Thursday's Unique Picks - Keep it Casual

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love and romance.

Show your Valentine that romance is alive and well with this original cross stitch from bombastitch's etsy shop.

No hubby, Hallmark did not make this one up to torture fellows. I swear.

Got something you didn't expect? Vintage postcard from World Vintage Books on etsy. Don't let this happen to you.

My sources ( from the history channel) tell me that the tradition of exchanging sweet little love notes to express how much you care dates back to 270 A.D. in honor of St. Valentine. (Pre- Hallmark)
Over the years the tradition of sending little notes to express love has evolved into extravagant gifts, decadent dinners, and so on and so forth. SO MUCH PRESSURE! I completely understand. What if you just “like” her and don’t "like her, like her?” You can’t just ignore the holiday…

This awesome vintage tin can be found  in Vogue Vintage's etsy shop. "Play on playa" as Nas would say. This post goes out to all you players out there that would like to stay that way. 

My goal for today’s unique picks was to compile some great finds from etsy sellers to help you guys out of a potentially sticky situation.

Vintage photograph of a couple enveloped in romantic bliss, found in La Casa Monina's etsy shop.

Don't become an unhappy couple as a result of a poorly chosen Valentine gift.
These are Valentine gifts that won’t give the wrong impression.

This adorable handmade wood super couple is from The Pretty Pixie on etsy. You can let her know she is "super" without getting too serious!

You can acknowledge this holiday without getting all sappy, sentimental, and serious with your date.

Being upfront with your gift's intentions. This seriously saucy gift bag can be found in Saucy Sacks' shop by ideafield on etsy.

 It may not be romantic, but at least it is honest.

You can say it with out having to say it...This fab hand painted mug from LENNY MUD on etsy is a great way to let your date know that you appreciate one of her finer points. But beware, compliments can sometimes lead to a commitment.

Lingerie is also a great way express your intentions to your Valentine.
Slow down! You are moving too fast. Not ready for carnal commitment...

This will help you to resist the urge for a night cap. This cozy vintage house coat from Tracy's Cat Walk on etsy is sure to keep her warm and reassure her that you don't plan on letting things get too hot and heavy.

Flowers can be thoughtful and romantic so it may be in your interest to go a different route.

Gorgeous antique package of seeds from gardinlelah's etsy shop.

Nothing says "take it slow", like giving a packet of seeds instead of actual cut flowers. Who knows, maybe you will stick around long enough to watch them grow...along with your looo...nope. Chances are she may not keep you around for a second date.

A popular thing to do on Valentine's Day is to cook up a little something special with your Valentine.
By no means should you make whoopie pies. That may give the wrong impression.
My suggestion...

This vintage cookbook from selloholicmom on etsy, is as sweet as low calorie ice cream.

There will be no mistaking your intentions with a gift like this. She shouldn't be offended, you are just looking out for her health and you will be doing an activity as a casual couple. She should chill, it's not like you handed her an apron.

Face it, if you really don't have romantic intentions, honesty really is the best policy.

Keeping it real in a tasteful manor with this lovely cross stitched piece from Subversive Jewels etsy shop.

I hope these great finds have given you ideas on how to still give your Valentine's Day date a little something special with "no strings attached".


  1. You have some great finds here! Thanks so much for including my postcard.

    Denise (Worldvintage)

  2. Great finds!! Most of them are hilarious :) I love the alcohol bag,and the superhero couple (shoul be my wedding cake topper). Cute blog!!


  3. This is a total hoot! I might have to get me that blue quilted number to keep the mister at bay! lol!

  4. After I finished writing this, I was thinking that these gifts would actually be welcomed by a wife of almost 10yrs...well, at least this wifey. I would love a house coat. Much cuter than a snuggie.