Thursday’s Unique Pick – Had Your Phil

Fact: it is February 3rd .
Doing his part, this little guy is shoveling his weight in snow. This original 1941 photograph, can be found in Toby Creek Emporium's etsy shop.

Yes, it really has been a rough winter for many this year. The bitter cold. Oh that snow. Let’s not forget the ice. Not to be the bearer of dismal tidings but…

Fact: It is still technically winter until March 19th , according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Love it or hate it...a little snow may still fall. This sweet original photograph is by Smile Blue Eyes on etsy.

I am not exactly saying , “Suck it up”…ok, well I just did, but I guess a nicer way to put it would be, “Let’s embrace this winter weather, because it is still actually winter.”

This sleek looking "cold black heart ring" is handmade to order by Esther Eve, Metalsmith on etsy.

 I am not completely cold hearted. I could go for some warm weather too, but I am aware that I live in Ohio. I accept this and know that in February, cold and snow are probably in the cards.

This week’s Unique Picks from great etsy sellers will help to keep you cozy and possibly captivated by the winter wonderland around you, through the potential weeks of cold and snow yet to to come.

Bundle up...

Seriously cool vintage plaid batwing sweater from Passe Nouveau Vintage on etsy.

If you have grown tired of that same old scarf, why not try something new like this handknitted and crocheted flower necklet from Kerrera Skye on etsy.
Berry nice. These vintage boots from REiNViNTAGE, are not only great for frosty frolicking but look fantastic too!  

In case you are stumped for ideas on winter fun..

This 1940 "Good Times in Winter" book, from bookmonster on etsy, is sure to inspire. 
The name says it all. "Happi - Time" vintage Sears, Roebuck and Co. sled was found in my back porch's  etsy shop.
Is ice skating your thing? This nifty letter press art print by Tag Team Tompkins on etsy. I love this quote.  It is applicable on so many levels.
OK, why don't you take it inside!
Ways to warm up after some frosty outdoor fun.
This snugly wool military blanket, found in jeni b.'s etsy shop, has been given a sweet and feminine touch with a hand cut scalloped edge.
Slip into dear little handmade slipper socks from RGsocks on etsy.
Heart warming, or you could say,  hot cocoa warming vintage hot pot from fuzz and fu on etsy.
If you really have had your fill of winter, yesterday's dreary weather may have really worked in your favor. Yesterday happened to be February 2nd,  Groundhog Day.
This happy little groundhog couple is a vintage salt and pepper set from Attic Fanatic's etsy shop.

Not familiar with this popular holiday? Just to Phil you in... this holiday began as a Pennsylvania German custom in the 18th and 19th century. It was said that a groundhog would emerge from his little hole on February 2nd and if he spotted his shadow there would be six more weeks of winter, but if he didn't see his shadow there would be an early spring. Sounds completely logical, right? This holiday is still celebrated in the United States and Canada. The top prognosticating groundhog happens to be named Phil and he happens to reside in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
What did he say? Well, you can put that BB gun away.
Unbelievably excellent vintage find, C.1950's Groundhog shooting target from Windsor Place Antiques and Ephemera on etsy.
Phil declared an early spring is on its way!


  1. TagTeamTompkins appreciates the shout-out. Let's hope that we can all move quickly past any thin ice in our life's path! And please let there be some melting of snow.

  2. Great picks! Love the Phil mention!

  3. Love these finds! Thanks for featuring my boots <3