Thursday's Unique Picks - You Might be a

You might be a redneck if you spend all Saturday at a car show...
You might be a hillbilly if you spend all Saturday at a car show drinking beer...
You might be trailer trash if you spend all Saturday at a car show drinking beer and eating giant corn dogs...
Y'all, I resemble those remarks.
(don't get all offended now...I might be going somewhere with this)
Hand made pillow for Y'all by Sew English on etsy.
Every Summer, the hubby and I head out to the Ohio State Fair Grounds to attend the annual Goodguys classic car and hot rod show. 
2011 Goodguys Rod and Custom car show.
Does this make me a gear head? Not a chance. I do although, love vintage things and that includes cars. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any sweet affordable vintage cars at a garage sale to add to my collection of vintage goodness, so it is always fun to go and look at them and drool.
So many awesome cars...I didn't know where to look next!
Much like my weekly Unique Picks from etsy sellers...I made a Unique pick at the car show, that in turn, inspired my picks from etsy sellers.
Behold this rusty vintage upcycled masterpiece.
Rust is trending.
Vintage grain sack cushion covers.

Good spam. Spam can tail lights.
Shot gun gear shifter and drawer pull on the glove box.

Powered by moonshine.
Keepin' it classy.

At a glance, this rat rod would appear to be something that the Clampetts would be driving to Beverly Hills. If they were driving this cool ride, those hillbillies were mighty crafty with upcycling their car parts.

Not familiar with the Clampett clan? Catch up on your summer reading with this vintage novel "The Beverly Hillbillies, The Saga of  Wildcat Creek" from  She drinks coffee at midnight's etsy shop.
Inspired by this unique automobile, I decided to poke around and track down some hillbilly finds with etsy flare...
What a delightful tea cup from Vandalized Vintage by trixie delicious's etsy shop.
Don't get out the shot guns just yet...
Adorable vintage plastic rifle charms from Silver Crow Creations on etsy.
I am well aware that hillbilly, redneck, and trailer trash maybe conjure up derogatory stereotypes, because that is what Wikipedia told me (and you know I always believe everything I read on Wikipedia). 

You gotta love these vintage hillbilly mugs from Lauries Custom Thingz on etsy.
Stereotypical or not...I am a big fan of these finds and you might be too! 
Personally...I think there is a secret hillbilly in all of us. 

So just simmer down...and take a swig of moonshine.
That will help you to relax.
Fantastic hand embroidery from drop dead quirky by supervelma on etsy.
If you find it rather crass to sip straight from the moonshine jug, try a redneck wine glass.
Yup, there is such a thing.

Wine (or moonshine) glass from TSGlassware on etsy for the refined redneck.
Smoke one if ya got one...
It is an honest to goodness vintage corn cob pipe from MrsRekamepip's etsy shop. Frosty the snowman had a corn cob pipe, he must have been a hillbilly too.
See, this stuff is pretty awesome. 
Now, I bet you want to know if there is a difference between hillbillies, rednecks and trailer trash. Well of course there is. According to my research on Wikipedia, I discovered it all comes down to location.

This little hillbilly will open your bottle for you. This vintage bottle opener is from  Daydreamers Unite on etsy.
Hillbillies hale from hills and mountainous regions.

A perfect pair of vintage kitchen towels from NeatoKeen on etsy.
Rednecks are known for being farmers from the Southern United States
An ultra classy and elegant greeting card designed by Glen Hibline Illustration on etsy.  Wanna know what "truck nutz" are? Go to a car show and you'll find out.
Trailer Trash folk are known for living in trailers or mobile home.

Sign me up to be trailer trash if I can live in a sweet trailer like this one that I saw at the car show.
On second thought...I am not sure if it has a bathroom.
Handy little vintage sign for your outhouse/ bathroom from Dirty Birdies Vintage on etsy.
I am not fixin' to use an outhouse regularly...but maybe I could park the trailer in my backyard so I could use the bathroom in my house...Yup, pretty sure the neighbors would love that.
What can I say I may just be a hillbilly - redneck - trailer trash girly
Y'all Come Back next week for more great etsy picks!


  1. Very clever - what a great start to my day! Thanks so much for including my vintage towels. Yeehaw!

  2. Really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for including our corn cob pipe!

  3. thanks for including my moonshine embroidery, I love your blog!

  4. great blog! those cute trailers are too cool! i wouldn't mine traveling around with one either--bathroom or not!

  5. thankyou:-) Loved having this getaway---miss my little vintage trailers, i've had some memorable ones!
    I'm a lil all in one--'neck, 'billy, and trailer trash too;-) Cheers!
    Laurie (hillbilly mugs)

  6. Haha I am a vintage car lover too. :) If I ever have the money I've got a vintage Volvo that's just begging to be fixed up. :)

    Thank you for including my Beverly Hillbillies book! :D

  7. Loved this. I loved ALL the products. So awesome! Thank you!

  8. Thanks Y'all for the great comments glad to see I am not alone!

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