Sweet on You

Sweet on You
at The Unique Bird

Recently listed collection of vintage decor at The Unique Bird on etsy.

Smitten , set of vintage advertising letters.

 Our recent collection of unique vintage decor started out with a word and the love grew!

Smitten : adj. To captivate, infatuate, charm,... swept off your feet

What these great chippy shabby chic letters spelled out for me was the inspiration to combine candy colored soft pastels with slightly more subdued tones and textures, all the while, keeping in mind the dreamy and romantic feelings that one encounters when they are first bitten by the smitten bug.

Framed 1930's children's book illustration, Puppy Love is shown here with this great round vintage art pottery vase, Honey Dew. This round vintage vase has a modern aesthetic and is the perfect balance for these delicately detailed tea cup and saucer sets.

This perfectly pink and gold detailed demitasse and saucer set, Tickled Pink, is shown stacked on top of a charming painted vintage teacup and saucer set, Cream N Sugar. Since we don't really take time in the afternoon anymore for tea and cakes, these lovely pieces can be used as unique bud vases.

I love when I find a special vintage piece that add a touch of kitsch an whimsy.

Shall We, great mid century porcelain figurine. This little guy offers his arm to you and also provides a unique spot to display dried flowers. 

Just a little "text" ure and charm. Bundling vintage books like these, Papa's Wife and When You Marry, makes an excellent decorative detail as well as a fantastic platform to display tiny trinkets and tiny treasures.

Show off those vintage brooches. Sure vintage brooches can be the perfect accessory for your ensemble, like this floral brooch Love in Bloom, but if you aren't wearing them everyday you can still show them off as a decorative accessory in your home. Seen here pinned to a strand of trim that was used to bundle these vintage books.

In any budding romance, a girl needs a special spot to tuck away her Treasured Trinkets from the boy who is sweet on her.

Remember the day he was "Sweet on You" with these wonderful vintage pieces found in the The Unique Bird's etsy shop.

"Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common-sense."--Helen Rowland

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  1. Awesome stuff! And love the word "Smitten"! Thanks for your nice note on our post. Saw your cute garland when we were at SoBo. xo