Thursday's Unique Picks - April Showers

It is a fact that I am in the middle of wedding mania right now.
Not my own, but my little sis's wedding.
So you will have to bear with me when I start to talk about nuptial notions.

Chances are that you may also know someone getting married in the next few months.
So you know what that means...bridal showers!

Sure most brides -to -be have gift registries and I know from experience that the items on those registries are useful pieces to help the newlyweds upgrade the items in the cabinets from the plastic cups collected from various sporting events to real glass drink wear!

As my mom told me, "ask for nice stuff that you like, because chances are you won't be given gifts like this ever again...".
She is so right! For some reason people don't tend to buy you new flatware for your birthday.

The KitchenAid stand mixer is a staple item I see when searching most couple's registries.
It's not that I don't understand the need for the happy couple to have counter top appliances like this, I just like to get a little more creative when giving a shower gift when I can.

For today's Unique Picks I have put together some great finds, perfect for bridal shower gifts that are definitely not standard issue.

A really great gift for the Newlyweds...Restaurant gift cards.
Who wants to get all of that lovely new cookware dirty? Plus it is always fun to have a date night even after you are married.
Here is the part that makes this gift stand out. Use a vintage apron with a pocket as a unique way to present the gift.

Nice! It is a gift within a gift.
Simply fold the apron so that only the pocket is showing on top, wrap the apron strings around the folded apron so you can tie a bow, stick the gift cards in the pocket and the gift is pretty and ready to go!
I also think it is pretty funny to give the bride an apron... and restaurant gift cards.
Is that considered ironic?

There are loads of lovely vintage aprons available for purchase on etsy but this one happens to be one of my favorites. It is from Pendragonfarm 's shop.

Does the bride have a sense of humor? This 1962 book will give her "Pointers on practically everything" including spot removal, sewing and dusting. This kitschy pick is available for purchase at The Unique Bird.
I am going to reiterate, this book should be given to a bride with a good sense of humor. You wouldn't want to cause a meltdown at the bridal shower.

I heart this set of heart shaped nesting bowls from Christine Teneholtz at Red Hot Pottery. They are as useful as they are lovely. I bet potato chips taste even better when served with love out of these heart shaped bowls. I am willing to bet this unique gift isn't something you are going to find at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Most brides and grooms have a specific china pattern on their registry but I think that this would be a gorgeous set to give as a shower gift. This listing from etsy seller Midwest Finds, is a vintage place setting for four, of turquoise Fire King glass plates and cups. It would be perfect to use for after -dinner coffee and desserts!

P.S. This set has a simple, sophisticated and elegant asthetic. Even the color might be perfect for the bride and groom using a Tiffany blue color scheme.
(I have been told that is a pretty hot color for weddings right now.)

Wow! This Fire King set even comes with a beautifully decorated gift box!
No wrapping required, I love it even more!

Dish towels are a must have item. Most couples will be practical and register for some basic solid colored dish towels to sop up the everyday spills on the kitchen counter. Why not give them a few of the basics from the registry and add a few unique towels like these from sweetnature designs. I think the message on this towel is really sweet.

These hand screened kitchen towels from sweetnature designs add a personal touch to a usually basic kitchen need.

What about a beautiful hand made photo album/ scrap book? There are loads of photos from the wedding and what better way to display your special photos than in an equally special book.
This photo album is from etsy seller Campbell Raw Press.

Just for fun! Give a personalized luggage tag to the bride-to-be.
This would be a unique way to enhance a piece of luggage that you may have bought off of the wedding registry.

Seriously too cute! You can find this tag in C'est Superbe's shop on etsy.
Fancy that, pretty and practical from Pink Dawn Designs's shop.
It is a really great idea to keep a little dish by the sink to hold your wedding bands while you do dishes.

I also love this little vintage ring dish from etsy seller Riff Raff Review.
I think these beautiful ring dishes are a fantastic shower gift. I know that I never registered for anything like that...but I was given one for my bridal shower and I use it everyday!
I misplace a lot of stuff, so it helps me to keep track of my little band of gold.

Pick up a gorgeous pair of hand engraved champagne flutes. These can be purchased from Daydreem Designs.
The bride and groom can use these dreamy glasses for the champagne toast at their wedding reception.
This gift may seem like a one time use item, but you may be surprised.
Even though the ones I used at my reception were not nearly as cool as these are, the hubby and I still bust ours out to use, not on our anniversary, but every New Year's Eve. I guess I am just a sentimental fool.

Weather buying the gift straight from the registry or not, you can still add a personal touch to your purchase by using great vintage wedding wrapping paper! This patterned paper can be found in Pumkin Truck's etsy shop.
I hope that this week's unique picks helps you to think outside of the registry to find unique gifts for April (or any other month) wedding showers.


  1. I absolutely love all your ideas cousin! We have weddings the next 2 weekends! This year is wedding mania for us!

  2. These are so great! I'm off to heart a bunch of etsy items!

  3. Thanks guys!If you know anyone that needs to buy me a gift please direct them to the nesting bowls...I know I have been married for almost nine years but who couldn't use some new snack bowls.

  4. Love all your picks! And thanks for including our blue Fire King dishes!! :)

  5. Just thought I would let you know that I featured one of your apron picks on my apron inspiration blog post today. Thanks for sharing!