girly's got booty

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a little antique show in Brimfield, MA.
The funny thing is, this show isn't small at all .

It was listed as one of the top 25 antique shows and flea markets in the world in the September 2009 issue of Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel (click to link if you want to read about the other 24)

Just a short walk away from Hooya's and Jiggity liquors amazing treasures await.

Dawn poses, ready to start out on our adventure along a mile stretch of the two lane highway that houses hundreds of antique vendors sprawling across 21 "fields" on both sides of the road.

My pulse quickens...this was any vintage collector's dream come true.
Dawn was going for work (she is a textile designer) and I was happy to tag along in search of great booty for my new company,The Unique Bird

Just another day in paradise for me.

This was my kind of table. Fabric, aprons, quilts...
What a spectacular sight, so much Jadeite dishware. I love how they look, especially when all grouped together on this red polka dot table cloth. But I couldn't be distracted by this sea of green from the task at hand...unique finds for you to decorate your nest with.
(and especially since I swore I wouldn't buy anything breakable)

This was a really cool repurposed metal filing cabinet. I loved the pop colors. The best part about this piece is that these are individual sections that all stack together. It's not breakable...

I don't know why but I really liked this chair. There was something really cool about it. (or maybe I just needed to sit down)

This one wasn't going to fit into my suitcase but I had to try it out.
Do you like my flannel? The look I was going for was..."don't hassle me I'm local".
But I think my excitement as I approached each tent gave me away. (and my accent)

Awash in white! What a shabby chic dream.

Ahhh, art. I don't think this one would make it into any of Cowan's auctions any time soon.
(maybe I should ask my sister)

A little slice of heaven.

I did actually stop & ponder if my little sis would allow me to wear this in her wedding. (Why not... I am the Best Girl)

This over sized pirate babe brought me back to reality. I was here in search of booty for The Unique Bird!
Here is a sneak peek into the garage sale girly's treasure chest.
This is what I call "unique"!

It was a successful journey!!
If you want more information about upcoming Brimfield shows you can visit their official website
That site has it all, except the correct Massachusetts pronunciations of common words ie:
car = caaah
bar= baaa
sure = shoo-ah
beer= beee-ya
I am not making fun. We were urged by some of the local residents to practice our accent.
We were also informed that we shouldn't refer to Brimfield as "the show" in those parts it is known as "the flea".

Hope you enjoyed the adventure about a garage sale girly looking for some booty.
Can't get enough of Brimfield mania, check out this Youtube video from a few months ago about

What's hiding in my liquor cabinet

Precious Moments figurines were first created in 1978. The same year I was born.
Somehow this connection isn't really all that precious to me.
I don't want to insult any one's collection because god knows I have some doozies, but Precious Moments really aren't my cup of tea. I think that part of my distaste for these little creatures stems from working throughout high school at a Hallmark store dealing with crazed customers clamoring for the latest special edition piece.
and then we got ours...
We were given this Precious Moments figurine to celebrate my hubby & my engagement. It was a very thoughtful gift expressing meaning and love but was just not our taste. Knowing the thought was there when this was purchased for us we couldn't just return it. We kept it, but tucked it away into our little liquor cabinet. Hence it did get occasional visits.
My kind of figurine is a bit more obscure, or shall I say,on a another planet.
For example, this pair was purchased for me by the hubster. I know that they are book ends but I currently do not have them fulfilling their purpose. I do consider them as part of my very important kitsch/ figurine collection.
This vintage figurine could melt your heart. It is an adorable baby elephant. He definitely had some condition issues when I purchased him. You can tell that he has had some reconstructive surgery on his back side but I felt the connection when I looked into those big brown eyes and knew I should buy him.
This squatty little birdy is perched up on my living room shelf. He was once part of a salt & pepper shaker set. I love picking up these lonesome pieces that used to be part of a pair because they make great conversation pieces on their own. (and you can usually get them at a really great price)
Another one that lost their twin.
This former salt shaker, little pineapple head, sits on my kitchen window sill and greets me while I do dishes.
(I just noticed the shape of the head on this one does bear a resemblance to the heads on the Precious Moments)

My final figurine is this crazy cat. As you can see the original purpose of this piece was a place to store you chewing gum when it wasn't in your mouth. I can honestly say that I have never taken advantage of this little guy.

This figurine will someday soon find his way onto The Unique Bird website. Doesn't he look like one of the characters on the Rice Krispies box? I know there is a customer out there that has a special place in their heart for Snap,(or is this Crackle or Pop?) or might be looking for a little elf to help out in the kitchen.

This is a pair that did stay together and could be coming to your house for the holidays this year. Keep your eyes open for these snow people at The Unique Bird when we set our holiday collections.
I can't believe I am talking about Christmas and it is only Sept, 3rd

I was able to figure out a way to give my little Precious Moments a new life

As you may recall, my little sister got engaged and I felt I should pass along the love to her.

Is that contempt in her eyes as she opens this gift?
I explained my plan to her. It could become a progressive heirloom and get passed along to the next close friend or family member that gets engaged and so forth and so on. I even thought it would be nice if each couple put their names on the bottom & their wedding date for a sentimental touch. We would be creating a precious moment for many others in the future.
She liked the idea so much that she left this very precious gift at my house when she went home.
Never fear, it will find it's way to her house.