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i was just doing my nightly workout dvd with my husband. crunchless abs. he said "what the heck are you doing"...i was zoning and doing the completely wrong exercise... and not concentrating on my pelvic core. i was trying to figure out what the heck i would put in a blog.
i think i will chat about my new job and what inspires me (yeah i know...nobody has ever done that)

well i am on my way to starting up an ecommerce website. i search garage sales far and wide for wonderful treasures and will be selling them (yeah i know another first). let's just say i have a few tricks up my sleeve that might just blow your mind... but alas you will have to wait a bit b/c i am currently knee deep in finding & creating product and writing business plans...

finding cool vintage stuff i am good at.writing business plans...let's just say wasn't something that was discussed in history of costume. my college degree officially says fashion design and i did spend a good 6 years designing clothes for a well know retailer based in ohio. but in the end i wasn't in it to win it...casual luxury was no longer my passion. i decided to move on to the glamorous world of garage sales, flea markets & estate auctions.
so i just would like to share some of the stuff i come across that is cool and inspiring and maybe get you all hot & bothered with anticipation for my upcoming website!

mid century modernish
one of my recent finds...has found it's way into my hallway. i love love love it. it is a really great painting that i found at a garage sale!!! you probably can't tell from the picture i took ( i need to get better at that) but the paint is in a textural loopy pattern with in the design. the man i bought it from said that his mother had painted it.he looked a bit forlorn and i knew i need to give the painting a good home. i cleaned it up (some minor smudges on the canvas) and re framed

i came across this little book just when i decided to make my little career change...
let's just say it was just what i needed

CUTE ILLUSTRATION with such a sweet little poem...I loved it b/c the boy looks a bit like my hubby.the girl looks nothing like me and the poem is not exactly something he would say about me. i still don't know where i will hang it but i am sure i will find a spot

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