Thursday's Unique Picks - Libra-l Choices

It is September 23rd. What does that mean to you?
Yes, we have officially entered Autumnal Equinox of yesterday, September 22nd.
Beautiful original artwork titled "September Rain" by Beverly Dyer on etsy.

Not the answer I was looking for. Please try again. 
I'll give you a hint...

Cardboard repurposed into a fantastic colorful birthday banner from Cardboard Sheek's etsy shop.

If your next answer is: three days away from MY birthday then you are in business.

Picture of my big toe directing you to my birth date, on this over sized birthday calender at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.
OK, next question...if my birthday is in three days what does this make me?
Old like me. Awesome 1891 Libra Zodiac illustration from VeeJaysVintage etsy shop.

No, a Libra.
Thanks, mean. You fail.

This would be a cheerful greeting card for you to send me, in regards to my feelings about getting older. I found it in Artsy Fartsy by Alisson Burda's etsy shop.

 For this weeks Unique Picks, I will be featuring some Libra-l choices from great etsy sellers picked by your resident Libra, me, you know, the birthday girl.
 (Please note: it's almost my birthday so I can pick what I want to. I know I always pick what I like but I hope my Libra-ism doesn't offend any readers this week)

They nailed it. This great original typography print on canvas, is from mursblanc's etsy shop.

Libra's are balanced.
Libra: "The Scales" or "Balance", is the only symbol of the zodiac that is represented by an inanimate object.

Balanced and inanimate, like me. I love this mid century copper and pressed amber scale from Ugly Santa's etsy shop.

Hmmmm. So the symbol for the astrological sign Libra is scales. 
Around the equinox, the night and day are approximately equally long.
Libra + Autumnal Equinox = Coincidence, I think not.

The Sun enters Libra on the moment of autumnal equinox by definition on September 23, leaving it on October 22. (My reliable source on this fun fact was Wikipedia.)

Charming, hand embroidered vintage hankie with the words of a beautiful poem by George Eliot, "Delicious Autumn", found in Stitchasaurus Rex's etsy shop.

Bear with me: Over analyzing seems to be a typical trait of an air sign.
All these years I have been blaming myself.

 Libra is an air sign.
"Those with planets in Air signs lead with the head, and those wheels are always turning to analyze and interpret their world,"-
No crap.
Soft and airy dress from aftershowershop on etsy.

"Talking with an inspired Air sign can be like skipping through a kind of virtual reality full of detail, specificity and local color."
Thanks to this article on, I can happily explain my over analysis neurosis as a trait of being an Air sign.

Ruled by Venus.
Libra-lly ruled by Venus, the goddess of L-O-V-E.
Romantic and charming
"They like the opposite sex to the extent of promiscuity sometimes, and may indulge in romanticism bordering on sentimentality." - astrology-online

Oh sweet romance, even Owl brings his date flowers. I heart this hand embroidery by Chet and Dot on etsy.
Their marriages, however, stand a good chance of success because they are frequently the union of "true minds". -astrology-online
So happy to find this beautiful hand cut paper banner from Ay Mujer!'s etsy shop
The Hubby and I have been married for nine years now, and it's good to know that I can attribute it to having "true minds", and not just a mutual love for cheap beer.
It's blue being a Libra.
...not really, but apparently the Libra color of choice is blue.
Fantastic vintage inspired lounge wear from Market [Store (Shoppe)]

I am not really sure why I am drawn to these PJ' it because I am a Libra and really like blue or is it because I really love the vintage design, or is it because I am expressing my Libra traits of being Flirtatious and self-indulgent?

 Bust out the Sapphires.
Libra's star stone is the sapphire.
Sapphires are considered good luck in many ways and one of the major healing stones.

Lovely little vintage Sarah Coventry birdie pin from Edismiles' etsy shop.

 In this Libra's opinion, most jewels are healing...even if they aren't real sapphires.
Wow...are you picking up on this not so subtle bird theme I also have going on? bird brain a Libra trait?

What's a girly to do?
According to my extensive research on Libras and being personally involved in this study, it is reported that...
Some Libras are gifted in fashion design.

OK this is amazing. I wish I had this when I was little. I found it in lovemaestore on etsy. It is a reusable fabric wall decal. I love that you can change her outfit and restyle the doll again and again.

I don't know if I was really gifted, but I did design clothes for about seven years...
and then I thought...

This fortune scarf from Xenotees on etsy will say it all.

"Now is the time to try something new."

It's a good thing that Libras make good Antique Dealers too (according to my findings on astrology-online). Maybe "Antique dealer" is a stretch, but we can say I try and sell some pretty sweet vintage in my etsy shop.
Another potential career choice for Libras is a lawyer or diplomat...I will need to weigh these options...

A lovely little birthday dress letterpress card from Fugu Fugu Press on etsy, is what any girl would want...not just Libras.

Happy Birthday Libras of the world! 

May your cake be topped with something as cute as these "You are old" vintage catalogue picture cake toppers from VintageScraps on etsy.

The Libra-l views and picks expressed by the writer of this blog may be the direct result of her birthday rapidly approaching. Sorry...did I already mention that? Guess it's my old age.

Thursday's Unique Picks - Good Sports

I've got spirit yes I do,
I've got spirit,
how about you?

One of my recent scores, vintage Bradley Doll. Her name is Lorrie (in case you were curious).

It's about that time...
to bust a rhyme?
 nah...time to do some Unique Picking. I am putting my game face on this week, and searching for some sporty goods from some of my awesome etsy teammates. 

 The winning Team! Fantastic 1930's vintage photo from Meet the In-Laws etsy shop.

Just because I am not a super fan of most sporty activities doesn't mean that I can't be a good sport about them.

I do love watching college basketball,

These vintage ballers from Yesterdays Whimsey's etsy shop are pretty sweet. Top your cake with these or use as great decor to top off any shelf.

 I recently discovered that I might like baseball (when I am actually at the game with my hubby),

More vintage cake toppers! This set of baseball and football players can be found in One Cozy Nest's shop.

but football...not so much.
So I don't like football, but I do think this vintage looking, graphic tee is pretty cool, from Whatchawant design on etsy.
I knew I wasn't a real woman...just a girly.

 Did you notice that I didn't mention anything about actually playing any sports. I am much better at observing athletic activities than I am playing them. It's not like I didn't participate in any team sports growing up...
I think being part of some sort of team is really important for kids. It teaches them many lessons that may help them when they grow know, like dedication, working together, achieving a goal...being a good sport.

My brief career in soccer never resulted in any actual goals...but I busted out some killer moves on the field. Killer cartwheels.

Football is all very well a good game for rough girls, but not for delicate boys. -Oscar Wilde

From soccer, to tennis, to swim team, to field hockey what did I learn? I learned that I was not really that great at any of these things. At least I gave it the old college try...even if I was just in elementary school.

Needless to say I did "letter" in High School, academics.
especially for my achievements in spelling and grammar...hahaha.

I love this upcycled pennant from Paddyridge Vintage on etsy.

What an awesome idea! See, you don't really have to master a sport to get one of these letters, you just need to be a master shopper! Something like this may impress your friends long as they didn't know you in high school, they may think you were quite the sport
(note from the writer of this blog: I am not advocating lying about your achievements, but I learned from George Costanza "it's not a lie, if you believe it").

I am a winner. I just didn't win today. -Greg Norman

Even if I wasn't the best player, being part of a team taught me to bring my "A-game"...
you just never know when you will need to spring into action.

Show someone that you appreciate their A-game with this great greeting card from Able and Game's etsy shop.

 Bring your A-game and you just may bring home a win...
or not...
Great embroidered quote card found in Pretty Cheap's etsy shop.

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game...
But you know you really just want to...

This Vintage Scrabble tile necklace from In The Conservatory on etsy, is fantastic.

Show everyone that you play to win everyday. Subtle confidence, right?

Whoever said, 'It's not whether you win or lose that counts,' probably lost. - Martina Navratilova

Thanks for the reminder Martina, but even more important than winning or losing...

  I love this fridge magnet from Minds Eye Design. This is my theory too.

Stay dedicated and if you have a great season you may even end up with a trophy!
but just in case you don't get one...

You can pick this one up from quatrefleurs shop on etsy. An ideal benefit to this particular trophy, is that it doubles as a ring holder.

I'll always be Number 1 to myself! - Moses Malone

Always remember though, if you are the winner or the loser it is important to be a good sport.
This is just another little something I picked up on through my vast experience with team sports...

Vintage tee shirt from Rumpled Suit Vintage on etsy.

No one likes a sore loser.

Thanks for being such a good sport and checking out this week's Unique Picks!
Since Thursday is almost over, you can "Cheer Up"

Fantastically cheesy vintage motivational poster from June in January's etsy shop.

The weekend is almost here!

Thursday's Unique Picks - Twist on Traditional

I love you more today than yesterday...but not as much as tomorrow!

Thank you, to the Spiral Staircase, I couldn't have said it any better myself.
I hope that you enjoyed my little ode to love to open up today's post.
Love is in the September air.

 Our wedding day, September,8th 2001

Yesterday happened to be the Hubby and my wedding anniversary,
and today is my parent's wedding anniversary!
My parent's wedding day. September 9th, 1972. Yeah, my mom is a hottie and my pop looks pretty slick too!

While doing a little research for this weeks post, I came across this little poem...Looks like we totally lucked out by having our wedding in September.

"Married in January's hoar and rime, Widowed you'll be before your prime;
Married in February's sleepy weather, Life you'll tread in tune together;
Married when March winds shrill and roar, Your home will lie on a distant shore;
Married 'neath April's changeful skies, A chequered path before you lies;
Married when bees o'er May blossoms flit, Strangers around your board will sit;
Married in the month of Roses - June, Life will be one long honeymoon;
Married in July, with flowers ablaze, Bitter-sweet mem'ries in after-days;
Married in Augusts' heat and drowse, Lover and friend in your chosen spouse;
Married in September's golden glow, Smooth and serene your life will go;
Married when leaves in October thin, Toil and hardship for you begin;
Married in veils of November mist, Fortune your wedding ring has kissed;
Married in days of December cheer, Love's star shines brighter from year to year."

"there are a couple of rhymes from popular folklore that believes your marriage will take on certain characteristics depending upon the month you chose..." according to the AnniversaryIdeas website.

Sure, now I am reading would think this would be a useful little poem when choosing your wedding date.
Too late to think about what month the wedding is in now...I guess we should just carry on celebrating the anniversaries and hope for the best.
I love you for Evah! Show your sweetie you will be sticking around for a while. Great art print from sweet perversions designs on etsy.

When I was a newlywed, I for some reason, thought that anniversaries were all about getting fancy jewelry from your hubby every year. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting or giving beautiful bobbles to mark the anniversary of your wedding day, I am just saying, as I have gotten a bit...older, I think I have gotten a little bit wiser (if not wiser...we can just say craftier).

"I loved you long years", antique postcard from missgaylee's etsy shop. Instead of a cheesy Hallmark card, be romantic and give a vintage postcard.

You know those "traditional anniversary gifts" by year? Traditional doesn't have to mean lame. In fact, I realized that by following these crazy guidelines, it forced me be to be more creative with the gifts.

What is the deal with those "Traditional gifts by year" anyway? Where did this come from? Who made this list? I have been asking myself all of these questions...

"In the United States, the wedding anniversary symbols begin simply, with paper and flowers, and gradually increase in substance and value. The order of gifts reflects the investment that the couple gives of themselves to each other."
Source: Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field, The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries, page 7.

Lovely vintage gold filled "Happy Anniversary" charm bracelet from Purple Daisy Jewelry on etsy. I love this, and in the case of this gift, I think it might stink to have to wait for your 50th wedding anniversary to get it.

Since the middle ages, in the Germanic region of Middle Europe, they have been associating silver with the 25th wedding anniversary and gold with the 50th wedding anniversary, but it wasn't until 1937
that, "...the American National Retail Jeweler Association issued a more comprehensive list, which associated a material for each anniversary year up to the 20th and then each fifth year after that up to the 75th, with the exception of the 65th."
Source: Cookie Lee, Wedding Anniversaries: from paper to diamond, page 61.
Found in this article on

Satisfied now?
See, I told you Hallmark didn't make this list up, just as filler for the pages in the back of their calendars.

So this Hallmark card isn't cheesy, it is actually pretty sweet. 1944 Hallmark anniversary card from Holiday Kitschklatsch on etsy.

For this week's Unique Picks I searched for great finds on etsy, keeping in mind the guidelines for "traditional gifts by year". I am hoping to give you some ideas on how you can make "Traditional" a little more fun and maybe even a touch more sentimental.
Let the gift giving begin...

1st Anniversary: Paper
Think beyond a sheet of plain white...
Handmade paper mache cake plate from Little Island Company on etsy.

Since You are supposed to eat the top layer of your wedding cake on your first wedding anniversary for good luck, wouldn't it be great to have a special plate? One that incorporates that traditional gift of "paper"?Double traditions = double fun.

2nd Anniversary: Cotton
Oooh sexy, let's take this one into the bed room.

Embroidered vintage cotton pillowcases from Sunshine Studio by drawingandcoloring on etsy.

These pillowcases are not only a creative solution to the "Cotton" gift, but I love that they are embroidered with "Mr and Mrs". I don't think this is a prudish way out, I think it is subtle and romantic way to say..."time for bed" (wink, wink).

3rd Anniversary: Leather
OH sweetie, do you remember our honeymoon?
Handmade leather photo album from leathermaps' etsy shop. This shop has an amazing selection of vintage inspired, handmade leather photo albums. Stop by their shop and take a peek, you just may be able to find your honeymoon destination.

Just because it has been a few years since the honeymoon doesn't mean you can't show your sweetie how memorable the trip was! Simply add some pictures from the trip and you will be the sentimental love sick fool you were on your honeymoon.

4th Anniversary: Flowers
Picked fresh and won't wilt.

Gorgeous handmade felt flowers to hang on your wall and enjoy everyday from Lilac Saloon on etsy.

These flowers will last as long as your love for each other (I can't believe I wrote that).
Sappy sayings aside, these handmade felt flowers are a great solution to the "Year Four Flowers" and you could always custom order some in your wedding colors.

5th Anniversary: Wood
 Knock on wood, this will be a hit!

4eva yours! Handmade, customized birch bark vase from bettula's etsy shop.

What wood be sweeter than you and your honey's initials carved onto a tree trunk...well, maybe a portable version like this birch bark vase.

6th Anniversary: Iron
Isn't this ironic?
"Take it off", fantastic wood and cast iron coat rack from paperdollwoodshop on etsy.

Sometimes after six years of marriage you may need a subtle reminder like this graphic wood and cast iron clothes hook, hanging in your bedroom.
As it says in this item's listing, "Life is too short for small talk...".

7th Anniversary:Copper/ Wool
This is just my two cents...

Ultra easy, ultra thrifty D.I.Y. gift, I gave to the hubby on our seventh anniversary.

I bought a cool little frame and framed a penny from the year we were married. So maybe pennies aren't made of copper anymore but it's the thought that counts .
(I had to dig through lots of coin jars to track down a 2001)
With all that dough you saved by giving this gift you will be able to buy a nice bottle of wine...

Sweater Wine Bottle cozy from The Unique Bird on etsy.

Get cozy with your honey and wrap the wine bottle in a wool sweater wine bottle cozy. How romantic, reminiscing about your wedding day over a lovely bottle of wine. Copper check. Wool check.

8th Anniversary: Bronze
This is not a bust.

Vintage bronze "Good Conduct" medal from GypsyCaravanBeads on etsy.

Eight years into marriage, you really should be awarded a medal "For Good Conduct".  You have done your duty, so why wouldn't you deserve this, "light hearted" gift of bronze.

9th Anniversary: Pottery/Willow
You are here (well, my hubby and I are).

September 8th, 2010

Not to stray from tradition but...
Last night we had tickets to the Columbus Clippers baseball playoff game. I decided it would be nice to surprise him and have our anniversary displayed at the bottom of the scoreboard. Surprise! He decided to do the same thing to surprise me...

"9th Anniversaries Sarah & Christopher" haha. At last It wasn't my grammar error.

Were they just trying to be funny because we both contacted them separately?
Did they really think there were 2 couples at the game with the same anniversary and names?
Was it a simple spelling mistake?
I swear I spelled it right. Oh well, you get the picture. It was sweet though.
Now this is where I will put the traditional spin on this gift.
I was thinking, if I could get a photo of our name on the scoreboard I could put it in a frame made of "pottery". Done.

Maybe you would like to do something similar for your 9th anniversary. You don't have to do something as fancy as going to a baseball game, a night out to dinner also works. Snap a photo, and then you slip it into a great pottery frame.
Handmade ceramic frame decorated with willows, from Chutney Blake Designs on etsy.

How about that, one gift that incorporates both traditional gifts, pottery and willow.

10th Anniversary: I'll save that for next year's post...
not to leave you hanging.

For my loving parents...

38th Anniversary: I really wanted to find something to help you out Dad...but you lucked out.
You pick.

Such a sweet vintage anniversary card from ric rac and buttons' etsy shop.

After 20 years, there are only "Traditional" gifts every five this gives you a few years to save up for 40 because...

40th Anniversary: Ruby...