Vintage Vacation Spots - Outer Banks Awesome

Looking for a fantastic vintage get away?
Why not try The Sea Foam Motel in the Outer Banks, NC.

image courtesy of the Sea Foam Motel's website

A few years ago the hubby and I stayed in this late 1950's gem before we made the long drive out to Cape Hatteras.

Talk about blasting yourself into the past.
the hubby snapped this picture

We found it listed online when trying to find some place affordable (sounds so much nicer than cheap, right?)
to stay for one night before meeting up with the family to stay in a brand spanking new ginormous beach house. The new beach house was lovely but it's not exactly listed in the National Historic Register.

Sure there are Comfort Inns and Days Inns, but wouldn't you rather stay in a place like this that just oozes awesome vintage goodness?
The price was right and the pictures of the location looked cool so we booked a room and happily made our way to Oceanfront Milepost 16 1/2 (I love that locations are listed by their mileposts in the Outer Banks)

I have a sentimental soft spot in my heart for the Outer Banks because my parents used to take me to Nags Head, when I was just a little girly, every September.
I love the sounds of the waves and seagulls and I love the smell of the ocean and...vintage wood paneling.
(I swear that vintage wood paneling has a happy scent and it always reminds me of the house we would stay in when visiting the Outer Banks in the early eighties)

image courtesy of the Sea Foam Motel's website
I was in luck at the Sea Foam because the rooms have maintained their charming paneling.
I can't believe I don't have a photo from the inside of our actual room but a few years ago I never would have imagined that I would be blogging about all of my fantastic vintage finds
(even when the find is a motel).

We did however snap a few shots from our balcony...
Please note that each room not only has a balcony but you have your very own serenity now screen door.

We didn't spring for the upgrade to an oceanfront room but all was well because we still had a pretty awesome view of the beach from our balcony.
Listen to the waves...
Originally uploaded by Garage Sale Girly

Instantly calming waves...with a hint of hubby on his phone at the end of my little video...

This motel was listed in the National Register of historic places in 2004.

It really was a swell place to stay and hope to visit again for more than one day.
See more great pictures from other Sea Foam fanatics in this Flickr group.
P.S. look at what I happened to find today on ebay...
Oh is an original post card from The Sea Foam and yes I will win it.
Or at least I hope I do, or I would be pretty bummed.

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  1. WOW!!! Love it! I just had a vintage vacation myself, in Florida (see blog). Did you happen to find any thrift shops you like? Love the shops you featured...