't take enough off. I don't mind. It is Ohio."
She is right!
I am not a big fan of super heat...but I am a big fan of this cool vintage fan from  Hazel Roberts etsy shop.
Try and stay cool my friends while enjoying these hot etsy finds
and remember Marilyn Monroe's tip for beating the heat in the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch...

"When it gets hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox! "

Thursday's Unique Picks - You Might be a

You might be a redneck if you spend all Saturday at a car show...
You might be a hillbilly if you spend all Saturday at a car show drinking beer...
You might be trailer trash if you spend all Saturday at a car show drinking beer and eating giant corn dogs...
Y'all, I resemble those remarks.
(don't get all offended now...I might be going somewhere with this)
Hand made pillow for Y'all by Sew English on etsy.
Every Summer, the hubby and I head out to the Ohio State Fair Grounds to attend the annual Goodguys classic car and hot rod show. 
2011 Goodguys Rod and Custom car show.
Does this make me a gear head? Not a chance. I do although, love vintage things and that includes cars. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any sweet affordable vintage cars at a garage sale to add to my collection of vintage goodness, so it is always fun to go and look at them and drool.
So many awesome cars...I didn't know where to look next!
Much like my weekly Unique Picks from etsy sellers...I made a Unique pick at the car show, that in turn, inspired my picks from etsy sellers.
Behold this rusty vintage upcycled masterpiece.
Rust is trending.
Vintage grain sack cushion covers.

Good spam. Spam can tail lights.
Shot gun gear shifter and drawer pull on the glove box.

Powered by moonshine.
Keepin' it classy.

At a glance, this rat rod would appear to be something that the Clampetts would be driving to Beverly Hills. If they were driving this cool ride, those hillbillies were mighty crafty with upcycling their car parts.

Not familiar with the Clampett clan? Catch up on your summer reading with this vintage novel "The Beverly Hillbillies, The Saga of  Wildcat Creek" from  She drinks coffee at midnight's etsy shop.
Inspired by this unique automobile, I decided to poke around and track down some hillbilly finds with etsy flare...
What a delightful tea cup from Vandalized Vintage by trixie delicious's etsy shop.
Don't get out the shot guns just yet...
Adorable vintage plastic rifle charms from Silver Crow Creations on etsy.
I am well aware that hillbilly, redneck, and trailer trash maybe conjure up derogatory stereotypes, because that is what Wikipedia told me (and you know I always believe everything I read on Wikipedia). 

You gotta love these vintage hillbilly mugs from Lauries Custom Thingz on etsy.
Stereotypical or not...I am a big fan of these finds and you might be too! 
Personally...I think there is a secret hillbilly in all of us. 

So just simmer down...and take a swig of moonshine.
That will help you to relax.
Fantastic hand embroidery from drop dead quirky by supervelma on etsy.
If you find it rather crass to sip straight from the moonshine jug, try a redneck wine glass.
Yup, there is such a thing.

Wine (or moonshine) glass from TSGlassware on etsy for the refined redneck.
Smoke one if ya got one...
It is an honest to goodness vintage corn cob pipe from MrsRekamepip's etsy shop. Frosty the snowman had a corn cob pipe, he must have been a hillbilly too.
See, this stuff is pretty awesome. 
Now, I bet you want to know if there is a difference between hillbillies, rednecks and trailer trash. Well of course there is. According to my research on Wikipedia, I discovered it all comes down to location.

This little hillbilly will open your bottle for you. This vintage bottle opener is from  Daydreamers Unite on etsy.
Hillbillies hale from hills and mountainous regions.

A perfect pair of vintage kitchen towels from NeatoKeen on etsy.
Rednecks are known for being farmers from the Southern United States
An ultra classy and elegant greeting card designed by Glen Hibline Illustration on etsy.  Wanna know what "truck nutz" are? Go to a car show and you'll find out.
Trailer Trash folk are known for living in trailers or mobile home.

Sign me up to be trailer trash if I can live in a sweet trailer like this one that I saw at the car show.
On second thought...I am not sure if it has a bathroom.
Handy little vintage sign for your outhouse/ bathroom from Dirty Birdies Vintage on etsy.
I am not fixin' to use an outhouse regularly...but maybe I could park the trailer in my backyard so I could use the bathroom in my house...Yup, pretty sure the neighbors would love that.
What can I say I may just be a hillbilly - redneck - trailer trash girly
Y'all Come Back next week for more great etsy picks!

Thursday's Unique Picks - Boys of Summer

Happy Fourth of July all! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday on Monday. I can't believe it is already over! Where does the time go...Well, I am back home and freshly inspired by our vacation for this week's Unique Picks blog post.
This week's finds from etsy sellers will help me to highlight some of the manly adventures from our vacation at the lake.
Ready to take a trip?
Last week, the hubby and I ventured out of Ohio on our yearly Fourth of July vacation to Chautauqua Lake in Western New York, with my family.
1950's Souvenir Chautauqua County dish from Blue Butterfly Vintage on etsy.
July 4th 2011

Our little c.1930's cottage made it through another winter!
Sweet little vintage cast iron door stop from Shaving Kit Supplies etsy shop sort of reminds me of our cottage.
My Dad sent me this Hi and Lois comic strip last year and it pretty much sums up our little family cottage by the lake.
Last year during our vacation at the cottage we were overwhelmed with last minute plans and preparations for my lil sis and brother-in-law's wedding. We were plotting seating charts, making bouquets out of ribbon for the rehearsal and writing up wedding day schedules, much to the chagrin of the boys...
The wedding was beautiful (but I do have to admit that we are all rather relieved that the hoopla is over).
This year though, it seemed like the boys (my hubby, brother-in-law, and father) were attempting to counter act all of the uber girly-ness from last summer.

What were my boys of summer up to?
Macho manly muscle man handcrafted soap from Hello Crafty on etsy. The men could have used this while bathing in the lake.
You know, man things.

Curtains? Men don't need curtains...unless they have an awesome fishing lodge theme like these vintage ones from
Vogue Vintage Clothing on etsy.
One may assume that since we are at the lake, the boys may have done a little fishing...
Not really their style. Although, this little fishy might float their boat...
 What man wouldn't like a vintage fish shaped bottle opener like this one from The Unique Bird's etsy shop, to pop open some brews? 
Catching a fish like that is a bit more desirable than catching...
What the heck is this? YES, I know it is gross but what is it. We spotted this crazy thing belly up in the lake. Is it a fish? But it has legs. Any ichthyologists out there that want to help us identify the creature in Chautauqua Lake?
Naaa, our boys are more into catching the football than fish
(after seeing that weird fish leg creature, I bet you would rather catch a football too).

Sing it Connie..."Where the boys are...woah, woah"
My boys may have also enjoyed a few frosty brews...
As if the boys needed any encouragement. For the record, I am pretty sure my boys can. This vintage, very large, beer glass from I Like Them Old's etsy shop would be perfect size for quenching your man's thirst on a hot summer day.
It wasn't all play and no work for the men at the lake though...
Unfortunately, one of our pine trees wasn't doing so well.
Adorable set of vintage wooden counting toys from Babyshkas Attic on etsy.
Who do you call? Not Ghost Busters...but Paul Bunyan and Babe.
Fantastic vintage salt and pepper shakers from prettypink06's etsy shop.
They could have used an axe or a saw, but my boys needed more power...(insert grunts)

Which one is Paul and who is the Babe?

Well done my little lumber jacks.
"I'm a lumber jack and I'm o.k." the perfect card from Hole in my Pocket's etsy shop for the happy lumber jack in your life.

Next on the Man-genda...

Thanks for the bonfire boys. For that you deserve a toasty marshmallow.
I am all fired up about this great handmade flame plush for cooking up a plush frightened marshmallow from Cute Stuffies etsy shop.
One more little thing...Could you please put out the dock? Be careful though, there is some weird fish thing with legs out there.
Voila! Aren't my boys swell?
Ahhh, now us gals can just relax on the dock and soak up some sun...
This original 1946 photo from found & unbound on etsy shows a couple of dock side dolls, just like me and my lil sis at the lake. Sister and I were some pretty sweet eye candy for our hubbies.
Yes, we girls appreciated everything that the men did. It isn't like we tortured them into doing all of this stuff. It kept them out of trouble and we kept out of their hair. 
V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n at Chautauqua Lake. Vintage post card from SmoothSeas etsy shop.
Yes, I think my boys enjoyed all of their manly adventures while on vacation and I also think any man would love these man-tastic etsy finds!