Thusday's Unique Picks - Say it Ain't Faux...

I recently stayed at a very cute Dutch themed inn...
This hotel lived up to its name and was filled with Amish and Dutch inspired decor.
I was wandering down the hallway and came across this...
Silk flowers are not really my cup of tea. So if you love them that is cool. I understand their purpose. As you know I have serious issues keeping real plans alive. What alarmed me though, was the amount on the price tag! WOAH! That must be some seriously fantastic silk used to create this faux floral display.

I was confused, when I think Amish decor, I think about natural and hand made products. (Who knows though, maybe these fake flowers were composed from silk that was hand harvested from a local worm and woven right there in the Mission Meeting Room)
Take a closer look...more sticker shock!
I have nothing against fake decor. Let's just say that my taste for faux may differ slightly from Das Dutch Village.
This week's Unique Picks are devoted to fabulous fakes that are a little more Garage Sale Girly style and all from great etsy shops.
The faux flowers I like don't really have that "real flower" look at all, but are simply shaped like flowers.
 You probably won't accidentally water these picks.
(but I really don't think you would accidentally water those silk floral arrangements from The Dutch Inn either)
 Let's face it, you are not fooling anyone with those fake flowers so why not have a little fun with them...
Pretty with a primitive look Fabric floral bouquet from Homespun Handcrafts.

Crochet Chrysanthemums from Suili's Craft Shop on etsy.
 I have made picks from this seller before because I think her crochet flowers are really fun and unique.

Succulent plants are supposed to be pretty indestructible, so why go faux? Go faux because you can't buy aloe plants from the local nursery that have a great floral print on them, like this printed fabric aloe plant from Jane Joss.

Pretty paper posies from Paper Platypus on etsy. This is a kit so you can grow your own paper flowers!

Picked directly from the AstroTurf...
These are vintage kitschy carnations from Magpie Vintage's etsy shop.
Another lovely vintage plastic floral arrangement from Your Pretty Things.

Having enlightened you with my picks for fantastic faux flowers, I now, would love to show you some "wood look" picks that tickle my fancy.
You can be too cool for school when you bring your coffee in this 1970's "wood look" Thermos from The Amiable Leaf's etsy shop.
"Knock on wood" if you like this faux wood grain look plate from Rae Dunn's etsy shop too.

Another awesome faux wood grain find from Your Pretty Things on etsy. 1970's PortaFile box.
I swear my dad used to have one of these.

Why not go over the top and wrap your fantastic faux wood grain gifts in this "wood look" wrapping paper from General Store's etsy shop.

"Wood" you like to see some more fake picks that look a little more real?

Although I do not advocate tricking your house guests, I do feel that you could have a little bit of fun with these next picks...
Sweet treat...maybe not so sweet to eat. I can't get over how real these baked fruit pie soaps look from AJ Sweet Soap's etsy shop.
Real soap. Fake crackers. Too much fun. These are sold in Love Lee Soaps etsy shop.

My last pick of the day is a fantastic example of Tromp L'oeil...I know I was fooled.
It totally looks like this bride and groom are standing in front of a grand sweeping stair case.

This vintage photo is from Vintage Warehouse's etsy shop.

Always remember, Just because it's not real doesn't mean that it isn't spectacular.
Unless, in my case, it is a silk floral arrangement...


  1. Great post! I lol'ed repeatedly. :)

  2. very cool finds !

    (thanks for including me)

  3. Thank you for including my flowers! I am so honored. Thank you for opening my eyes to other Etsy crafters too :)

  4. Love the "edible-looking" soaps! They look yummy!