Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank You! Thank You!
Thank You to Megan at Running Stitch, for giving me the Beautiful Blogger Award! She has a beautiful blog herself loaded with tons of fantastic original photos and inspiration! Best of luck to her and her hubby on their big move to Iowa! I can't wait to read all about her new adventures.

And now it is time for 7
Facts about Garage Sale Girly:

My turtle is named Timmy and he is always in our Christmas card picture.

I am a horrible speller. You may have picked up on this fact if you have ever read my blog before my hubby has proofed it. I am trying to improve though!

I love giving gifts, especially when I can find something really unique, that is perfect for that special person.

I really enjoy cleaning the bathroom and strongly dislike cleaning and dusting every other room!

I can't get enough vintage fabric.

My favorite city that I have ever visited is Hong Kong.

I wish I could eat pizza everyday!

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Please pass on the love!
Yours Truly,
Garage Sale Girly


  1. Awwww...thank you so much! Glad you visited and thanks for the nice comment. I your newest follower!


  2. How nice of you! I want to thank you, the Academy, my director, my husband, God, and and and . . . oh shoot, now I'm all weepy. Whoopee! I gots me an award!!

  3. Awesome, Sarah!! I love your facts. I remember seeing your christmas card with little Timmy in it and it was freakin hilarious! :) Cheers... from one fashion dropout to another!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello, Sarah! Thanks so much for selecting me! Of course, I accept. Yeah! I unfortunately am really slow in getting my award posts done, however, so you'll have to be patient with me. I loved reading your list. Come see me again soon. xo