Thursday's Unique Picks -Labor Less Day

So you know what Monday is, right? September 6th.
It is not just two days before my wedding anniversary...and twenty days before my happens to be the un-official start of fall. (or at least in my opinion)

I think this one branch, on a tree in my back yard may agree with me though...the leaves are already changing.
I declare the first Monday in September dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Well, I didn't declare this, but the Labor Movement did in 1882, and it became a federal holiday in 1894. According to the U.S Department of Labor.
So bottom line, it is a day off work to celebrate how hard you work. How best to celebrate Labor Day? Well, by not laboring of course (another opinion expressed by the writer of this blog).

You got it! Not Labor Day, Lazy Day. Great letterpress card set from Mad Cat Press on etsy.
So let's sit back and check out some Unique Picks from great etsy sellers who have the right stuff to help make Labor Day a little less laborious, ultra relaxing, and possibly non-productive.

I can relate to this card. This card is from one of my new favorite sellers, GoodGosh on etsy. You need to check out their shop to explore their "slightly warped, yet sensitive side".

Remember you are not being lazy, you are just participating in a federal holiday that celebrates how hard you work every other day.

Great photo of Old Glory by LaurenB Photography on etsy. 

Escape the office and enjoy your day.
This is your patriotic duty.
I pledge to not put on anything tight, restrictive or fussy. Something even better than business casual. Think lounge. Think comfy. Just think, there is no reason to take those pj's off and rush to the office on Monday.

What a hoot! These awesome owl graphic sweat pants are from Branch Handmade on etsy.

O.K. I know pajamas all day is a little bit I suggest slipping into something a bit more comfortable, like some snazzy sweats. 

I pledge to avoid my usual healthy fiber filled breakfast with something scrumptious and sweet and homemade. (but not homemade by me)
Yes, six homemade pumpkin spice muffins delivered to you by the postman. Don't these muffins from Kays Simply Homemade on etsy, look delicious?

Things always taste better when I don't have to make them.

AJKArtistry's etsy shop says RELAX. They are giving your spoon a special place rest after stirring all of that Baileys into your coffee on this labor free holiday. (Not that I am advocating liquor in the morning, but come on, you know you aren't going anywhere.)

Ahhh, this is the life. Love this lounging, vintage pixie figurine from cammoo on etsy.

Just chillin' or ready to take a nap after all of that Baileys and muffins? Guess you could head outside for some fresh air and fun (or not. Remember it's up to you. This is your holiday, you hard worker!).
I pledge to have some fun this Labor Day.

 This vintage set of Jarts comes in its original box and can be found in Vintage Bond's etsy shop.

Join in some adult fun with this game of Jarts. Outdoor fun for everyone, except children and the exceptionally clumsy folks like myself.
I do have a feeling that my Hubby would not let me partake in this game, because if I would certainly get injured it may be too arduous for him to dial "911". I will have fun today and try to not poke my eye out.
Since tossing sharp darts through the air into small rings may not be relaxing fun for me, maybe I could try something tossing a bean bag through a hole.

Made to order Corn hole boards from acspecialties etsy shop.

Yeah, corn hole seems less dangerous and is a lot of fun...but the last time I played, my throwing arm hurt for days. I think maybe I will just sit back and watch. I can keep score (If I actually understood how the point system of this game worked).
Clearly outdoor games are not my ideal way to unwind.

Now that's what I am talking about...mid century modern corkscrew from goodygirlred's etsy shop. This baby is automatic to help you avoid any unnecessary strain on this holiday.

I am thinking about sticking to something I am good at like popping open a bottle of wine and just hanging around.

Great printed original illustration by Katrin Schwulst from seasprayblue on etsy.

This would be the most fun. I am pretty low maintenance.
 Maybe a pizza delivery and a maid would be nice too. OK, now I am getting greedy.

1920's era picture magnet from MelanieKors etsy shop.

I will just settle for a maid.

I asked the Hubby, hypothetically, what would be your idea of fun on Labor day.
He said he would enjoy spending the afternoon on a hammock.
That's swell, I could do that too.

"Swingin' In A Hammock", 1930's sheet music from Kelly's Vintage Goods.

 I do have a sneaking suspicion though, that the hammock that is in the hubby's head is not really built for two.

Now that's what I call relaxing in style. Beautiful handmade hammock from NANTUCKET HANDMADE HAMMOCKS by GRETA CROCHET DESIGN.

 He also requested a beer in his hypothetical, less laborious, Labor Day happy place. That's easy enough.
I spotted an ingenious little contraption on etsy that would make opening beer bottles and cleaning up the beer bottle caps a breeze.

Wall mounted beer bottle opener with a vintage beer can bottle cap catcher from Handy Sam's Creations.

To complete his dream scenario, I thought he may enjoy a little video gaming to fritter away the day.

 Old school cool. 1970's Mattel electronic football game from Swankarma on etsy.

All in all, I think This weeks Unique Picks have given you ideas for a stress free, fun non laboring holiday.
And as you wind down from all of the things that you didn't do on Labor Day you may want to make yourself a list for the rest of the week...

I love this "Lazy Ass" note pad from Wide Sarcasm Sea's etsy shop.


  1. This is awesome and I'm so glad I found your blog! I hearted a couple of things here from sellers I've never seen before.
    I hope to relax on Labor day, but you know...I think I feel more comfortable tense... :)

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog! I seriously love your shop! When the Hubby got home from work the other night I made him look at every card in your shop...we had a lot of fun! I am glad you found some new stuff to heart. That is what I love writing this post every week I find the most rad stuff!

  3. Such a great blog you have here and what a motivational post...motivation to relax that is :) Thanks for including my Old Glory In The Sky image. I'm now a follower and look forward to your future posts.

  4. Great blog!!! thank you so much for including our cornhole boards. My arm hurts after a few games too.

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