Thursday's Unique Picks - The Burning Question

What's The Burning Question this Thursday?
Original art collage greeting card from vantiani on etsy.
Hot enough for you?
Cue the music...
"OH, We are having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising she certainly can can-can."
Cliched enough for you? Keep reading, it is only going to get more cliched...because in the words of Paris, "That's Hot".
Keep track of the record breaking temperatures this Summer with this great vintage indoor outdoor thermometer from This, That & Other Things on etsy.
If you haven't guessed, this week's picks from etsy sellers are inspired by some buzz words being thrown around during this heat wave. 

It doesn't get any hotter than this 1980's vintage red hot metallic suit from Vintage Twists on etsy.
 What is all this business about the "heat index" lately? The humidity will make it feel like it is 115 degrees. I guess it sounds way more dramatic than saying 97 degrees and 276% humidity. To me, 97 or 115, it is just plain hot. 

Adorable original screen printed artwork from Argyle Whale on etsy
An added bonus to the hot weather that we are having here in Ohio, and in the southeastern half of the United States, is the high humidity levels. It gives every day a swamp like feel.

 This steamy fine art print was created from an original watercolor painting by Karen Faulkner Art on etsy .
Folks around these parts acknowledge that temperatures normally soar into the hundreds out West...but they always say, "It's a dry heat". Those folks out west may beg to differ...dry heat, wet's all hot.
Cue song number two:
"I've got sssssssssssss-steam heat. I've got sssssssssssss-steam heat..."

"The Hard Boiled Virgin" a 1947 novel from Vintage Pot Pie's etsy shop. This is sure to be a steamy or should I say hard boiled classic Summer read.
Fantastic vintage handmade set of eggs and bacon from vintagedchic on etsy.
Have you ever heard the expression "It is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk"?
According to the Library of Congress the answer is "Yes, theoretically. But it doesn't actually get hot enough" works better on the hood of a car. Wanna try...We can use your car.
Today in Columbus with the current humidity levels we might have better luck poaching the egg outside than frying it.

Even the gnomes are feeling the heat, as seen in this great original photograph using a  "heat mapping" process from  The 3 Maries on etsy.
No matter how you want to describe the heatwave, the bottom line is, it is..."Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot" out there kids.
To paraphrase a lady that I saw interviewed on the local news...
"In the winter you can just pile on more clothes to get warm...but in the summer you just can't take enough off. I don't mind. It is Ohio."
She is right!
I am not a big fan of super heat...but I am a big fan of this cool vintage fan from  Hazel Roberts etsy shop.
Try and stay cool my friends while enjoying these hot etsy finds
and remember Marilyn Monroe's tip for beating the heat in the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch...

"When it gets hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox! "


  1. hot cool- I mean- how hot!

    thanks for including my fried eggs!


  2. Thanks everyone for checking out the blog!
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