Thursday's Unique Pick

Hippity hoppity Easter's on its way!
Next Sunday!
Wow that sure did sneak up on me.

picture of a 1917 Easter postcard from my personal stash of vintage treasures.

The good news is that I had a pretty sweet idea...
Don't put all your Easter eggs in some plastic basket.

image from Oriental Trading.
Although these colorful plastic containers are cost effective and serve a specific purpose, why not think outside the "basket" this year.

Fill a vintage purse with Easter goodies.
A vintage purse may be a bit more usable throughout the year than the plastic Easter basket.

What is better than getting gifts within a gift?
This vintage purse, "A Tisket A Tasket" is available from my shop,The Unique Bird, on etsy.

Here is another vintage handbag you can fill with Easter treats.
This one is called, "Velvet Gold and Mine"and is also available in my shop.

If you do decide to go the more traditional route with the basket, why not fill it with something unique?

Be the most popular guest when attending Easter dinner. Create a beautifully filled basket easily by using these vintage fabric wine bottle wraps from The Unique Bird. Find these wraps and loads more in the "Hostess gets the Mostest" section in my etsy shop.
See, it's easy to give unique, stress free re-usable gifts!

Garage Sale Girly and Lil Sis on Easter Morning 1984

Here are some other great Easter gifts that I love, found from other sublime sellers on etsy.
This fur trimmed figurine appeals to my Vintage Kitsch addiction and is for sale from Isabellablue Studio.

These funny little bunnies are a little more forgiving to the waistline than the traditional Easter favorite, marshmallow Peeps. They are cotton candy scented soaps available from Love, Luca.

And this is my number one favorite etsy Easter find! Hand knitted duckie leg warmers/slippers for your little one. Find these at saint reagan's hollow.

Hoppy Easter to all!
Hope you find something Unique from the Easter Bunny this year!


  1. Those ducky warmers are too much! I linked back to you on my new blog. I want to buy those and wear them myself!

  2. Chrissy Thanks so much!! WOW my first link in a blog!
    P.S. your blog is gold! If only I had one quarter of your writing ability...some day