Thrift Store Karma

I am thinking it was some sort of Thrift Store Karma...
Last week I headed over to my favorite local thrift store, on half price day, in search of sweet vintage fabrics for my handmade creations.

I wanted to buy these vintage men's pants, but I couldn't find a price tag. I checked the pockets for a price tag and discovered a five spot! When I checked out, I handed the $5 to the clerk and explained. She was confused. I just wanted to do the right thing...and I think it was good karma because I found loads of great vintage fabrics!
Here is a prime example of how I think my honesty may have paid off!
I picked up this "grab bag". 

I don't typically buy these grab bags because it can be difficult to tell what all is in the sealed plastic bags. From what I could tell through the plastic bag, there seemed to be enough remnants of vintage looking fabrics to make it worth taking the chance.
You have no idea how excited I was to tear open the bag when I got home!
So are you ready for the big reveal?

Sweet score number one: a large remnant cutting of eyelet fabric and three vintage handkerchiefs.
The hankies alone made the bag totally worthwhile. Have you seen the prices on vintage handkerchiefs these days? Even at the thrift store on half price day, they can go for $1.50 each!
Sweet score number two: a really beautiful assortment of very nice velvets.
I don't tend to buy velvets because I typically only find the cheap-o looking super synthetic kind. These fat quarter sized cuttings are the "good stuff", and not plastic looking at all. They will be perfect for Fall/ Winter sewing projects.
Sweet score number three: two quarter yard cuttings of phenomenal vintage upholstery fabrics.
These two fabrics are going to be made into some gorgeous pillows!

Sweetest score number four: The pièce de résistance. I was excited because I thought there was a large cutting of brown and white vintage gingham cotton in the bag....but what I pulled out of my grab bag blew my mind.

Not too shabby, if you ask was a beautiful home sewn vintage girl's dress. It is in nearly perfect condition (missing only one button on the back closure), and it is extremely well made. It just needs a delicate wash a good press and a button and it will be good as new. This will not be repurposed into anything! It should be worn by a vintage loving little lady. 

Not sure if I just got lucky or if it really was good karma for turning in the money that I found.
You know the Golden Rule: "Do unto others..."
It is just like Forrest Gump says..."Life is like a grab bag at a thrift store, you never know what vintage you are going to get..." um...errr...something like that.


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