If You've Got It, Flaunt It

What girly doesn't love jewelry?
I understand the concept and benefits of having your precious treasures tucked away and protected in a lovely little box...but I have my own agenda.

My grandma gave me this jewelery box when I was just a little girly. When she would baby sit me, she would let me comb through her massive stash of costume jewels and allow me select a few pieces to add to this box. It was really cool to have my own personal treasure chest with plenty of treasures that I could lock up so my little sis couldn't get her hands on it.
as long as I didn't lose the key...

As I grew older things changed...
For starters I didn't have to lock my things away from my little sis's prying paws.
In fact, I now want to display all of my great vintage jewels out in the open everyday!
Displaying these pieces out in the open makes it easy for me to grab a little something special to jazz up an outfit and also creates unique decorative accessories in my rooms.
This is a picture from my bathroom. I have these cute coral shaped hooks, that I am sure were supposed to hold wash clothes or towels, that make a perfect spot to display an ever changing array of necklaces.

I have also found that bud vases are an ideal way to feature my colorful vintage bracelets and bangles.

Above vintage yellow beaded necklace called "Sunshine Days" is available at The Unique Bird.
It is easy to add a pop of color into your room especially when you layer some beautiful brightly colored beaded necklaces. Display your favorite vintage handbag and necklace on your wall to create unique art.
Above image from J.Crew Spring catalogue.
Vintage brooches can not only be combined and repurposed into stunning wearable art but they can be combined to create gorgeous bridal bouquets.

Photograph by Alice Hu found on ruffledblog.com.
No water is required to keep this stunning bouquet fresh for years after the wedding day!
Photographs by Alice Hu and vintage brooch bouquets were created by Fantasy Floral Designs
You can keep it simple when styling with vintage brooches.
Add a little bit of sparkle to decorative throw pillows as seen on this pillow,"Lattice Get Dressed Up" from The Unique Bird on etsy.
Brooches are great because the can be easily layered or changed out when you want to revamp pieces of your room's decor.

I recently became the proud owner of some spectacular vintage clip on earrings.
This provided me with a new challenge.
I was determined to find ways to display these great pieces besides on the ears. Like vintage brooches, clip on earring have proven to be very versatile and the good news is that you get not only one, but two pieces!
Part of my challenge was to keep the earrings "as is", by not removing the clip on closure just in case I do want to lock them onto my lobes at a later date.

Clip on option number 1:
Clip them onto a headband to spice things up!
Voila! Instantly a dollar store headband looks like a custom design.

Clip on option number 2:
Transform that top! Clip them onto a strap and instantly add elegance. No sewing required!

Clip on option number 3: Purse pizazz.
These clip on earrings add even more of a wow factor to this vintage woven handbag.

"Peachy Keen" clip on earrings available at The Unique Bird.

"Don't Be Blue" clip on earrings available at The Unique Bird.

The earrings add a girly touch when clipped on to the strap of this vintage leather "Tom Boy" purse.

Clip on option number 4: Create a center piece of attention.

Got branches laying around in your yard?
Got a vase?
Got some clip on earrings?
Good news if you do...because you can create your own unique centerpiece.
This is another floral arrangement that won't require regular watering!
I hope these suggestions for using clip on earrings will give you a reason to give granny's old ear bobbles a new purpose.

I didn't want to keep these ideas and uses for these accessories under lock and key in some little jewelry box.
If you have got it, flaunt your fabulous vintage jewelry!


  1. Love this post! I love them on the headbands sooo much :) Great ideas, Sarah!!
    p.s. guess who put in her 2 wk notice???