Thursday's Unique Pick - Getting Crafty

It is no secret that crafting has become big business.
It's not just for elementary school craft shows and flea markets anymore. One of a kind handmade creations are popping up in trendy boutiques and can be found on websites like etsy, which provides crafters with an online marketplace to sell their creative compositions all over the world!
I strongly believe that crafting is in my genes!
Lil me, My Mom, Lil Sis c.1986 (please note the crocheted blanket made by my Mom, next to Lil sis)

My amazingly talented Mom can do it all, especially craft! I like to think that is where I got my start. I remember going to craft shows with her and finding unique pieces and hearing her say, " I can do that". We would often buy the piece and take it home to properly inspect or dissect and use as pattern for my Mom to make her own version!

As an homage to my Mom's crafting abilities, this week's Unique Picks are all about fantastic handmade creations found on etsy that remind me of some of the various craft projects that my mom has tackled over the years.
I have never really been able to master this...sure my Mom tried to teach me but I never was able to make it past the single chain. (turning the corner is always where I would screw it up). She would often crochet little baby hats and scarves made of pastel space dyed yarn, as gifts for friends and family's new editions.
I love this scarf found in CBurbach etsy shop. What can I say I am a sucker for space dyed yarn and love the color combination in this scarf in particular.

Crochet with a new twist. These are seriously sweet. How about a beautiful bouquet of crocheted flowers from suili's craft shop.

Rag Baskets:
I think my mom picked up on this craft in the early 1990's and I was really excited to see these fantastic updated versions on etsy.
I love the vibrant colors used in these nesting bowls from sosorosey's etsy shop.

I also love this one from Raggedy Ann's shop that is upcycled from a vintage pillow case.

The Sassy Lady Beaded Bandanna:
This trend in crafting did not escape our house.
I would plan entire outfits based around this amazing accessory made by my Mom.
picture found in the guidespot's blog post "Why on EARTH did I ever wear THAT?!"

I was not surprised that that I was unable to find these on etsy but what I did find was a new twist on creating accessories using bandannas.

This necklace is from gpearson55 on etsy.

Needle Point:
This technique looks seriously time consuming and highly detailed and I don't know if I would have the patience or ability to complete something like this so I will just enjoy this piece of my Mom's handy work. 
direct from 1980 this is a Priscilla (my Mom) original.
Vintage needle point is still hot!
 (at least in my opinion)

I love this pick, not just because it's my first initial or that it is vintage, but because it really is cool! I would totally wear this! This listing is from Heist Sale Rack's etsy shop, and you are in luck if you are looking for a needle point pendant and you have the initials "S" or "a".

Cross Stitch:
Yup she was on top of that one too.
I do admit that I did try my hand at cross stitching when I was younger but would often find myself getting lost in the cross stitch patterns (I am not very good at reading directions). My favorite part about this craft was choosing the colors of the floss.
I do love that cross stitching has made a new an exciting come back.
(Maybe it never went away and I am now just appreciating it again.)

Not just your typical "Home Sweet Home" messages anymore.
This cross stitch pattern from The Voracious Brain is the type of message I can really wrap my head around.
And I find this cross stitch creation from Needles & Pins: Vulgar Cross Stitching's not only charming but the message is delightfully true.

Ribbon Barrettes:
One of my all time favorite crafts that my mom made! I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw these listed on etsy.
Direct from the 80's and delightfully girly, these braided ribbon barrettes can still be found in Retroeighties's shop. No need to improve or update this crafty accessory in my opinion. What is not to love, pretty colors, hair accessory, long flowy ribbon tails...

I hope you have enjoyed my Unique Picks this week as I walked down craft memory lane.
I seriously loved finding new and exciting versions of some of the crafts that my Mom has mastered through the years!


  1. Oh I loved those ribbon barrettes! I need to purchase some and let them fly in the breeze. Remember those necklaces where you'd sew a a small strip of fabric to create a tube and stuff a marble in, then a big bead to separate, then another marble...I remember making those in Girl Scouts and how they'd bang against my chest as I ran @ recess. Class!

  2. Aw, thanks for posting my picture and link to my Etsy store! I appreciate it. Great site! I've bookmarked and will come back again.

  3. What a great post! I love the way you talk about your mom and past, and include bits of the now and etsy as well. I'm thrilled to have my nest bowls featured here- thank you! Thanks, too, for the blast from the past of those barrettes- I used to make them when I was a kid, and I had EVERY color combo imaginable :)

  4. I can't believe you found those ribbon barrettes. I love them. Everyone in my elementary school wore them. The only problem with them was that the girl who stood in front of me in every line bacasue her name came aphabetically would smack me in the face with them every time she turned her head. LOL.

  5. Did you know that you technically CAN polish a turd?! Evan saw it on Mythbusters and told me about it. Literally, they polished turds.

  6. LOL! Megan that is too much awesome. That was the tame-est one I could find without a PG rating...

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