Thursday's Unique Picks - Wet and Wild Fun

OK, correct me if I am wrong but isn't it supposed to be April showers that bring May flowers...not May showers that bring...well I can't come up with anything clever because the brain is missing the sunshine.
Ready to be framed, fantastic vintage illustration found in Paper Picker's etsy shop.

"The sun did not shine.
It was too wet too play.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold, wet day."
- The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Limited edition edition screen print from Lisa Stubbs's etsy shop.

Don't despair, I am actually going take this opportunity to embrace our recent wet weather and show you some
Unique Picks to chase away those rainy day blues!

When I was a young girly we didn't have things like video games...
(not exactly true because we did have a Nintendo)
but we didn't spend the entire day in front of the TV on a rainy day, because my mom forced the little sis and I to interact with each other by doing projects or playing games.

Card games anyone?
 Vintage Vogue playing cards from Christmas Angel's shop. What do you think the odds are that you could lose at a card game if you had playing cards as stylish as these? At least if you do lose the game you will look good doing it.
I don't think that you need to be a Gypsy Witch to predict that these playing cards, from Craftersemporium's shop, are really amazing.
I really love these and think it would be slightly more entertaining than my Magic 8 Ball.
This card game is from the early 60's and can be purchased from Pocket Vintage on etsy.
RACK-O was introduced by Milton Bradley in 1956.
I didn't just include this pick because it is vintage and has a 1963 Barbie fan club sticker on the front of its original box. We actually had this game when I was a kid and I loved playing it. Don't know if you have heard, but I am not really a numbers gal, so this game was fun and right up my alley. No adding required, just getting your numbers in order.

Still raining out?
Beautiful photo called "Drip Drop" from Art In Mind's etsy shop.

No worries. I have a few more Unique Picks up my sleeve...
Become an experienced artist in just one rainy day with this vintage paint by number set from The Cherry Chic.
I was soooo excited to find this book on etsy in PeachyChicBoutique. This book is loaded with great craft ideas. I used this book over and over again for inspiration on what to make when I was a little girly. If I am remembering the book right there is even a section for DIY paper dolls.
(no cheating by copying them on that fancy scanner, printer, copier you have back in the corner of your room. I want to see actual tracing paper being used.)

"Useful Throw-Aways".
Hahaha, I think that is what I am going to name one of the sections in my etsy shop. These pages provided important groundwork for becoming a future etsy seller.

So sweet! Hanging indigo fabric raindrops from Flying Star Toys.
Don't be a drip!
Play nicely with the other kids. Take a look at this vintage book that is currently part of Garage Sale Girly's collection of useful stuff.
 100 Riddles and 101 Things to do, By K.H.-M.B.H copyright 1928.

Just in case you were wondering where this book obtained its content, this little note is printed on the title page.

I rather enjoyed this little game from the book but I think If I were playing it I might have used another "B" word instead of "boastful". Can you guess what word I would use?

You can try learning French if you are stuck inside while the thunder clouds are rolling in.
Give it a try, I did when I was younger.
Just kidding. I do think these are fun rain or shine. They are original framed artworks with hand drawn French weather illustrations painted on vintage French dictionary pages from Wall Envy Art's etsy shop.

If you do head outside for some wet and wild fun try wearing a fun floral patterned raincoat like this one to lighten up a gloomy mood. This coat can be found in tiffanylim22's etsy shop.

Glam up the rain coat with this sharp looking raindrop inspired necklace.
This necklace is found in EricaBapst's etsy shop.

Last but not least, grab an umbrella to complete your ensemble.
I am in love with this vintage swan handle umbrella from sky parlor's shop.

 Rain, rain you can stay because now I have some sweet ideas for fun things I can do on the next rainy day!
Vintage enamel pins from Swanky Lady Vintage.

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