Thursday's Unique Picks - Be Our Guest

Knock, knock…

Awesome retro inspired hand stenciled doormat from Damn Good Doormats on etsy.

Whooo’s there?
House Guests.
This is not a joke.

Dear Friends and Family,
If you are coming into town and would like to stay at my nest, PLEASE notify me at least two weeks in advance. I would love for you to come and stay, but I may just have to straighten up a bit.

These Adorable vintage housekeeping honeys were found in Poet Charms etsy shop.

At any given moment in my home, there may be countless craft projects, or home renovations and repairs taking place. You have been warned.

This vintage sign from vintage goodness on etsy, should be displayed prominently in any home that is frequently in a state of organized chaos, much like my own.

As someone I follow on twitter stated a few weeks ago…”You have to occasionally invite people over to your house so you are forced to clean.” You speak the truth my twitter friend.

I have always marveled at those folks that have the types of homes that are “company ready” all the time. 
I admire you, but do not resemble you.

Welcome guests with lovely guest towels. This vintage embroidered hand towel from haoli's etsy shop.

It is not just all about the cleaning though, there are all of those little things that you can do to give your guests a “special experience”. Today’s fantastic finds from great etsy sellers, are sure to impress your house guests and give them that cozy welcoming feeling in your humble abode.

Fabulous vintage Tonka Toy Winnebago from Juniper Home Vintage on etsy. If only all guests could travel with a life sized version of this...

because we are never lucky enough to have guests that travel with their own accommodations, you may need to get your guest accommodations up to snuff.

This cozy bedside scene is an original design and hand embroidery from This Tiny Existence's etsy shop. Even if you can't provide a perfect guest room, you can show your guest this embroidery of what the room would ideally look like.

Something to strive for, a well organized guest room
(mental note: this welcoming scene is free of boxes of vintage inventory).

For their comfort... It is always nice to have an extra cozy comforter available for your guests and a throw pillow or two.

Beautiful vintage comforter found in Vintage Expedition's etsy shop.

Express yourself without having to utter a word with this delightful handmade eco-felt pillow from gabbea.

Are you the hostess with the mostest, providing all the comforts of a hotel, in your own home?
If you want to take your house guest's stay to a another level might I suggest...

A handy dandy vintage luggage rack from wehaveit vintage .

Mint? Don't mind if I do...

Surprise your guest with these sweet smelling soaps that have been cunningly disguised as mint bon bons and can be found in KcSoapsNmore's etsy shop.

But here is a find that will really personalize you guest's stay...

Decorate their morning cup of coffee with a handmade cozy that highlights an attribute that you cherish about you guest. This fab cozy can be found in Knot Work's etsy shop.

Let's face it though, even if you pull out all the stops, there are always those "special" house guests that you just cannot please. In a case I like that, I have an easy solution...

"The Guest House" print of an original photograph by Tracey Capone Photography on etsy.

Put on your biggest smile and use your delightful hostess skills to direct them to the nearest motel!

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  1. Excellent selections! So honored to be included among them. Thank you! :)