Perk Up

Perk Up...
your mornings with color and patterns.
New Collection listed at The Unique Bird on etsy.

I am not an expert on interior design styles, but I think with this collection, I ended up somewhere in the "Mad for Mod" era. Please don't quote me on this. That is just me trying to put a label on my recently listed Kitschy Kitchen collection.

Mod Kitchen. Pattern, color and wood paneling. Image from Matters of Style blog.

Late 60's early 70's . Image from Retro Renovation.

I didn't really have a specific design era or style in mind when pulling all of these great vintage pieces. I just loved the way the colors, patterns and textures all came together! Bring Pattern into your Kitchen without applying hard to remove wall paper.

Mix it up! 1960's and 1970's patterned vintage mugs give your morning coffee an extra burst of energy and style. Of course, sprinkle in a conversation piece with this cobalt colored Cool Cat toothpick/
coffee stirrer holder.

Just Swimmingly. Pair of 1970's Hornsea mugs.

Moovin and Groovin. Pair of vintage Saffordshire Pottery mugs.

Enjoying the "Finer Things" when you use real linen napkins at your next brunch. Vintage embroidered napkins add Autumn Elegance to the mod pattern palooza.

Haute Beverages get hotter with a punch of paisley. Vintage patterned metal and porcelain percolator and tea kettle.

Do you take cream or sugar in your coffee? Doesn't really matter how you take your coffee, as long as you are using a dispenser as cool as this one.
Pour Some Syrup on Me is a 1940's glass dispenser with a vibrant red plastic lid.

Shabby chic elements hung on the wall create unexpected artwork and create dimension and texture.

Sunny Side Up and Red Delicious vintage metal bundt pans.
Functional Decor. These vintage trays Fresh Start and Peacock A Doodle Doo are great decorating elements and add excitement to entertaining.

Distressed to impress storage for any room in this metal and faux bois Kitchen Carousel.

Though no longer appropriate for food storage, this set would be a great place to stash cooking utensils, in the kitchen or craft supplies, scissors or markers in your workspace.

Who doesn't feel a little sarcastic in the mornings?
There is truth in vintage humor. Wisecracking printed vintage signs.

This message has to be my personal favorite.

Vintage tea kettle appliqued pocket apron.

Coffee service with a smile. Just call me Rachel, the Cafe Queen.
(Sorry for that 90's pop culture reference in this mad for mod kitchen collection)

Perk Up your your day with pops of color and pattern mixing using vintage home decor from The Unique Bird.
 No caffeine required to excite me about these great vintage finds!

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