Thursday's Unique Picks - Looks Can Be Deceiving

Close your eyes and picture a domestic goddess.

Illustration of "The Goddess of Cooking", from a vintage cook book, found in Arcanium Antiques etsy shop. She is painfully absent from my kitchen.

Did you see me?
I knew you wouldn’t.
What inspired today’s picks from great etsy sellers? Let’s just say that looks can be deceiving, so it would behoove you to keep things organized.

This lovely little vintage recipe box, from CoopDeVilla on etsy, will keep all of your well loved recipes tidy.

Here is a glimpse at what happens when a self-proclaimed “domestically disabled” girly tries her hand at baking some cookies. Not one of my favorite things to make (I would much rather put together a killer casserole), but when mother asks…

So I decided on a recipe that is fairly simple, no crazy ingredients, and it yields quite a few cookies.
 Chocolate Chip Mexican Wedding Cakes!
(A.K.A. delicious bite sized balls of goodness) 
  • 1 cup (2 sticks butter) softened
  • ¼” cup powdered sugar sifted
  •  1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2-2 ½” teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 6 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate mini morsels
Preheat oven: 350

Beat butter and sugar together until creamy + beat in vanilla + gradually beat in flour and cinnamon + Stir in chocolate chips = cookie dough (consistency should be like wet sand).
Roll dough into 1” balls and place on greased cookie sheet.

Bake for about 12-14 min. (Bottoms of cookies should be slightly tanned). Cool on cookie sheet for 2 min. then move to wire rack to cool completely.

Should yield about 3 ½ - 4 dozen cookies

This is what the finished cookies should look like sans the chocolate drizzle, because for me that would be taking things just a little too far. This picture is from my c.2003 cook book Simple Mexican Meals from Ortega.  

Could it be any easier? I have made these many times before so by now they should be a snap to whip up. Last Saturday afternoon, while dancing around in my kitchen, I proceeded to assemble the dough.

What's Cooking? Great vintage photo from Romance Writer's etsy shop.

The dough seemed to be an odd consistency. It was sort of sticky and slimy. Did I let the butter soften too much? I went over the list of ingredients again and again, yes, I had included everything on the list. Never mind, the cookies are sure to right themselves when baked. Into the oven they went and the smell of chocolate chips filled the room. About five minutes into baking, I decided to sneak a peek to see how they were coming along. Gasp! Expletive! I had a tray of caramel colored bubbly goo and melted chocolate. I called my hubby to the scene to inspect my disaster and possibly help me figure out where I went astray. I dredged out all of the ingredients again…The powdered sugar…

It seems that I had just a little bit of powdered sugar in a bag.

I don't usually store baking stuff like this. When ever I get a bag of flour or sugar, I try to transfer them to a plastic storage container or canisters. This keeps things fresher and makes them easier to store. Mine are not really cool and stylish looking but they get the job done.
The flour...

Hubby asked, "Which container did you use?". Hmmm. Why would that matter? They are both flour. Why would I have an entire container and a little baggie of powdered sugar? Turns out I did have an entire container of powdered sugar and that was what I put into the cookies. 1/4" cup sifted powdered sugar and 2 cups powdered sugar. Looks like my space saving/organization system had a few holes.

 At a glance can you tell the difference? Humor me. Tell me they look the same to you too.

Today's Unique picks are fantastic finds to keep your kitchen organized and avoid mistaken identities when cooking and baking.

What could be better than see through storage on a lazy susan? Ease your way into organization with this great 1970's canister set is from Vintage Eye's etsy shop.

Spice up your spice jars! These sweet glass vintage spice jars from filed away's etsy shop sure do beat those plastic ones from the grocery store.
A place for everything, and everything in its place. This beautiful vintage french spice rack is from Benefit Jewels on etsy.

The possibilities are endless with this cottage chic metal rack from CareyLeigh007 etsy shop. What do you want to be today, a napkin holder, a plate holder, a mail sorter? This could even store your pot lids in style!

If you need the counter space or even drawer space might I suggest using some organized vertical storage solutions. 

Check out this vintage wall mounted paper towel, wax paper, and aluminum foil dispenser from Sixty to Seventy's etsy shop. That is what I call easy access.

There will be no need to fumble around in a drawer for your pot holder when you keep them within arms reach, using these upcycled vintage silverware hooks from Legacies For You on etsy.

 I fear that I have neglected to address the most obvious need in my kitchen to get organized and avoid future mishaps.

Proper labels! These fantastic primitive looking craft labels can be found in Twine's etsy shop.

These great finds from etsy seller may not earn you a the golden oven mit for cooking...

This lovely pewter oven mit charm necklace found in Michelle Hartney's recycledrings etsy shop, goes to the cook with the most organized kitchen!

but you will surely earn silver for having your kitchen in ship shape order for your next baking extravaganza. Anyway, if you can't deliver the baked goods you can always go to the bakery...that is what they are there for, the domestically disabled.


  1. What cool finds! I love the toast holder and the foil dispenser. How cool.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Funny story about your cookie fiasco! Reminds me of my younger days when I forgot to add eggs to my cake batter -- I tried to add them after the cake was in the oven. A scrambled-egg mess!

    Great kitchen-theme items you've chosen. Thanks for including the Goddess of Cooking from our sister store, Arcanium Antiques.

  3. Baking powder miscalculations, mixing up tsps & tbs, losing count of how many cups of flour I had already added...oh yeah...been there! What a hoot & thanks for the feature!

  4. Ooh, thanks so much for featuring my little spice rack. Cute post! XOXO

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for finding us out of all the fabulous Etsy finds! With a kitchen collectible obsession of my own I love the other items featured in this post.

    Your cookie adventure reminded me of quite a few of my own past misadventures while baking under pressure (i.e. trying to multi-task).

    Once I get control of my Etsy shop and Ebay store I will have to get back to my own blog. Going to check out your website now. Many thanks!