The Unique Bird's First Time

Yesterday, The Unique Bird made its Craft show/Flea Market debut in Columbus, OH!

The Summer Flea was a great experience and I was thankful that my friend Becky,
from Objet Adapte, asked me to share a booth with her!
I just wanted to share a few pics from our booth!

A big fat thank you to my amazing hubby, who helped me set everything up, pack it up and
for buying me a fountain Coke!
The nice woman that purchased the vintage doggie dish was so excited about this little piece. She informed me she would be serving crackers from it that night at a party! Love it! Instant Customer feedback.
I was worried I wouldn't have enough product.
I didn't want the table to look too bear...
It was a tight squeeze but we managed to get it all in there!
Beautiful upcycled feedsack handbags and totes from Objet Adapte.
It was like I was sharing the booth with a celebrity. Objet Adapte had appeared in an article in Columbus' Alive! last week and folks kept stopping by with the paper in hand and asking if she was the girl from the article!
Staying true to my Garage Sale Girly title, I had to wear my brand new vintage skirt that I purchased at a garage sale on Saturday, while in Cleveland. Thank you so much to my sister-in-law, Nicole, for agreeing to stop at the garage sale after spending about three hours at the botanical Gardens with some worn out kiddos.
It was a hot day but we kept it cool at the Summer Flea!
 I can't wait to do another show.


  1. This was so awesome to read about and it makes me miss Columbus, I admit!!! How great to hear you shared a booth with Becky! Also awesome to hear she was in Columbus Alive!! Now I feel like I am so out of the loop!! Thanks for keeping me filled in :D xoxoox

  2. You are in a loop...just a different one. Just remember at sometimes loops cross like tying your laces.
    Thanks for reading!!
    ps.I have been looking for necklaces for you!