Thursday's Unique Pick- What's Cookin'

Afternoon all!
For today's "Thursday's Unique Pick" Post I am going to fill you in on What's Cookin'...
Framed vintage embroidered kitchen towel. "Fork Ran Away with the Spoon" from The Unique Bird.
I love vintage kitchen kitsch. I am not sure if it's the bright colors or great illustrations, but I am always drawn in.
I am especially in love with vintage cookbooks!

This cook book is part of Garage Sale Girly's personal stash of vintage treasures.
The Salad Book was a gift from my mother last year for my birthday.
Isn't the wood cover fantastic!

Image from the cover page of my cook book, "500 delicious Salads" published by Consolidated Book Publishers in 1941.
I am all about the science of Better Cookery, especially when it is someone else doing the cooking.
I am a big fan of looking at the lovely pictures and fun illustrations in the cook books than attempting to cook up these vintage inspired vittles.

This cook book "Betty Crocker's Guide to Easy Entertaining" from 1959, was recently listed in my etsy shop.

The Hubby, like myself, enjoys looking at pictures of food too. He also likes to point out the recipes to me in hopes that I will attempt to execute them.
(p.s. I tend to try out the recipes that don't have an end photo of what it is supposed to look like because my adoring hubby typically points out to me that my end result from the recipe doesn't look like the one in the photo. Thanks.)
But I digress...
So the hubby was leafing through the pages of the above cook book and came across these delicious pages.

Dear Betty, why do you tempt me so? I was so tempted by these beautiful cakes I contemplated a trip to the bakery.

He the pointed out this spread for afternoon tea.
Yet another lovely display of tempting...wait "why are there cucumbers on top of that cake in the lower right corner?"
Take a closer look...

Elegant Sandwich loaf?!?
Be my guest. Take an even closer look at how this is made in the below recipe.
Ponder how the delicate mixtures of, "Shrimp Salad Filling, Cheese Pecan Filling and Chicken Bacon Filling" will excite your taste buds.

Maybe I am not sophisticated enough to understand the elegance of all of these flavors and fillings, frosted with cream cheese and green food coloring.
Don't get me wrong, the cook book is adorable. I love the pictures and tips on entertaining 1959 style, but I may not try out any of the recipes.
Knox On-Camera Recipes - c. 1963
This is "A completely new guide to Gel-Cookery" from the Garage Sale Girly's personal stash.
Yummy! I love Gel desserts! This cook book takes a fruity favorite to another level. Dinner.
This stuff is so gross it is funny.

Was this all the rage in 1963?

Were families really sitting down to eat this for dinner?

Maybe I would have been into this cool new Gel cuisine if I lived in the 1960's, or maybe I would have been really thin from not eating these molded masterpieces.
But if cooking up some vintage creations does entice you, here are a few blogs that I stumbled across that may be right up your alley...
Image from the blog Vintage Recipe.
Vintage Recipe guessed it, vintage recipes.

Image from the blog Cooking Vintage.
The Cooking Vintage: Cookin' it Old School, blog not only gives you great vintage recipes but vintage menu plans.
I hate to tear you away from the food but I have some more Unique Picks this week that I want to share...

These recipe cards say it all! They are from Not Moira on etsy.

I want this! "The I Hate to Cook Book" .

This cook book is available for purchase from Retrogressive on etsy.

This pick is not a cook book. It is a print made from an original collage by shelbyhealy. This print is found in her etsy shop and has a contemporary yet vintage look.
(take a peek at some of her other prints too. They are very cool!)

This is another vintage-y looking print I really love from Kitchen Wizard.

My last pick this week is this little necklace with a mixer and cupcake-tin charm from Freshy Fig. Wear it and say to the world "I love to bake" or "I love to eat cupcakes".
Ether way it's quite charming.
My final thought for this week:

This is a Hallmark greeting card that my friend Dawn gave me many years ago. I always keep it on my refrigerator as an important reminder.
Have a super Easter Weekend!


  1. This is my favorite post yet! I too have a weird obsession w/old cookbooks and those gross old "loaf" recipes. You'll love this:

  2. Chrissy I don't just like the link you suggested... I LOVE IT!!

  3. Great post though those recipes have me feeling rather queasy! Thanks for including my print. Have a fab weekend.

  4. Hahahahah omg you find hte most hilarious stuff! FISH BALLS.
    Amazing, Sarah. Seriously :).

    BTW. I'm passing forward a Beautiful Blogger award to you, if you wish to accept! Check it out :)...