Wrap Your Gifty Really Nifty

Tis the season for...
picture of my hubby's grandparents' lovely wedding day.

Weddings and...

Picture of my Father's graduation from the first grade. Seriously.

So you know what that means...
Wedding Gifts and Graduation Gifts.

Since I myself was once a bride and graduate, (different days of course)
 I can honestly say that I loved getting gift cards. That is why I often give gift cards to the happy couple or the conquering graduate.
Now, how to add a personal touch?

Ta Da!
New from The Unique Bird!
Wrap It Right.
 Reusable vintage fabric gift pouches!
  Suddenly "just a gift card" is transformed into a present packaged with personality!

They are sold in sets of two featuring assorted vintage fabrics, and even come with a little paper gift tags.
Slip the gift card in, tie the bow and you are ready to go!

Vintage clip on earrings from The Unique Bird's etsy shop pictured above.

These reusable gift pouches are also the perfect size for wrapping up a small jewelry box.

Simply fold the pouch to size and double wrap the ties.

Your present is packaged with personality and looks like a million bucks!
You can also feel good about wrapping your gift knowing that you are using eco-friendly gift wrap that can be used again and again.

Find these reusable gift pouches in the Nifty Gifty Wrap section of my etsy shop.
I am pretty excited about them as you can see. Hope you will check them out! 

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  1. Those are so cute and sustainable! Make some for Christmas, we give gift cards to everyone and I'll buy a bundle. Love that photo of your Dad.