Thursday's Unique Picks - Feel The Burn

Oh fantastic, swimsuit season again.
Image from the blog Adore Vintage.
Are you ready to feel the burn old school?
Do you want to look like this?

What the...???

The Sauna Belt Trim-Jeans was apparently a fabulous trend in weight loss and slenderizing in the early 1970's.

This little instructional booklet was given to me because...
a) no one else wanted it
b) the gift giver has a weird sense of humor
c) the gift giver knows I live for this kind of...historical ephemera
d) all of the above

read on an I will give you the answer.

This product was not jeans at all, but inflatable plastic shorts that are meant to be worn against the bare skin, not over clothes. I am serious, it says this in the manual.

Take a closer look at the detailed instructional photos of the exercises that you can do to "rapidly reduce excess inches from the waist, abdomen, hips and thighs." while wearing these plastic shorts.
Above are some tips on the care of the Sauna Belt Trim-Jeans from the manual.
I was intrigued by this product and did attempt to find an online retailer that was selling this unique piece of exercise equipment. I was only able to locate a few listings on ebay for more instruction manuals similar to the one that I have in my hot little hands.
Alas, someday when I least expect it I know I will find the product in the flesh (gross.) at an amazing garage sale or flea market.
Scenes from Trim-Jeans Theatre

Photos from the website
Even the Monty Python boys found this product irresistible.
Maybe Trim-Jeans isn't the right product for you. I found a few other items that may enhance your work out.

Don't be a flabby dumb bell. Here is an easy way to bulk up those biceps with these vintage barbells. You can pick these up on the website finial home.
Walk your way to a svelte physique using this vintage pedometer to track you miles. I found this listing for sale on etsy at Opendoor Studio...Find Vintage!
This vintage pedometer even comes with its original box and instructions.

I love that it is called the "Walk-A-Matic" on the box.
I asked for a "Walk-A-Meter" for my birthday last year...the hubby informed me that I may have a better chance of getting one if I called it a Pedometer. So I was happy when I found this listing and as it turns out my term for this little gadget wasn't too far off.

If exercise isn't enough you can always diet.

My friend Chrissy who writes a fantastic and fascinating blog, Dano Gold!, containing "Found links, found word, found art,....found Oohs and found Ahhs.", suggested I check out this website after she read my blog last week.

Find more recipes like this one for "Fish Balls" from the 1974 Weight Watcher recipe cards on the website Candyboots.

These recipes will either make you laugh your butt off (reducing the need for exercise) or make you want to work out more (so you don't have to eat these dreamy diet meals).

Here is another great etsy pick from VintageFunland.
Make a statement without saying a word with this 1960's stein. Sip from this mug at any party and you will never have to mutter the phrase to your host, "I'm on a diet" when avoiding the dessert table.

Whether it is diet or exercise that floats your boat, it may also be helpful to surround yourself with reminders that you are trying to get fit!

Here are some great vintage picks to not only decorate your space but to "pump you up".

I love this photo postcard from 47th Street Supply Co. on etsy.
This guy is perfect for framing.

These vintage industrial exercise signs can be found at Don't Cry Dolly Vintage on etsy.
As it states in this item's description, "Imagine the fitness level you could achieve with these handy signs in your home!!"

With these vintage exercise gadgets, diet plans and decor you will be swimsuit ready in no time just like "Skinny McNinny".

Garage Sale Girly framed for future listing on The Unique Bird. Illustration and poem from "The New Mother-Goose Book", Rhymes by Ben Aronin and Pictures by Fridolf Johnson. Copyright 1943-1944.

p.s. I wouldn't want to leave you hanging so here is the answer to the above quiz.

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  1. I love this post!!! Thanks for the "shout out", too. :) Wouldn't you love some of that tasty Mexican Shrimp Orange Salad? If I ever get back to Ohio for a visit we should have a vintage recipe card party and attempt to make some of these monstrosities.