very bad habit

when you were little did you ever read the book caps for sale by Esphyr Slobodkina
i did & i think it stuck

well it seems lately if someone is selling them...

i am on top of it...
every sale has one (or a whole box) that is better than the last and lucky me...i was the only bidder on these lovelies

so i bought some MORE hats tonight at an was a wonderful humid evening in ohio

and hubby came along to lend me a hand with my hats...i picked up a few other things but nothing was quit as thrilling as the first score!!

we went inside the home to check out some furniture that was coming up for auction & i was confronted with my other bad habit...obsessing over cool wall paper...and yes i pulled out my camera (not the undercover camera phone) this time & started snapping.




i kept telling the hubster that if we had bought this house we totally wouldn't have had to remove the wall paper

(too bad the house was already sold)

i found this little blip in Decorating a Better Homes & Gardens publication from summer 2009
about mod looking wall paper at
but BE SURE to look under the collection called ECO CHIC-very modern,graphic & bold prints . let's just say that not all of their collections are quite as modern looking as these

oh well i guess i will just have to live with my framed print in our hall way
i have another auction tomorrow you can't wait to see what hats & wall paper photos i come back with

ta ta

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