clothes horse

hi all
garage sale girly reporting for duty
i stumbled upon the kind of garage sale this week that any clothes horse dreams about.
i was out & about on the prowl for great garage sales on friday.

I had an itinerary to follow for the day but decided to go off course a bit when i saw a sign that read "garage sale- antiques"
it looked like the standard fare at first but then i spotted a cardboard box sitting in the back corner of the garage with what looked like some great fabric poking out...but what was in that box was so much better than a box of fabric remnants
i pulled this little dress out of the box and i knew that i had found my pot o' gold
these are the types of dresses i had seen in the illustrations in the very first chapter books that had read when i was little.
The Happy Hollisters
On Cherry Street

(i highly recommend picking these books up if you are looking for a great summer read)

i loved this one.the colors are brilliant & bright.
ok time for the back story...

the gentleman that was having the garage sale noticed me diving through the box and told me that these were clothes from one of his friends and they were all things that the friend had when she was growing up. they were all made by her mother. some of them were even made from feed sacks. he couldn't understand why she was getting rid of them ...but i assured him that i would give them a good home!

want to play cowboys & indians??(i know not so pc of me)

if i could only squeeze into these little skirts

picnic anyone??? don't forget the mini me dress for any style savvy little gal. the mini me version was in tip top shape...something tells me it didn't get out much

this is a must have!!! a hooded cape

this screened piece hadn't been transformed into a garment yet but i got the feeling that it would have gone well with the hooded cape.

and of course i found a little something for myself. such a sweet little yellow,grey & lurex plaid dress. (the lurex was a bit itchy but like my mother alway says "you need to suffer to be beautiful")

the hubby said that I looked like i was ready for church!

and i could never pass on a purple dress!!what a find! i still can't believe they fit! there was someone years ago that had the same build as me. it's like these were custom made!!

night hope you have stylish dreams!

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