Thursday's Unique Picks - Button, Button...

Have you ever had a nickname? I have personally had quite a few. Lil S, Crazy, Sweat pant, Sandwich, Patchwork, Sar-a-bear, Garage Sale Girly, just to name a few.
Recently, I have been fortunate enough to gain a new nickname, thanks to my Hubby. He is now calling me “Buttons”.

Buttons for Breakfast. Beautiful original photograph from Dear Machine's etsy shop

I actually don’t mind this one. It is not because he thinks I am “Cute as a Button” or because I tend to “push his buttons”, it is because I have been sitting on the floor of our family room sorting through jars of vintage buttons.

 Cute as a Button, original digital art print from henna tayeb photography's etsy shop.

So you may be wondering, are this week’s Unique Picks from great etsy sellers all about nicknames? Good guess, but it is less about nicknames in general and more specifically about my nickname. This week’s findings were picked because I have buttons on my mind, and because it is apparently my new name.

Gorgeous collection of vintage buttons from eliabethwrenvintage on etsy.

You may be inquiring, “What is with the button bonanza Girly? Sorry, Buttons?”
It all started with a custom request in my etsy shop for a reusable fabric coffee sleeve. Since I kind of have a “thing” for vintage fabrics, etc., I tried my best to come up with a design that incorporated some great vintage materials.

Voila. Reusable Vintage fabric coffee sleeve from The Unique Bird. P.S. they are machine washable.

With one under my belt I thought I would test the waters with a few more. For the record, I am covered on vintage fabrics from now until the end of time, but as for the buttons… I had this pretty glass button jar filled with lovely vintage buttons that had been given to me by friends, and ones that I would pick up from time to time at flea markets. Sure, I would nab one of the buttons here and there to use on a pillow, but mostly it was just sitting on a shelf in my sewing room as a pretty decoration.

Great find from This, That, & Other Things etsy shop. It is a lovely vintage glass jar filled with vintage buttons that would be great on display or may even become quite handy one day.

My little jars went from decoration to sew-eet usefulness. The only problem was every time I need one, I had to dump out the entire jar and hunt for a pair that sort of went together. A few weeks later, after repeatedly dumping the jars and then having to clean them up, and snagging a hefty stash of vintage buttons from my Mom, I decided that I should get wise and organize my collection. Buttons went back to her post, sorting on the floor.

So, it is not vintage and awesome, it is plastic and cheap, but I was desperately in need. I have at least sorted them by size now. I will deal with color another day.

To Satisfy the slightly OCD crafter (like myself)  but also fulfill your desire for cool vintage storage for your sorting...

Industrial chic, vintage metal bread pan rack from Sarah Antiques on etsy.

"Button, Button, Who's got the Button?"
I just thought this was something silly my dad would say to me when I was little. It turned out it is actually a traditional children's game that dates before the 1900's. Thanks to my pals at Wikipedia for cluing me in on this.  

Well, I have the button, or I have some more great picks with buttons in mind. Finds that are button encrusted, to button embellished, to things that aren't even buttons at all...or are they?

Who has the buttons? I am pretty sure this vintage purse does, found in Vintage Valley Girl's etsy shop.

Miss Mary Mack had buttons all down her back, but this sweet handmade upcycled mini dress from Rusty Cuts etsy shop, happens to have buttons all down the front.

This find is dripping with dazling buttons. Here is something new for the blushing bride, a one of a kind handmade bouquet of buttons and beads from FindingFlora's etsy shop.

Did you know that buttons were first used over 3,000 years ago in the Bronze age. The buttons that they used though were purely for decoration. It wasn't until the 13th century that buttons started being used as a functional closure on garments.

Whimsical pink and brown buttons have been combined to create this delightful detailed headband from Mama Made's etsy shop.

These delicate vintage floral plastic buttons have been upcycled into a precious pair of earrings and can be found in handyjan's etsy shop

Even this dear little duckie pincushion from Pozey's Pincushions "Plus" on etsy, has been detailed with an array of vintage buttons.

Buttons and Bow, brilliant handmade embroidered pillow from Studio 35's etsy shop.

Just to button up this week's picks here are some buttons that can't be tossed into the button jar.

Off the cuff. This fab handmade porcelain votive holder from reshape studio on etsy was actually slip cast from vintage button and frayed fabric.

So delicious you could eat them up! You really can. These amazing vintage inspired buttons from Andie's Specialty Sweets etsy shop, are actually made of sugar. They would be the perfect touch on a crafty vintage inspired cake or cupcakes.

I hope that you have enjoyed my findings!
Until we meet again next week with more picks from etsy sellers...
Sincerely yours,


  1. Thanks for including my work. great blog.

  2. Thanks for including my porcelain buttons cuff in your fabulous finds!