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Play Date
At The Unique Bird.

Recently listed collection of vintage and handmade decor from The Unique Bird on etsy.

Kitschy finds to add playful touches to you decor.

1951 illustrated children's book, Little Dilly's Party, features layered die-cut illustrated pages.

1951 illustrated children's book, 12 Little Rabbits, with more to die for, die-cut pages.

1949 children's book, Mouse's House, illustrated by Richard Scarry (famous for his Busy Town children’s books), has a flock of adorable flocked pictures.

Let's get things started with a little bit of light reading. These sweet vintage c. 1950's children's books have the most adorable illustrations that would look fantastic framed as artwork or could be used in a crafty project or scrap booking extravaganza.

Hello My Baby, hello my honey...1962 felt hand puppets. 
p.s. Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of your own hands with puppets on them? Not easy.

Fun to play or fun to display, these great vintage puppet make quite a conversation piece when placed on a bottle of wine (no kidding!) 

Setting the "Play Date" mood with handmade garland upcycled from sections of illustrated vintage wrapping paper. Add a vintage touch to a little one's room or use as an adorable birthday decoration hung around a cake table or strung on a mantle.

Here kitschy kitschy.
Not just for the kiddies...

Play Fetch, vintage doggie pottery bud vase. I assure you the placement of the flowers in this kitschy little bud vase will be a conversation starter.

Lil Growly Bears, vintage pottery planter. Sure it would look great holding flowers, but it could also be perfect for those pencil pushers who are looking to express a little playful personality on their desks.

Don't delay, be sure to visit The Unique Bird on etsy, 
for a  Play Date with these unique vintage finds!

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