Thursday's Unique Picks- Need A Handyman?

I don't care how new your house may be,
the day will come that it will need some sort of repair.

Illustrated book cover, "Your Dream Home, How To Build It For Less" By Hubbard Cobb, Sigman - Ward Illustrators, 1950.

Now my home is no spring chicken, but it really isn't an antique gem either. Let's put it this way, if I were to list it on etsy it could be found in the vintage section. Like many vintage items, from time to time it has condition issues that require a handy man. As luck would have it I happened to marry a pretty good one!

Part of my personal vintage collection, Cover to Better Homes & Gardens, Handyman's Book, published 1957

Not my tool box, but another fantastic vintage tool box found in Turtles Creek Originals etsy shop.

Fact: The hubby's nick name in college was "Toolbox".
Why?...Why not?

This is too funny. Vintage "Tool" belt buckle from Shabylull Island on etsy. It would be a great gift for someone with a hearty sense of humor, or for someone who may take pride in this title.

Just because he has a lot of tools, it doesn't mean that he is one. He is a very good boy.

See he's laughing. Image from Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book.

I am always in awe of the types of things he is able to fix and update around the house. On the flip side, I am also in awe of the amount of time it tends to take to complete said projects. We are not talking months folks, we are talking years...but when the projects are complete, wow are they awesome!
(I really shouldn't complain though, I can't do this kind of stuff. It would be a disaster.)

Even kids can do it...why can't I use the tools. This awesome vintage child's tool set and box was found in Flat Tire Vintage's etsy shop. You need to read the seller's description of this listing. This set has a great back story.

Now I am not writing this post to publicly shame the hubby into completing some of things on his "honey do" list. He actually suggested that I do some picks based on the subject of home repair, because he likes that kind of stuff. Done. Finding unique pieces on this subject from great etsy sellers is more my department.

So are you ready...?

This ultra awesome printed canvas patch was found in Barton Artel!'s etsy shop.

Do you have the right tools to get the job done?

A lot of little fun from 3MontanaGirls etsy shop. This is a set of miniature plastic handyman tools. Just the right size for crafty creations.

These picks may not be the first ones you grab for when attempting a home repair, but what they lack in functionality they make up for in character and would be unique pieces of decor in your home!

Vintage hand drill from suesuegonzalas's etsy shop.

I love the color and look of this but can only imagine trying to get the hubby to complete a project using something like this. Electricity is awesome.

Lovely vintage screwdriver from AlicesLookingGlass on etsy.

Can a screwdriver be pretty? This one is.
I am picturing the hubby's eyes rolling out of his head as he reads this.

Vintage wood handle saw in  from lost to found's shop.

I saw this and thought it was too cool. And I just saw your eyes rolling...

Set of vintage wood levels from Richard and Ruthie's etsy shop

If I am being on the level with you guys, I usually just eyeball most of my projects so these levels would definitely be just decorative in my home.

Vintage porcelain hammer shaped bottle from Nostalgic Treasures' etsy shop.

What a tricky find. A bottle shaped like a hammer. Fill it with your favorite liquor and it could be "Get Hammered Time".

 So here is a little something I came across while leafing through our September 2010 issue of This Old House magazine. (Yes we are subscribers and we may be a bit a lot nerdy) In the "Ask This Old House" section I was a little shocked by this person's inquiry...

Please see photo below... do you know what they are? I am a girl and have the tiniest bit of tool knowledge and I found it hard to believe that I instantly knew what these were...
This Old House magazine, September 2010. page 113

 Sorry sir, I hope I haven't embarrassed you, but haven't you seen old cartoons. You know when they get whacked in the head with a mallet! SO maybe I don't know all of the specifics on what mallets are supposed to be used for but geez...

What's this? Get your own mystery tool and stump your pals.
This great looking vintage wood mallet from Moxi Thrift on etsy.

Currently on our home's repair list...

After years of begging and maybe a few threats, the slate tiles were laid and grouted by the Hubby.
What is missing?

1.Base boards.

Hope this helps. Page 318 from one of my recent vintage purchases, Your Dream Home - How to Build It for Less.

Kudos to hubby though, for trying to convince me a few weeks ago that the "no baseboard" trend will catch on in the design world.

Antique tape measure found in Unfinished Business' etsy shop.

Measure twice, cut I have heard. Hope that helps.
Don't worry Mr. Toolbox, I will help with the painting.
I love this illustration titled, "Do-over" from The D.A.D (Drawing A Day) Project on etsy. Not only do they have fantastic drawings in their shop, but they are donating a portion of each sale to cancer research.

2. Replace Light Fixture in entry way...
because we recently discovered the one that is currently there may be a bit of a fire hazard.
(so maybe this one will move up to item number one on the list)

One of our home's original 1970's vintage details. I am kind of bummed because I actually liked it.

The good news is that in our Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book  from 1957, there is a chapter on Plumbing and wiring.

Before you start thinking I am a big mean wife...I did not buy this book. This was one of the Hubby's vintage finds. So there.

I did find a few really awesome light fixtures to include in this week's Unique Picks.
(well more than a few but I had to narrow them down to my favorites)

I love this vintage 1970's metal floral light from Tialey Vintage on etsy.
I am a girl. I like girly things. The hubby may not be too keen on this for the entryway though.

Upcycled awesomeness from Boots N Guts on etsy.
Not only is it a great looking light fixture but it may also be used to keep your left overs fresh!

This set may be easier for him to swallow on a daily basis...
I personally think it is playful, stylish and innovative.

Mid century modern magic from Sugarlily's etsy shop.

This is only a hunch, but I think that this would be hubby's pick.

Afraid to tackle lighting? You can get your own copy of Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book from red truCK treasures on etsy, to ease you into this fix.

If you don't have time to turn pages in a book, this vintage pick might be the right choice for you. The Wheel of Home Repair from Vintage Home Recycled on etsy.

Illustration from Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book.

I don't know if I have really inspired you to dive right into those home improvement projects, but maybe I have tempted you with some rustic and handy looking decor!
If anyone asks why the home projects aren't complete, point to those vintage tools and say,
"I can't be expected to work with that".


  1. Cute post! My husband and I are closing on our first home next week and I am sure his honey-do list will be growing long in no time! Thanks for including my screwdriver here!

  2. Great post. Enjoyed it so much.

  3. Cute, Cute, Cute! Thanks for including my rust old saw!

  4. totally love the post! thanks for the heads up about including my mallot.

  5. Thanks for the include. Perfect timing for this post. I've been away from the shop helping my husband paint and move into a new office. Always some kind of fix it project to do!

  6. too funny yet so true! I have no handyman talent at all, my fiance does but moans & groans before he'll do something.

    so cool u stopped by the blog, too...thanks so much!

  7. You always find so many unique things!! Hmm... unique.... I think that is fitting!! xo