Thursday’s Unique Picks – The Madness

Let the games begin; it is March, so let’s start the madness.
Just Net, original art photograph print from el shoppe on etsy of an antique penny arcade basketball game.

Just to do a quick recap for you. 
I am not a sporty gal. I do not play anything well. Therefore, I do not participate in any type of organized or even unorganized sporting events. 

Adorable vintage baller figurine from Jenny Elkins' etsy shop. This is how a girly would play basketball, wearing a skirt and playing against a duck. The duck is fouling her.

I do watch some sports from time to time. Sometimes I do even enjoy the games. I would never choose to watch football. Football makes me sleepy and confused. Baseball…is growing on me (maybe I am just addicted to the hot dogs). 

Hoop dreamy upcycled vintage assemblage brooch from transient treasures etsy shop, featuring a fantastic 1940's basketball charm.

Basketball is another story though. I do indeed love my college hoops, especially this time of year. Conference tournament time is here and after that it is all about going to the big dance. Not prom, but the NCAA tournament. 

Charm them with your sweet basketball watching skills and this engraved handfinished cherry basketball pendant from 3Princess Engraving on etsy.

It is all very exciting to watch. It doesn’t matter how high your team is ranked or what your season record is because if you lose in the tournament, you are out. Like Charlie says, it is all about…“Duh, Winning”. 
For this week’s Unique Picks, I will  hoop it up, with finds that you can score from superstar etsy sellers, in the midst of all of this basketball madness.

Hoop it up this month with this tee from retroEra on etsy.

There is no need to dress up like a basketball player to support your favorite team but if you are game...
Go old school cool

These 1940's athletic shorts from Save the Vintage's etsy shop, will be sure to make heads turn when you walk into any bar to watch tournament games.

Just because they are short doesn't mean they can't be all star basketball players. Cutie crocheted Converse basketball booties from Thelma Blitz Knitz & Fantasy Sunglasses on etsy.

I love to see those awesome "Alleyoops". This vintage chenille school patch is from bouquet's etsy shop.

Don't miss those Alleyoops or these other great picks...
but don't get picked off.

Wet your whistle while cheering on your team with these vintage whistle swizzle sticks from Sunny Day Vintage's etsy shop. Did you just see a foul or did you need another drink?

 This fab 1950's vintage bobble head from chershaffer on esty is sure to agree with all of your calls and may even make his free throws.

Can't get enough Basketball on TV? Try picking up a book, like this 1949 Teen-age Basketball Stories from Nummynaze's shop on etsy, to fill those empty minutes. It may not have Leonardo DiCaprio in it, but something tells me this illustrated tale might be a little less disturbing than that movie, The Basketball Diaries.

I know that there is no "I" in team, but

Great 1925 Basketball team photograph from Dusty Lorraine's etsy shop.

"I" hope that this week's picks have been a slam dunk, and have you all pumped up for the tip off to March Madness basket ballin'.

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