Boca Breeze

New Collection at The Unique Bird!
Boca Breeze
The inspiration for this collection came from the 1950's 1960's Florida Fabulous vacations.
A little bit of dusty tropical pastels paired with some bright and sunny pops.
Vintage postcard from the Neptune Inn, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Del Boca Vista, set of four framed vintage fabrics, from The Unique Bird.

Mixing these two vintage printed barkcloths gave me that vintage Florida vacation feel.

A little bit of shabby chic mixed with a few retro kitschy accents completed my thoughts.

Vintage printed botanical, Bonita Botanical, in original frame paired with vintage mid century planter, Welcome to Paradise.

Just because you don't have palm trees growing outside of your window, doesn't mean you can't bring that breezy oceanside feeling into any room.

More fun ways to use vintage clip on earrings! A Unique way to display your favorite photos.

Ruffled Feathers, over sized vintage clip on earrings.

Canary Islands, 1960's clip on earrings.

Chirpy and Chipper, vintage Japan Vase.

If You Like Pina Coladas and Pineapple Express, 1960's Tiki Chic cups.

Parrot-dise, Tropical shabby chic serving tray.

Sprinkle in some quirky, kitschy elements to pump up your space with personality.

Welcome To Florida kids!
(or at least my version of a vintage Florida feel)

Bring a bit of Boca Breeze into your home, from The Unique Bird's etsy shop!
(even if your home is in Ohio.)


  1. YES!! I love that you're doing the products in collections like this!! To me, it screams, "I was a designer!". Hehehhe. And the way you describe color. Very familiar. ;)
    Very cute stuff - people are going to eat it right up!! xoxoox

  2. HAHAHA! Yes seven years or so at ANF taught me designer speak, creative color naming, interior detail, branding, and raw edges!! Can't say I didn't get anything out of being a designer...right?
    OH YES! I can't forget mock ups!! The difference is now I need to figure out how to make the mock ups real! You know, no glue, tape or crinkeled paper. Functional creations.
    Thanks Megan!