Thursday's Unique Picks - Boys of Summer

Happy Fourth of July all! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday on Monday. I can't believe it is already over! Where does the time go...Well, I am back home and freshly inspired by our vacation for this week's Unique Picks blog post.
This week's finds from etsy sellers will help me to highlight some of the manly adventures from our vacation at the lake.
Ready to take a trip?
Last week, the hubby and I ventured out of Ohio on our yearly Fourth of July vacation to Chautauqua Lake in Western New York, with my family.
1950's Souvenir Chautauqua County dish from Blue Butterfly Vintage on etsy.
July 4th 2011

Our little c.1930's cottage made it through another winter!
Sweet little vintage cast iron door stop from Shaving Kit Supplies etsy shop sort of reminds me of our cottage.
My Dad sent me this Hi and Lois comic strip last year and it pretty much sums up our little family cottage by the lake.
Last year during our vacation at the cottage we were overwhelmed with last minute plans and preparations for my lil sis and brother-in-law's wedding. We were plotting seating charts, making bouquets out of ribbon for the rehearsal and writing up wedding day schedules, much to the chagrin of the boys...
The wedding was beautiful (but I do have to admit that we are all rather relieved that the hoopla is over).
This year though, it seemed like the boys (my hubby, brother-in-law, and father) were attempting to counter act all of the uber girly-ness from last summer.

What were my boys of summer up to?
Macho manly muscle man handcrafted soap from Hello Crafty on etsy. The men could have used this while bathing in the lake.
You know, man things.

Curtains? Men don't need curtains...unless they have an awesome fishing lodge theme like these vintage ones from
Vogue Vintage Clothing on etsy.
One may assume that since we are at the lake, the boys may have done a little fishing...
Not really their style. Although, this little fishy might float their boat...
 What man wouldn't like a vintage fish shaped bottle opener like this one from The Unique Bird's etsy shop, to pop open some brews? 
Catching a fish like that is a bit more desirable than catching...
What the heck is this? YES, I know it is gross but what is it. We spotted this crazy thing belly up in the lake. Is it a fish? But it has legs. Any ichthyologists out there that want to help us identify the creature in Chautauqua Lake?
Naaa, our boys are more into catching the football than fish
(after seeing that weird fish leg creature, I bet you would rather catch a football too).

Sing it Connie..."Where the boys are...woah, woah"
My boys may have also enjoyed a few frosty brews...
As if the boys needed any encouragement. For the record, I am pretty sure my boys can. This vintage, very large, beer glass from I Like Them Old's etsy shop would be perfect size for quenching your man's thirst on a hot summer day.
It wasn't all play and no work for the men at the lake though...
Unfortunately, one of our pine trees wasn't doing so well.
Adorable set of vintage wooden counting toys from Babyshkas Attic on etsy.
Who do you call? Not Ghost Busters...but Paul Bunyan and Babe.
Fantastic vintage salt and pepper shakers from prettypink06's etsy shop.
They could have used an axe or a saw, but my boys needed more power...(insert grunts)

Which one is Paul and who is the Babe?

Well done my little lumber jacks.
"I'm a lumber jack and I'm o.k." the perfect card from Hole in my Pocket's etsy shop for the happy lumber jack in your life.

Next on the Man-genda...

Thanks for the bonfire boys. For that you deserve a toasty marshmallow.
I am all fired up about this great handmade flame plush for cooking up a plush frightened marshmallow from Cute Stuffies etsy shop.
One more little thing...Could you please put out the dock? Be careful though, there is some weird fish thing with legs out there.
Voila! Aren't my boys swell?
Ahhh, now us gals can just relax on the dock and soak up some sun...
This original 1946 photo from found & unbound on etsy shows a couple of dock side dolls, just like me and my lil sis at the lake. Sister and I were some pretty sweet eye candy for our hubbies.
Yes, we girls appreciated everything that the men did. It isn't like we tortured them into doing all of this stuff. It kept them out of trouble and we kept out of their hair. 
V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n at Chautauqua Lake. Vintage post card from SmoothSeas etsy shop.
Yes, I think my boys enjoyed all of their manly adventures while on vacation and I also think any man would love these man-tastic etsy finds!


  1. sounsd like a great time! I love those Paul Bunyan shakers!

  2. my stomping grounds! yayyy:)

  3. Looks like a manly good time was had by all!